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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Wu Jen class from Complete Arcane. Wu jen spells are split into five main groups — earth, fire, metal, water, and wood — and a sixth, much smaller non-elemental group.


Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

0th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Detect Mineral: Detect a particular mineral or element in the ground.

1st-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Dust Bomb: Throw a ball of dust and grit which obscures vision and reveals invisible beings.

Polish: You cause a stone or metal surface to become extremely smooth and polished.

2nd-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Reject Earth: You inject a great deal of kinetic energy into a surface, which immediately blasts anything on top of it into the sky!

4th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Greater Reject Earth: As reject earth, but a much larger area centered on you.

Rolling Boulder: Summon a giant boulder to roll over your foes!

5th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Earth Power: Make the ground erupt with power — it's like flame strike, except that it comes from below. (Useful against foes on the ground, not so much against foes in the air.)

Earthshape: Become a rock

Rocks Fall: The DM's angry, rocks fall you die. This spell ensures the eventual death of those cursed with it.

Scalding Mud: You unleash a cone of extremely hot mud, which deals fire damage and slowly boil away your opponents.

6th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Diamond Body: You turn your body into raw diamonds.

7th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Lithos Shield: Summon an animated wall of stone which blocks line of sight in one direction.

8th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Table Flip: Flip the crust of the earth and bury your foes underneath.

9th-Level Wu Jen (Earth) Spells

Form of the Colossus: Transform into an impossibly large colossus, able to go toe to toe with the biggest of kaiju. You are effectively living terrain!

Gorgon's Glare: Targets within cone become petrified, succumbing at once or slowly over several rounds.

Sans' Karmic Bone Barrage: Dunk on mass murderers by assaulting them with a furious barrage of bones dealing damage over time.

Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

0th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Cook: Cook food to make a delicious meal.

Hotfoot: You give them the ol' hotfoot, forcing the target to move or take damage.

1st-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Chaos Blaze: A highly random fire spell that can hurt a lot or barely do anything, who knows.

Gaban's Scorching Embers: You project a cone of extremely hot embers, dealing fire damage and leaving dangerous terrain behind.

Searing Hand: You deliver a relatively powerful burning touch, possibly causing it target to catch in flame.

2nd-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Bang Rounds: Create cherrybomb-like caltrops to either throw out immediately as explosives, or set as a trap.

Erupting Firebolt: You fire a bolt of flame which explodes and deals fire damage within a versatile area of effect.

Flame Breath: You gain a limited breath weapon dealing moderate fire damage.

3rd-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Flameshape: I am the Human Torch!!

Rystil's Lightning Lance: A ranged touch spell with the potential to leave its target staggered.

Scorching Column: Generate columns of flame which can move on their own and take attacks of opportunity.

4th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Erupting Firebolt, Greater: A stronger version of erupting firebolt.

Flame Breath, Greater: You gain a powerful fire breath weapon for the spell's duration.

5th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Fire Sweeper: Create a wall of flame you can move around, running over creatures and damaging them.

Internal Explosive: Cause an internal explosion, which might spill out and consume those standing around them.

6th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Greater Fireball: What fireball always wanted to be.

Solar Window: Small star forms, pulling in those near and scorching them with its fires.

7th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Erupting Firebolt, Dire: A much stronger version of erupting firebolt.

Flame Breath, Primeval: You gain an incredibly powerful fire breath weapon for the spell's duration.

8th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Merton: You release a powerful unnatural heat, but have no control over it as it scorches a vast amount of land!

Pure Incendiary Cloud: The incendiary cloud spell that deserves an 8th level slot. It burns, blinds, and chars objects to ash.

9th-Level Wu Jen (Fire) Spells

Comet Flight: You turn into a freaking comet of spellfire.

Meteoric Mortar: You call upon multiple meteor from spaces, striking at your foes.

Superexplosion: Whoa, like... what if we took Fireball... and then like, made it explode like, whoa...

Wu Jen (Metal) Spells

0th-Level Wu Jen (Metal) Spells

Detect Voltage: You can detect the electrical networks around you.

2nd-Level Wu Jen (Metal) Spells

Poison Needle: Conjure a poison dart to throw at your enemy.

Sear Metal: A version of heat metal which target a single item, but is more rapid and painful.

4th-Level Wu Jen (Metal) Spells

Flying Deathscythes: Surround yourself in spinning animated sickles which attack your enemy.

Iron Wheel: Summon a giant wheel which runs over your opponents again and again and again.

Scramble Programs: Cause all affected bots to lose all programs.

8th-Level Wu Jen (Metal) Spells

Iron Body, Variant: A version of Iron Body which don't make you wonder why you even cast it.

Molten Steel Stream: You fire a line of molten steel at a target, causing burning and intense damage.

Wu Jen (Water) Spells

1st-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Wei Yu's Water Arrows: Fire a number of highly pressured water 'arrows' at one or more targets.

Wei Yu's Water Shield: Create a shield of water around you, stopping incoming attacks. Last longer while underwater.

2nd-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Rystil's Frozen Step: Freeze them in their tracks. Literally.

Suppression Mist: Create a mist that suppresses mundane fire and grants fire resistance.

Water Gel: Thicken water, making it difficult terrain and difficult to breathe for aquatic creatures.

Wei Yu's Crashing Wave: Send a wave of water that stop opponents in their tracks.

3rd-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Cloudshape: Become a fog

Grave's Chill: Call the coldness of the grave upon your enemies.

Leidenfrost Shell: Cover yourself in a protective shell of water, warding off fire damage.

Refresh Magic: The antithesis of dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Watershape: Turn into water, passing through cracks and being amorphous.

Wei Yu's Oceanic Shield: An instantaneous shield that protect the caster from harm and is especially potent at warding off fire.

Wei Yu's Water Spears: Create and fire spears of highly pressurized water.

4th-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Wei Yu's Protective Bubble: A versatile perimeter shield or a deadly trap, your choice.

Wei Yu's Spirit Water Arrows: A much more fearsome version of water arrows. This spell fire a number of water arrows, enhanced by magic.

5th-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Aqua Snake: Create a water snake which runs into enemies on the ground and tries to knock them down.

6th-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Greater Refresh Magic: The antithesis of greater dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Hunger of the Deep: Curse a target so that they may never approach a body of water, lest that which lurks within devour them whole.

Wei Yu's Spirit Water Spears: The upgraded version of one of Wei Yu's most famous spell. This spell create several spears made of highly pressured water and spiritual energy.

7th-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Flood Pump: Surround a target in watery orbs which spray high pressure blasts of water and push the target where you want to go.

Instant Hypothermia: You cause a creature to freeze to death instantly.

Wei Yu's Water Spear Barrage: You fire a high number of water spears, piercing all opposition!

9th-Level Wu Jen (Water) Spells

Infinite Geyser: Blast targets with a high-pressure geyser which does not lose momentum, and will eventually reach outer space.

Sharknado: Create a dreadful tornado with elemental sharks swimming in it.

Summon Biggest Fish: Sometimes known as Jonahsbane, this spell summons a massive sea monster to devour your foes.

Wu Jen (Wood) Spells

2nd-Level Wu Jen (Wood) Spells

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

5th-Level Wu Jen (Wood) Spells

Respiratory Burst: Harness the power of oxygen to create an explosion that devastates minuscule creatures.

Wu Jen Spells

0th-Level Wu Jen Spells

Extract Spell: Magically pull a spell from one storage device into another.

Witch's Warts: A nasty spell, that makes the target grow gross warts on their face and body, making it hideous to most.

1st-Level Wu Jen Spells

Armor of Helplessness: A spell that makes you seem like a less threatening opponent on purpose, making it hard for foes to attack you.

Love Ward: A favorite of adventurers, bards, and sorcerers in magic college. This spell protect you against the negative side effects of lovemaking.

Rickshaw: Creates a rickshaw including handler

2nd-Level Wu Jen Spells

Bonfire's Rest: Magically infuse a bonfire or larger fires to increase rest's effectiveness.

Jaws: Invoke a water shark that bites enemies into pieces.

Spiritual Projection: You meditate and project your spirit forth.

Wandering Soul: Separate body and soul to send the second out exploring, with a great risk.

3rd-Level Wu Jen Spells

Boulder Cannon: Fire a large high speed boulder that knocks everything in its way down.

Cocoon of Quick Rest: By manipulating quantum energy you infuse the bed with accelaration that is released into the body of who sleeps in it, allowing a rapid and restful sleep.

Commune with Spirits: A replacement for the wu jen spell commune with lesser spirits, it lets you speak to the world around you (or to things classified as spirits) and learn new things.

Palanquin Procession: Create a procession of palanquins, including bearers.

Piercing Evocation: Make your evocations effective against magical defenses.

Rystil's Capturing Winds: Angry winds lift your target into the air, choking and stunning them.

Tearing Swarm: Create a partially ethereal and partially watery swarm of piranhas.

5th-Level Wu Jen Spells

Solar Beam: You gather the energy of the sun and fire it back at your enemies.

Suffocating Darkness: Darkness thickens and suffocates.

Supersonic Flight: You fly through the air at extreme speed, covering miles in a short span of time.

8th-Level Wu Jen Spells

Ascended Form: You release your inner ki and become extremely powerful for a short time.

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