Telekinesis (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Parakee (talk)
Date Created: December 23, 2010
Status: Completed
Editing: Spelling or Grammar only
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Telekinesis [General] Prerequisites: Int 15+, Ability to cause some form of force effectBenefit: You may telekinetically manipulate anything within short range as if with one hand. You are considered to have a strength score equal to your intelligence or charisma score score and a Dexterity score of 3. You may not wield weapons telekinetically; this requires too much control. Actions still take the standard amount of time to perform. You can move an object 15 feet as a move action assuming you have the required strength to lift the object. However if you move more than a light load for the virtual strength score for this ability in this manner you take 1 point of nonlethal damage that bypasses all DR from the strain, 2 if you move more than a medium load, and 10 if more than a heavy load. This feat may be used to make special attack actions from afar assuming they can be performed unarmed (examples include bull Rush, Trip, and even Grapple). You count as medium size for such attacks. Special: A Telekinetic taking this feat instead gains a plus 2 bonus to effective strength of the telekinesis ability.

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