Mystic Geometrist (5e Sorcerous Origin)

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Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2019-04-12
Status: 1st draft
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Mystic Geometrist is a sorcerous origin of the Sorcerer class.

You draw upon the power of mystical geometry to cast your spells. Your gestures form patterns and multidimensional shapes that unleash magical energy. You as your skill increases, you gain knowledge of how magic (arcane, devine, or otherwise) works and can draw upon that knowledge.  

Basial Magic

Starting at 1st level, you know double the number of cantrips known on the 'Cantrips Known' column of the Sorcerer Overview Table. Half of these may be from lists outside the sorcerer spell list

Somantic Focus

Starting at 1st level, you may replace the verbal component of any spell with a somatic component (or ignore the verbal component if it already has a somatic component). Additionally, your somantic gestures count as a spellcasting focus

Extra Spellcasting

At 6th level, whenever you take the Cast a Spell action on your turn, you can cast two cantrips with a casting time of 1 action.

The number of cantrips that can be cast using this feature increases to three when you reach 14th level sorcerer and to four when you reach 18th level sorcerer.

You cannot use Metamagic on the cantrips used with this feature.

Using this feature does not preclude you from using a bonus action spell on your turn as well. 

Shape of Magic

At 14th level, you learn the underlying shape and relationships of the various kinds of magic. You may replace half of your known spells of 1st level or higher with spells from any classes' spell list. These spells must be of a level that you can cast. As you gain additional spells, you may learn them from any classes' spell list. These spells become Sorcerer Spells for you. 

Master of Cantrips

Starting at 18th level, you know all cantrips from all the spell lists.

Sources and Notes[edit]

Author Notes[edit]

The primary idea of this subclass is to bring the Fighter's Extra Attack feature to a spellcaster, casting only cantrips multiple times in place of multiple attacks.

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