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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Ki Master class. For the full spell list, including SRD and other entries, please see the class description.

Ki Master Spells

0th-Level Ki Master Spells

Brick Break: Focus yourself, so that your next attack against an object ignores some hardness.

Ell's Dramatic Action: Target's actions appear more awesome, possibly photoshopped even.

Fan: Generates a small local wind to cool you off and blow away gases.

Force Stool: Create a chair made of force to sit on.

Fragile Shield: You get a one-use force shield that might just save your life.

Hotfoot: You give them the ol' hotfoot, forcing the target to move or take damage.

Ki Push/Mage Push: Bolt of force pushes creature 5'.

Know Distance: You can determine the distance away something is.

1st-Level Ki Master Spells

Alter Gravity: Increase or decrease gravity on a target.

Faith's Inspiring Encouragement: Increase the bonus from aid another.

Float: Gain a hover speed (perfect) equal to your land speed.

Focus Shield: Generate a barrier which raises your AC and ablates incoming damage, but must be actively maintained.

Gust Bellow: Project a 15 ft cone of wind in front of you, a sort of long lasting but short range gust of wind.

Karxon's Luminous Aura: You shield your body with dangerous light, damaging anyone foolish enough to touch you!

Ki Barrage, Lesser: Bolts of ki dart from your hand to unerringly strike your target.

Ki Bullet: Aimed bolt of ki strikes target.

Lesser Boomshine: A burst of light damages opponents and leaves them dazzled.

Light Laser: Shoot a beam of light, deal damage and possibly blind.

Mage Armor, Swift: Grant a +4 armor bonus to AC. Protection against incorporeal attacks.

Pathfinder: Obtain a vision of the correct path to take, shortening overland movement times, improving tracking, and teleporting with greater accuracy.

Quickwind Shield: Protect yourself from projectile attacks as an immediate action with a brief small-scale wind wall.

Retort: Gain a barrier which damages those who strike you in combat.

Suppress Power Level: Hides your life signs, making some detection and targeting impossible.

Surfing Disc: Create a floating disk you can surf upon.

True Dodge: The counterpart to true strike, this makes it easy to dodge one single attack.

Unstable Enlargement: As enlarge person but much faster to cast. And a lot less reliable.

Wei Yu's Water Shield: Create a shield of water around you, stopping incoming attacks. Last longer while underwater.

2nd-Level Ki Master Spells

Ashe's Mind Lance: Deal damage, interrupt spell.

Bang Rounds: Create cherrybomb-like caltrops to either throw out immediately as explosives, or set as a trap.

Concussive Blast: Create a shockwave that knocks targets away.

Directional Shielding: A six sided barrier appears around you, ablating damage and providing protection against flankers.

Erupting Firebolt: You fire a bolt of flame which explodes and deals fire damage within a versatile area of effect.

Expeditious Invisibility: Gain the benefits of invisibility and expeditious retreat, but at reduced duration.

Eyebeams: With a steely glare, you fire laser beams from your eyes.

Force Bit: You create a "force bit" which can attack for you, or give defensive bonuses.

Force Pulse: You generate a quick pulse of force to knock people away from you, and possibly stagger them.

Ki Ball: Explosion of ki damages enemies.

Magic Option: An orbiting magical sphere that generates magic missiles when you attack.

Power Word Shove: A non-enchantment power word, it shoves creatures and objects away.

Reattach: Reattaches a severed limb.

Reject Earth: You inject a great deal of kinetic energy into a surface, which immediately blasts anything on top of it into the sky!

Risky Rebounding Reaver: You shoot a sphere of force that can be reflected back at you, but you can also reflect it. Each rebound increases the stakes.

Shimmering Forcefield: A spell which create an invisible barrier around the caster and protect her from harms.

Swarm of Minions: Summon two minions per level, who act like a sort of swarm providing small but consistent damage.

Totemic Power: A replacement of the Animal's X spells.

Twister Rush: Blow your enemy (and sometimes allies) halfway across the map, rearranging their position.

Wei Yu's Crashing Wave: Send a wave of water that stop opponents in their tracks.

What's That?: Hey, did you just see that? Too late, made you look, you just provoked an AoO! Mwahahahaha!

Witchslap: If a creature approaches you from afar, you slap them out of the way.

3rd-Level Ki Master Spells

Adipose Armor: Gain great defenses, but become heavily encumbered.

Arcane Ray: Projects a beam of raw arcana that intensifies when focused over time.

Bolster Spirit: Bravery and morale surges through you, carrying you towards victory in battle.

Firestar: A variant of fireball, it is stronger and concussive but is easily telegraphed.

Frostfire Spray: Release two cones of fire and cold damage. If you overlap them it becomes more difficult to resist.

Gale Force: Generate a large blast of wind shaped in various forms.

Golden Body: Become incredibly resilient to any form of attack for an instant.

Graviton Implosion: Pull targets together to a single point.

Greater Endure Elements: Endure elements now will protect you from any temperature extreme, and allows you to perform acts of physical endurance.

Hollow Point Ray: A bullet of force pierces the target, then explodes outward in a wave of shrapnel.

Impale: Impale your enemies into the air, then watch them fall.

Kamehameha Wave, Lesser: Line of focused ki damages enemies.

Magic Hovermissile: Magic missile hovers, waiting to distract the target at a key moment.

Magic Missile Battery: Spam magic missile at the darkness!

Magic Volley: Summon a swarm of magic missiles, which protect you and you can release as an immediate action.

Mantis Shrimp Spear: Conjures a spear that attacks faster than the eye can follow, generates shockwaves underwater.

Piercing Evocation: Make your evocations effective against magical defenses.

Power Word Break: A non-enchantment power word that sunders unattended objects.

Protection from Radiation: Protect yourself against the harmful effects of excessive radiation and [Light] effects.

Safety Bubble: A layered bubble of force protects you from a single attack.

Solar Flare: A blinding flash of light erupts from your body.

Special Beam Cannon: You build a strong amount of ki in your finger tips, releasing it in an intense beam.

Thicken Air: Thicken the air, slowing creatures passage through it.

Wei Yu's Water Spears: Create and fire spears of highly pressurized water.

4th-Level Ki Master Spells

Arcane Space Program: Launch yourself into orbit, traveling long distances rapidly.

Blacksun Midnight Blade: You create a blade made of darklight, a powerful weapon dealing magical damage and especially damage to creatures weak to light.

Boomshine: A burst of light damages opponents and leaves them blinded and deafened.

Burning Sunlight Greatblade: You conjure a blade of pure sunlight.

Erupting Firebolt, Greater: A stronger version of erupting firebolt.

Escape Pod: You generate an orb not unlike resilient sphere, which rockets you away to safety.

Flying Deathscythes: Surround yourself in spinning animated sickles which attack your enemy.

Greater Reject Earth: As reject earth, but a much larger area centered on you.

Kaioken: You artificially enhance yourself, suffering for the additional strain.

Ki Barrage: Bolts of ki dart from your hand to unerringly strike your targets.

Lesser Regenerate: Like regenerate but much slower. However it does provide protection for a longer time.

Magic Missile Sentry: Create a glowing sentry which fires magic missile spells in your stead.

Mass Twister Rush: Blow all of your enemies and allies around, arranging their positions as you see fit.

Overwhelming Will: You announce your intent, resisting effects which would prevent your goal. On the next turn, your attack strikes with additional power and flash!

Phosphorus River: Release a line of fire which you can concentrate on for up to 5 rounds, and slowly turn in place.

Protective Aura: Golden sphere protects you from outside threats.

Spell Shield: Creates a magical barrier that protects against incoming spells.

Spicule Barrage: Generate flame spheres which attack, and then explode into columns of flame.

Stormclouds of Dark Omens: Alter the weather to be dark, gloomy, and ripe for storms.

Wei Yu's Protective Bubble: A versatile perimeter shield or a deadly trap, your choice.

5th-Level Ki Master Spells

Awesome Light: Show your opponents the light of your god, inspiring awe... or fear.

Dopple Arms: You gain an extra pair of arms.

Eyefire: Shoot two fiery rays from your eyes at any creature within range for 1 round/CL

Five Point Exploding Heart: Those affected by this ability must not take action, or they die.

Greater Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: An improved version of Clairaudience/Clairvoyance.

Orb of Destruction: Release a slow moving orb of raw destructive energy. It can bore through walls over time.

Solar Beam: You gather the energy of the sun and fire it back at your enemies.

Supersonic Flight: You fly through the air at extreme speed, covering miles in a short span of time.

Ur Lightning Bolt: A lightning bolt which can reflect off walls and shock water.

Wei Yu's Tides of Fury: This spell creates a powerful wave which bludgeon, bull rush and immobilize foes.

6th-Level Ki Master Spells

Bolster Spirit, Greater: Yet more bravery and morale surges through you, carrying faster you towards victory in battle.

Conjure Ghostly Kamikaze: You create a bunch of explosive ghosts.

Destructo Disc: A golden buzzsaw attacks all targets in a line, potentially decapitating them.

Diamond Body: You turn your body into raw diamonds.

Greater Fireball: What fireball always wanted to be.

Kamehameha Wave: Wide line of focused ki damages enemies.

Shout of Typhon: Bull rush and stun a mass of creatures in a 60 foot cone, with various options in strength.

Sudden Hulking: You hulk up, gaining a large increase in muscle mass.

Sunlight Slash: A wake of burning sunlight burn your foes to a crisp and possibly blind them.

Sunlight Spear: Creates a crackling spear fashioned from raw sunlight that pierces foes.

Supreme Golden Body: Become nigh-invulnerable to any form of attack for an instant.

Ultrabeam: A massive beam of energy that extends for a very long distance. It is super effective against objects and fortifications.

Wei Yu's Spirit Water Spears: The upgraded version of one of Wei Yu's most famous spell. This spell create several spears made of highly pressured water and spiritual energy.

7th-Level Ki Master Spells

Asura: You transform your likeness into the six-armed, three headed form of a fierce god.

Erupting Firebolt, Dire: A much stronger version of erupting firebolt.

Greater Boomshine: A burst of light severely damages opponents and leaves them blind and deaf permenantly.

Hurricane Disc: Create a spinning disc of sharp wind, controlling it with your mind and gestures.

Rain of Fireballs: Throw out a ton of fireballs at one time. However, their damage doesn't stack, so its wisest to spread it out as far as possible.

Remove Limb: Disarm the target, literally. The removed limbs leave a bloodless sealed wound, and they can be re-attached if the limb is found.

Wei Yu's Water Spear Barrage: You fire a high number of water spears, piercing all opposition!

8th-Level Ki Master Spells

Ascended Form: You release your inner ki and become extremely powerful for a short time.

Deathball: This is a powerful blast of negative energy that animates the creatures that die as the result of this spell

Hurricane Force: Gale Force amped up to 11, the winds produced can destroy cities in the shockwave.

Improved Telekinesis: As telekinesis, but you can maintain concentration as a swift action and it doesn't end with a violent thrust.

Merton: You release a powerful unnatural heat, but have no control over it as it scorches a vast amount of land!

Table Flip: Flip the crust of the earth and bury your foes underneath.

Transform into Light: Touch a creature or object and transform part... or all... of its mass into light.

9th-Level Ki Master Spells

Comet Flight: You turn into a freaking comet of spellfire.

Detonating Grasp: A grasping hand that injures those it grabs, it has high mobility and ultimately explodes at the end.

Disintegrating Burst: Area suffers effects of disintegration

Dividing Driver: Split the skies, divide the earth, and rip your foes asunder with a single slash of a vorpal weapon.

Finger of Destruction: A powerful evocation spell which can level a castle, but leave the caster drained.

Fist of God: You summon a fist made of divine energy that smash into your enemies.

Form of the Colossus: Transform into an impossibly large colossus, able to go toe to toe with the biggest of kaiju. You are effectively living terrain!

Invincible Golden Body: Become invincible to any form of attack for an instant.

Kamehameha Wave, Greater: Very wide line of focused ki damages enemies.

Magic Missile Maelstrom: Magic Missile just took a level in badass.

Meteor Span: This spell rains down meteors spanning over a large area, and lets you call down powerful chunks aimed at particular creatures each round.

Meteoric Mortar: You call upon multiple meteor from spaces, striking at your foes.

Molten Tornado: Create a swirling tornado of molten lava torn from the earth.

Nine Acre Fire: A circular wall of flame expands a great distance, turning all within its path to ash.

Orbital Laser: Focus and launch a beam of focused light to the surface, drilling a hole and vaporizing everything in its path.

Quicksilver Style: Whether you're going super fast, or slowing time, the end result is the same: everyone else appears to move at a snail's pace.

Self-Detonate: You sacrifice yourself to inflict terrible damage upon your foes.

Spirit Bomb: You charge up a massive ball of ki, which explodes in a massive burst.

Superexplosion: Whoa, like... what if we took Fireball... and then like, made it explode like, whoa...

Unmaking: A spell that unmake a creature, utterly obliterating it without trace.

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