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Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2019-08-09
Status: Finished
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Unofficial conversion of a D&D Next monster for 5th edition.

Phanatons are shy and peaceful humanoids resembling a cross of raccoon, flying squirrel, and monkey. They have a simple culture in which the most capable members rule, and they are excellent woodcarvers. Curious and affable, the phanatons might eventually approach characters who seem friendly. If such characters want to trade with them, the phanatons are happy to do so. [1]

Some have described Phanatons' appearance as that of a lemur with skin-flaps between wrist and ankle that are used for gliding.[2]

Phanaton Names: Ahda, Ajir, Anji, Asha, Bhur, Bhusa, Chira, Dahni, Danj, Duhl, Haba, Idha, Ini, Kasi, Kham, Lena, Lisi, Muz, Naji, Rabi, Rani, Sha, Tsab, Uba, Udar, Wij, Yama, and Zahra.

Alignment: Phantons are generally chaotic good.
Allies and Enemies: Phanatons like fey creatures and elves.
Language: Phanatons speak Common, Sylvan[2], and Elvish.


List of Phanaton Articles[edit]

4 articles.

Phanatons as Monsters[edit]

(3 official and unofficial phanatons)

Common PhanatonHumanoidPhanaton31/825Chaotic GoodSmallRlyehable
Phanaton WarriorHumanoidPhanaton101/450Chaotic GoodSmallRlyehable


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