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Author: Ghostwheel (talk)
Date Created: May 17, 2015
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Spellthief [Fighter] Prerequisites: +1 BAB, +1d6 Sneak AttackBenefit: If you deal damage to an enemy who is denied their dexterity bonus to AC or whom you flank, you can choose to spend an Immediate action in order to attempt to steal one of their spells by forgoing any number of dice of damage. You immediately learn how many spells the caster can cast that day whose level is equal to the number of sneak attack dice you forewent or lower, and choose one of those spell levels. The target must make a Will save (DC equal to 10 + BAB + Sneak Attack dice forewent) or loses one spell of that level, losing the prepared spell at random if they are a prepared caster, or losing a single spell slot of the appropriate level, as well as the knowledge of a spell at random for one minute. If you know of a spell that the caster has available you can choose to steal it (if it is of the appropriate level), and if you are incorrect the spell stolen is of a random level. You gain the ability to cast the stolen spell for a single minute before you lose knowledge of that spell. If you choose to cast the spell, treat it as though it were cast by the target at the time you stole the spell. Example: Let's say you have 7d6 Sneak Attack, and choose to forego 5d6 in order to steal a spell from a caster, and he fails the save against this ability. You learn that he has no 5th or 4th level spell slots remaining but that he has three 3rd level spells, four 2nd level spells, and four 1st level spells. You choose to steal a 3rd level spell, and try to steal Haste. Unfortunately, the target does not have that as a spell known or as a prepared spell, so you get a 3rd level spell at random, and receive Dispel Magic, which you can cast as a standard action on your turn should you choose to. If you can cast spells, you can instead use it to cast one of your spells with the normal casting time as long as that spell is 3rd level or lower.Special: If a target is willing, you can activate this feat by touching them as a Swift action, and are able to steal one of their spells whose maximum level is equal or less than your the total dice of damage you add when sneak attacking. If you are able to cast spells, you may instead use the stolen spell to power one of your own spells, casting spell you prepared that day (even if you have already cast it) without using a spell slot as a prepared caster, or casting a spell of that level or lower without losing a spell slot as a spontaneous caster.

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