Wei Yu's Water Spears (3.5e Spell)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 24 Mai, 2013
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Wei Yu's Water Spears
Evocation [Water]
Level: Ki Master 3, Shugenja 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 3, Wu Jen (Water) 3
Components: V, S
Casting time: Standard
Range: 60 ft.
Area: One or more 60 ft-line
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex Halves
Spell Resistance: No

Wei Yu's signature spell, creating many thin, sleek spears made of pressured water.

A much stronger version of one of Wei Yu's earlier spell. Wei Yu's Water Spear create spears of pressurized water capable of hitting with enough force to go through a steel plate.

This spell fires one water spear plus an additional spear at caster level 8th and 12th (to a maximum of 3 water spears). The water spears are a 60 ft-line each and deal 1d6 piercing magic damages per level (maximum of 10d6 at 10th level) and knock damaged creatures Prone. A successful Reflex save halves the damages and prevent the creature from falling prone. The missiles ignore 10 points of hardness, deal maximum damages to objects and count as adamantine for piercing damage reduction. The missiles may be aimed at the same area or split, chosen when the spell is cast. A creatures caught in multiple line is only damaged once, but takes a cumulative +1 damage per dice per spear hitting them beyond the first (to a maximum of +2 damage per dice).

Like many of Wei Yu's spell, this spell is stopped by a wall of fire (or similar effect) upon contact.

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AuthorLeziad +
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Identifier3.5e Spell +
LevelKi Master 3 +, Shugenja 3 +, Sorcerer/Wizard 3 + and Wu Jen (Water) 3 +
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SchoolEvocation +
SummaryCreate and fire spears of highly pressurized water. +
TitleWei Yu's Water Spears +