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Who would have thought to find dwarves in the desert?
—Cambian, the short-lived

Sand dwarves are mainly found in desert areas


Sand dwarves are slightly taller than mountain dwarves, some actually topping 5 feet, but much thinner (for a dwarf). In fact, some who meet a sand dwarf for the first time mistake them for some kind of elf (a comparison that neither race is fond of). Their skin is reddish-gold, and most have golden-yellow eyes and bright red hair.

Height & Weight
Race Base Height Height Mod Base Weight Weight Mod Average
Dwarf, Sand 4'2" +2d6 100 lbs. x(2d4) lbs. 4'9" 135 lbs.


Quick to anger and to laugh, sand dwarves' mood changes as quick as a flash of the sun off an axe blade.


Sand dwarves hold their personal and family honor above all else.


Sand dwarves have a strict code of hospitality.

A guest in your house, while in your house, is royalty. A sand dwarf would spend his last copper and scrap of food to make his guest comfortable, fed, and happy. Any insult by a guest is overlooked while in your home. However, after leaving the home, any slight that was made is open to grudge and retribution.

As a guest, a sand dwarf will do everything he can to give and bring honor to his host. Every kindness shown him is heaped with praise.


Most sand dwarves are nomatic, migrating the arid wastes from oasis to oasis and cavern to cavern. This is likely done as a conservation measure, so as to not tax any given area's plant life and water beyond its capacity to recover.

Sand Dwarf Adventurers[edit]

The two most common reasons for a sand dwarf to go adventuring is either he has been overcome with wanderlust or he has committed a breech of etiquette that brought dishonor on his family or himself.

Sand Dwarf Names[edit]

While sand dwarves share first names with the the rest of the dwarven race, they have adopted some unique family names in addition to the traditional family names. Family Names: Airdrinker, Deeproots, Longmarcher, Sandsniffer, Stormburnt

Sand Dwarf Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Dexterity +1
Size. Your size is Medium
Sunblasted. Sand dwarves have resistance to radiant damage. They are adapted to the extreme heat and cold of desert climes, so are unaffected by these environmental conditions (see Dungeon Master's Guide (5e) p.110). 
Survivors. Sand dwarves have proficiency in the Survival skill checks. They only need half as much water to avoid becoming exhausted
Quick. Increase walking speed by +5 feet.

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