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This section exceeds the text of the SRD

List of languages spoken in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons

Language Typical Speakers Script Notes Source
Standard Languages
Common Humans Common Language shared by most humanoids.[1] SRD5
Dwarvish Dwarves Dwarvish SRD5
Elvish Elves Elvish SRD5
Giant Ogres, giants Dwarvish SRD5
Gnomish Gnomes Dwarvish SRD5
Goblin Goblinoids Dwarvish SRD5
Halfling Halflings Common SRD5
Orc Orcs Dwarvish SRD5
Exotic Languages
Abyssal Demons Infernal SRD5
Celestial Celestials Celestial SRD5
Draconic Dragons, dragonborn Draconic SRD5
Deep Speech Aboleths, cloakers SRD5
Infernal Devils Infernal SRD5
Primordial Elementals Dwarvish Family[2] includes Auran, Aquan, Ignan, and Terran SRD5
   Auran Air Elementals Dwarvish In the Primordial family SRD5
   Aquan Water Elementals Dwarvish In the Primordial family SRD5
   Ignan Fire Elementals Dwarvish In the Primordial family SRD5
   Terran Earth Elementals Dwarvish In the Primordial family SRD5
Sylvan Fey creatures Elvish SRD5
Undercommon Underworld traders Elvish Pidgin language of those in the underdark.[1] SRD5
Isolated Languages[3]
Bullywug Bullywugs Monster Manual (5e)
Giant Eagle Giant Eagles SRD5
Giant Elk Giant Elks SRD5
Gnoll Gnolls SRD5
Halfling Halflings see Halfling (Cultural Details) SRD5
Otyugh Otyughs SRD5
Sahuagin Sahuagin SRD5
Sphinx Sphinxes SRD5
Yikaria Yakfolk Storm King's Thunder
Professional Languages[4]
Druidic Spoken by Druids SRD5
Thieves' Cant Pseudo-language of Rogues SRD5
Setting-Specific Languages[5]
Olman Humans Olman Setting:Greyhawk. People of the Olman Empire Tales from the Yawning Portal
Thayan Humans Common Setting:Forgotten Realms. People of Thay Tales from the Yawning Portal

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Unofficial by user:Rlyehable
  2. Some listings are a Family of languages.
  3. Isolated languages are generally spoken only by a single species.
  4. Language spoken by those who practice a specific profession
  5. These languages are for a specific setting