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Author: T.G. Oskar (talk)
Date Created: 5 October, 2014
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Weapon Master is a martial archetype for the Fighter class.

Weapon Master[edit]

The archetypal Weapon Master trains to master the use of one weapon above the rest. Through hours of study and practice, the Weapon Master unlocks the potential of the weapon, making more accurate and deadly attacks with it. Watching a Weapon Master in combat is an awe-inspiring experience, but suffers when outside of its area of expertise.

Weapon Focus[edit]

Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, choose one weapon from the list of Simple and Martial Weapons. Whenever you wield that weapon, you gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll. This stacks with attack bonuses granted by your Fighting Style, if applicable. This bonus increases by 1 at 10th level and again at 18th level. You cannot choose to specialize in unarmed strikes.

Weapon Specialization[edit]

At 7th level, when wielding the weapon you chose for your Weapon Focus class feature, you deal an additional 2 points of damage. This bonus increases by 1 at 10th level, and again at 15th level and 18th level. Furthermore, you're considered as proficient with the History skill and apply twice your proficiency bonus when making a check regarding your chosen weapon.

Weapon Mastery[edit]

At 10th level, when wielding the weapon you chose for your Weapon Focus class feature, your skill with the weapon can make the targets of your attacks fall into despair. By spending a bonus action as part of a successful attack with the weapon, or as part of a successful critical hit, the target of your attack must make a successful Wisdom save against a DC of 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (as applicable for the weapon). If the target fails its save, it gains the Frightened condition for as long as it can see you fight. Creatures with an Intelligence score below 3 are not affected by this ability, nor targets who have more Hit Dice than your level.

Weapon Grand Mastery[edit]

At 15th level, when wielding the weapon you chose for your Weapon Focus class feature, you can unlock special benefits with the weapon, depending on the properties of the weapon itself.

  • Ammunition: you may recover all your expended ammunition when taking a minute to search the battlefield
  • Finesse: Your AC increases by 2 against melee attacks, unless the opponent is using a Heavy weapon or is more than one size category larger than you.
  • Heavy: When making the Shove special attack with this weapon, you gain advantage on the Strength check. This only applies to melee weapons; on ranged weapons, this allows using the Shove action at range, but at disadvantage instead.
  • Light: You gain advantage on all attacks made with this weapon against creatures larger than you.
  • Loading: As a bonus action, you may make an additional attack with this weapon. This supersedes the restriction on attacks using this weapon, but only for this action.
  • Range: You gain no disadvantage when using this weapon beyond its normal range.
  • Reach: You may make an opportunity attack against a target that approaches your reach.
  • Thrown: The normal range of a thrown weapon increases by 10 ft., and the maximum range to four times the new normal range.
  • Two-Handed: Against creatures smaller than you, your weapon deals +2 damage.
  • Versatile: You gain a +1 to AC when wielding the weapon in one hand, and a +2 bonus to damage when wielding it in two hands.

If the weapon has no properties, the weapon has its damage die increased by 1 step (1d6 -> 1d8 -> 1d10).

Weapon Supremacy[edit]

At 18th level, when wielding the weapon you chose for your Weapon Focus class feature, you deal an additional damage dice with it. For example, a longsword would deal 2d8 points of damage, and a greatsword would deal 3d6 points of damage. This is considered the weapon's new base damage dice for as long as you wield it.

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