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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: December 8, 2012
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Pseudopod uses the Functional Weapons of Legacy variant rule.

Price: 3,000 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 20
Aura: Overwhelming transmutation (DC 30)
Activation: See text
Weight: 5 lbs.

This jalzab appears to have a mind of its own; it jitters and shakes even when you aren't swinging it.

Pseudopod appears at first glance to be a +1 corrosive[1] orgacraft jalzab. However, it is in fact the legacy weapon of the Organic Repast discipline. A practitioner of the Organic Repast discipline who seeks out the weapon's history can draw forth its true power. As various rituals are made and power is gained, the weapon starts taking on stronger powers. There are five rituals that are performed when unlocking this weapon's power. They must be performed in order (the 2nd ritual must be completed before you start the 3rd, even if you achieve the 3rd level prerequisites). Rituals cost gold (in the form of feeding the weapon raw materials) and xp, with an additional prerequisite. Once the 1st level ritual is unlocked, the weapon displays its omen effect. You can take time out and spend 8 hours bringing the weapon to the next level once you have the prerequisites.

Pseudopod is a unique magic item, on its way to becoming an artifact. While it has a price, it cannot be completely destroyed. If reduced to 0 hp, it retracts and coils around itself in pain and refuses to be used until it has been repaired, but is not destroyed as items usually are. It retains its ability to repair itself over time, even at 0 hp. It is treated as an artifact against the effects of mage's disjunction.

Omen: Pseudopod appears to move by itself to compensate for its wielder's mistakes in combat; for instance, if the wielder's swing is a bit off, Pseudopod redirects some of its tendrils to strike the opponent anyways. This effect is extremely minor — too minor to be worth even a +1 bonus to attack rolls — and does not actually grant any additional bonus to attack rolls made with Pseudopod.

Ritual #1 (Gestation & Birth)[edit]

Acidic Blast: Pseudopod gains the acidic blast[1] property.

Course Correction (Ex): Pseudopod's ability to work in tandem with its owner improves to the point where it actually has a noticeable effect. Pseudopod has a +2 bonus on attack rolls (in addition to its own enhancement bonus).

Prerequisites: BAB +3, must somehow bring a lifeform into the world. A conjuration (summoning) effect does not count, but a conjuration (calling) or conjuration (creation) effect does, as does any effect that enables you to grant sentience to a creature or object that does not otherwise possess it.

Cost: 2,000 gp, 80 xp.

Ritual #2 (Growing Up)[edit]

Variable Bonus: The enhancement bonus on the weapon is improved to +2. By spending 1 hour in meditation, you can switch out the enhancement bonus on the weapon for any weapon special abilities on a 1 for 1 basis (except for its corrosive and acidic blast properties). The jalzab must always have a minimum +1 enhancement bonus.

Life Cycle (Sp): The wielder of Pseudopod may alter his age category to whatever he wishes as a standard action, or revert to his true age category as a free action. He may assume a different age category for a total of 1 hour per day per completed ritual. He is considered to be the new age category for all intents and purposes, recalculating ability score bonuses and penalties due to aging accordingly. If he runs out of time and is still in a different age category, he automatically reverts to his actual age category and is stuck there for the rest of the day. This ability has no effect on the user's actual age, and does not slow down, stop, or speed up aging in any way. This ability is the equivalent of a 4th-level spell.

Prerequisites: BAB +6, must be subjected to a time effect or be in at least the "adult" age category.

Cost: 8,000 gp, 320 xp.

Ritual #3 (Life)[edit]

Variable Bonus: As previous, but the enhancement bonus on the weapon is improved to +3.

Superior Course Correction (Ex): Pseudopod's ability to work in tandem with its owner improves further. Its attack bonus increases to +4 (in addition to its enhancement bonus).

Self-Repair (Ex): Psuedopod's self-repair capabilities are improved; if damaged, it regains lost hit points at a rate of 1 per round (instead of the 1 per minute standard of orgacraft weapons).

Mosquito-Bite (Ex): When you confirm a critical hit with Pseudopod, your victim takes 1d6 points of Constitution damage (instead of the usual 1 point of Constitution damage dealt on a natural-20 attack roll with an orgacraft weapon), and Pseudopod's enhancement bonus is increased by an amount equal to the Constitution damage dealt for 1 minute. This bonus increase cannot stack with itself, even if you somehow score multiple critical hits within 1 minute; the durations overlap, and only the best boost applies. The boost is an extraordinary effect, and so cannot be removed by any means short of negating Psuedopod's magical qualities entirely (though a temporary negation, such as greater dispel magic, counts); on the other hand, it cannot be extended by refresh magic or its stronger variants.

Prerequisites: BAB +9, must have visited at least 6 biomes (ex. forest, savannah, tundra, ocean, etc.).

Cost: 18,000 gp, 720 xp.

Ritual #4 (Continuing the Species)[edit]

Variable Bonus: As previous, but the enhancement bonus on the weapon is improved to +4.

Companionship: You gain an animal companion, as a druid, if you do not already have one. Your effective class level for determining the abilities of the animal companion is your initiator level +2 or your character level, whichever is higher. If you already have an animal companion, your effective class level for determining the abilities of the animal companion is your class level in the companion-granting class +10, your initiator level +6, or your character level +3, whichever is highest.

Prerequisites: BAB +12, must have successfully procreated. (...I am not going to go into any further detail on this, you pervs.)

Cost: 32,000 gp, 1,280 xp.

Ritual #5 (Death & Decomposition)[edit]

Variable Bonus: As previous, but the enhancement bonus on the weapon is improved to +5.

Supreme Course Correction (Ex): Pseudopod moves as one with its wielder, lashing out at enemies in order to strike true even when it would otherwise have missed. Its attack bonus increases to +6 (in addition to its enhancement bonus).

Mitosis (Sp): Once per day, you may willingly lose a number of hit points equal to half your normal maximum to cast simulacrum as a spell-like ability. Unlike the spell, this is performed in a mere 1 minute. As you perform this technique, your body literally splits itself in half and each half regrows its missing parts; one of the halves becomes the new "you", while the other half becomes the simulacrum. The simulacrum created in this fashion is not a construct of snow and ice, but an organic being which is functionally identical to you, except that its maximum number of hit points is half of your normal maximum. This ability does not reduce your maximum hp; however, the hit points you lost are treated as though it was vile damage for 24 hours, which means that you will have a difficult time regaining those lost hit points. There is no limit to the number of simulacra you may create in this fashion, though you can only create one per day, and they are only as obedient to you as an ordinary child would be to its parents (that is, they're obedient most of the time, but they can be stubborn and disobedient at times, and some may develop rebellious streaks). A simulacrum cannot be created if its maximum hit points would be less than the minimum possible number for a creature of your character level and Constitution score, nor may you use this ability if it would kill you or reduce you to negative hit points (though you can use it if it would knock you unconscious due to nonlethal damage). The hit points are not lost if you are prevented from completing the technique by a distraction, but if you are disrupted, you must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC = ¾ of the Concentration DC of the distraction that prevented you from completing the technique + 2 per round spent performing the technique, to a maximum of +18 at the 9th round of progress) or die instantly due to bodily instability.

Superior Mosquito-Bite (Ex): As Mosquito-Bite, but the Constitution damage is 2d4.

Prerequisites: BAB +15, must have been subjected to an instant-death effect. Actually surviving said effect is not necessary. Alternatively, you can be reduced to −10 hit points or fewer by any means; again, survival is not necessary.

Cost: 50,000 gp, 2,000 xp.

Prerequisites: N/A.
Cost to Create: Unique item, cannot be created.

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