Time Marches On (3.5e Feat)

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Author: DaTedinator
Date Created: January 12th, 2010
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Time Marches On [Tactical] You are a true disciple of the way of the Setting Sun, but you know that any style has its limits. You have learned techniques to deal with opponents who prove resistant to your more common techniques, or who are able to turn your strength against you.Prerequisites: Sense Motive 6 ranks, BAB +4, three Setting Sun maneuvers, one Setting Sun stance.Benefit: This feat enables the use of three new combat options.

  • Dusk: To use this option, you must have attempted to trip an opponent in the previous round and failed. You gain a +2 bonus to non-trip-related attack and damage rolls against that opponent. The bonus increases to +3 if they have more than four legs or are otherwise stable, or +4 if they were somehow immune to trip attempts. The bonus lasts until you successfully affect the opponent with a trip attempt.
  • Rising Sun: You may rise from prone as a free action performable even not on your turn by expending a Setting Sun maneuver. You provoke no attacks of opportunity. The maneuver is expended exactly as if you had initiated it, but with none of the normal effects. It may be recovered as normal.
  • High Noon: To use this option, you must engage an opponent in a duel of wills (See Tome of Battle p. 27). Double the bonuses and penalties for both you and your opponent when you're involved in a duel of wills. This can be bad for you if you're challenged and you submit/ignore, or if you lose.

Special: You qualify for the "No Setting Sun maneuvers" prerequisite for the Might of Arms feat, even though you clearly know some Setting Sun maneuvers.

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SummaryAttacks for opponents who know how to avoid hitting themselves and falling down. +
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