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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 4-13-18
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Shadowroot Tree[edit]

It is said that a terrible lethus dragon once arose in the world with plans of malice and powerlust. He sought control over the cycle of life and death and in doing so become a god of the dead where he may covet all the souls unto himself. From the ranks of the pious did word get out of this and five legendary heroes; a righteous knight, a kindly druid, a child of death, an unwavering giant, and a dragonslaying archer took unto themselves a quest to slay this usurper of the natural order. It was a long a costly battle but in the end the heroes subdued the dragon and buried him within a sacred forest. There the blessed trees would grow around its corpse and entomb its evil, though they themselves became attuned to the shadow and the dead as the dragon had been in life. So then did these twisted black branches grant entry to lands forbidden.


Characters with ranks in Knowledge (nature) can research the shadowroot tree to learn more about it. When a character succeeds on a skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

DC 10: The shadowroot tree is the burial place of an ambitious dragon who sough to usurp the cycle of life and death. Its presence altered the holy trees within the grove it lays.
DC 15: It is said the shadowroot tree is a gateways to other worlds, worlds of the dead known as the outer planes. Only those who have tasted death may activate the gateways to other worlds.
DC 20: The shadowroot tree is tied to the cycle of life and death. To bury oneself in the soil at the base of the tree with the appropriate burial spices is to experience the cycle of reincarnate oneself, regardless if one is dead or naught. So to may souls be drawn back through the tree as its roots extend beyond the cycle into the void beyond.


The shadowroot tree (and by extension the surrounding grove) is a tree within an enchanted blessed forest. Standing among the blossoms of trees which glow with faint moonlight is a tightly packed and gnarled knot of black roots and paper thin wisps for leaves. Though intimidating no evil emits from the tree, only a feeling of cold serenity and inevitability. The ground around the roots has been overturned many times from previous visitors who brought their living and dead a chance at another life.


None, but the gateway function requires a user who had previously died and been returned to activate.

Location Activation[edit]

The shadowroot tree is unique in that it is not one benefit, but three possible uses of the tree.

The first is use as a gateway. A creature who had previously died and returned may touch the tree and up to 1 creature per HD they possess, seeking out a path into the realms of the dead over the course of 1 round. This acts as plane shift but only to the outer planes or otherwise planes associated with the afterlife. If the creature has 10 HD or more, this is as greater plane shiftSpC. There is no cost for this ability, but it provides no means of return.

The second involves burying a creature living or dead in the soil with 500 gp in burial spices. Living creatures must spend at least 1 minute completely buried before their body enters a death-like stupor which pauses their biology until the process is complete, while dead creatures are already unmoving. Over the course of 8 hours the creature is reborn as per reincarnate and they spring forth from the ground at the end alive again. Interrupting the process early kills the creature and wastes the burial spices.

The third use can bring a soul back from oblivion as per soul restoration by praying at the base of the tree for 10 minutes, though you must pay for all material and XP components.

Regardless how the tree is used, the tree can only be used once per week per creature.


Any number of creatures can benefit from the shadowroot tree, but each creature can only benefit one per week per creature.

Special Ability[edit]

There are three benefits to the shadowroot tree as shown above: Transportation to the outer planes, reincarnation of the living or dead, and the restoration of souls. Activation methods vary.


The effects are instantaneous once activated.

Ability Value[edit]

0 gp (gateway), 500 gp (reincarnate), or varies for the soul restoration.

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