3D Maneuver Gear (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 11-7-13
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk
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3D Maneuver Gear[edit]

The gnomes in the land of Threewall were an inventive bunch, and when faced with the threat of giants who possessed a unique and difficult to reach weak point, they developed means of "flight" without having to grant everyone access to flight spells they may not have.Thus was created the 3D maneuver gear, sometimes known as a grapple jet. It is a belt with a pair of grappling hooks and lines, traditionally run through their specially built segmented swords handles but able to fire from handles of their own. Traditionally, 3D maneuver gear is matched up with a set of segmented swords and two boxy sheathes, which support the gas tanks and have 6 to 8 spare blades each for their swords.

The grappling hooks extend 50 feet for each grapple and behave as they were a hookshot in all respects. In fact for those without proficiency, the 3D maneuver gear is little more than a connected pair of hookshots. However, those with the 3D Maneuver Gear Proficency feat can unlock its potential, using a combination of extremely rapid hookshotting and its gas jets to swing around and about objects at high speed, provided there is an environment within 50 feet on either side to grapple on. Mechanically, this effectively grants the user a fly speed of 50 feet (perfect) provided there are objects nearby the hookshot can penetrate, and the flying is limited to around grapplable objects +50 feet for the length of the rope. Also unlike normal flight, at no point is the user at rest and may not hover unless they are hanging from a ceiling or rappling down a wall. They must move their full movement (50 feet) each time. Fortunately, they benefit from Spring Attack for free while using it and proficient, allowing a creature to move, attack, and continue moving. Those who already have Spring Attack instead gain pounce while using this, allowing them to make a full attack to a creature, or spreading their attacks among any number of creatures along their flight path. A surface at least 10 feet high is needed to get airborne and proceed with the airborne gymnastics. Because 3D maneuver gear's grappling hooks must reliably pierce objects, all 3D maneuver gear is tipped with adamantine (factored into the price below).

Those with proficiency may fire and retract an unlimited number of times for the purposes of movement as part of another move action, though it is still an attack action if using the grappling hooks to attack a creature.

The 3D maneuver gear takes up the belt slot. It may be then further enhanced as a magic item (such as a belt of giant strength).

Market Price: 5000 gp

Weight: 6 lb.

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3D maneuver gear is a belt of complex machinery, the 3D maneuver gear is a set of two-spring loaded grappling hooks that rapidly retract as well as pressurized gas powered jets for high speed movement. They provide "flight", provided there are surfaces to grapple onto.
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