Tsunami Shooter (3.5e Maneuver)

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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: November 27, 2012
Status: Needs review
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Tsunami Shooter
Mystical Rain (Rush, Strike) [Water]
Level: 9
Prerequisite: Five Mystical Rain maneuvers
Initiation Action: 1 full-round action
Range: See text
Target: See text
Duration: End of turn
Your arrows blot out the sun.

As part of this maneuver, move up to your speed plus 10 feet. You may shoot one arrow every time you enter a space. You may shoot multiple arrows at the same target, and you may also spread out your shots to attack multiple targets. Each attack is made at your full base attack bonus, but with a −4 penalty because aiming while in motion is not easy. (The penalty is reduced to −2 if you have the Shot on the Run feat.) You move around too much to effectively shoot more than 4 arrows at a single target; if you shoot more arrows at one target, each additional arrow takes a cumulative −4 penalty to damage (there's only so many soft spots you can pierce before your arrows start to get in each others' way). Your movement and your ranged attacks incur attacks of opportunity as normal (which means that characters with abilities such as Combat Reflexes can attack you twice for each threatened square that you exit, up to their limit on attacks of opportunity).

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