Serpent's Chosen (3.5e Soulmeld)

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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 5/16/2017
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Serpent's Chosen 
Descriptors: Acid, Healing
Classes: Any
Chakra: Brow, Crown, Feet, Hands
Saving Throw: DC= 10 + Essentia invested + relevant ability modifier; See text.

When you shape this soulmeld, your eyes become more mesmerizing, your canine teeth lengthen to sharp points, and your tongue becomes forked. You can call upon the power of snakes as used by shamans for centuries, the ability of these creatures both to harm and to heal.

When you shape this soulmeld, you gain the ability to utilize a serpentine spirit as a weapon. With the action normally required to draw a weapon, you can form a ghostly cobra-like serpent, coiled around your arm, head poised above your hand as if to strike. The cobra can spit a glob of venom as an attack option, dealing 1d4 Poison damage as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 15ft and a critical profile of 19-20/x2. On a successful critical hit, the target is affected by venom, able to make a Fortitude save against the DC of this Soulmeld or take 1 point of Constitution each round for 2 rounds, +1 round per point of Essentia invested; A successful save negates the poison that round.

After firing ten such globs of venom, the serpent's stores run dry. However, as a standard action, they can launch the venom-less ghostly serpent at a target as a ranged touch attack (Same range as the venom globs). If it hits, the target takes damage as if struck by a glob of venom and must make a Fortitude save or be Paralyzed for one round; Targets immune to poison or fear gain a +4 bonus on the saving throw against this paralyzation, and targets immune to both are immune to the paralyzation from this attack, even if not otherwise immune to paralyzation. Once the serpent has been thrown, it takes two full rounds for it to become available to "draw" as a weapon once more.

Essentia: For every point of Essentia invested in this Soulmeld, the weapon gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.  

Chakra Bind (Crown)

Mending Spirits: As a standard action, you may fire a beam from the eyes of your ghostly serpent at an ally with a ranged touch attack (60ft range). This grants the target Fast Healing 1 per point of Essentia invested in this soulmeld, lasting 5 rounds, and instantly cures any poison the target is under the effects of, as long as the DC for the poison is equal to or lower than the Soulmeld's save DC at the time. This ability can only be used once every 1d4 rounds, and using it on a target already affected by it merely resets the duration. This healing is not positive energy, but doesn't affect constructs or undead. 

Chakra Bind (Brow)

Dread Serpent: Once per encounter, 2d4+4 rounds after the encounter has begun, you can call upon the spirits to instill fear in enemies. As a standard action that expends your serpent weapon, you can hurl a dark orb at any solid or liquid point in space within Medium range. Upon striking a creature, a barrier or the point it was aimed at, the orb explodes outward, creating a 30' sphere of effect. Within this effect, light is dimmed (Illumination becomes dim illumination but dim illumination doesn't become darkness) and all foes within the sphere must make a Will save or become Panicked; If the save is successful, they are only Frightened (Both effects lasting for 1 round, plus 1 round per point of Essentia invested). Either way, the targets run away from the center of the orb and can't re-enter the orb without triggering another saving throw. The orb lasts three rounds, plus one round per point of Essentia invested. As this is a [Mind-Affecting] [Fear] effect, some creatures will be immune to it, but Undead are not immune to this ability like they are other fear/Mind-Affecting effects. You cannot reform your serpent until one round after the Dread Serpent's duration has ended. 

Chakra Bind (Hands)

Venom Gourd: As a standard action, you can form your serpentine spirit-weapon into a gourd of venom, then throwing the gourd as part of the action (15ft range increment, but you only have to hit the square you're aiming at, which is usually AC 5). When the gourd strikes creature, barrier or ground, it shatters, coating a 20-foot radius with venom. Enemies within the area take 1d6 Poison damage every round while they are within the gourd's area, with a Fortitude save for half. Creatures you designate as allies within the gourd's venom are instead healed for 2d4 hp each round. The gourd's effect lasts one round for every glob of venom that was remaining in the spirit-serpent at the time of making the gourd, plus one round per point of Essentia invested. After the gourd has been thrown, you may re-form your serpent-weapon normally. 

Chakra Bind (Feet)

Slither: As a swift action or Immediate action, you may move up to your land speed in any direction, ignoring difficult terrain but not barriers. Until the beginning of your next turn, you are Incorporeal. This ability takes 9 rounds to "cool down" before it can be used again (If used as a Swift action) or 11 rounds (If used as an Immediate action). Each point of Essentia invested reduces the cooldown period by 1 round.


While this is based on the character Mal'Damba from the game 'Paladins: Champions of the Realm' by HiRez Studios, neither I nor D&DWiki owns the character, the game or anything related to either. All rights to the original owners, and if asked, I will take this down; I simply enjoy the character quite a lot and wished to find a way to play a similar character in D&D, hence the implementation you see here. Didn't know if this was required or not, but it's better to be safe than sorry. --Zhenra-Khal (talk) 00:27, 15 May 2017 (MDT)

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