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Cleric Domains[edit]

Name Summary
Aberration Hunter Aberrations should be hunted, and some deities give clerics the power to do it.
Acid The domain for melting people's faces.
Aegis A protective domain, especially through that of physical or magical solid barriers.
Afterlife You act as a psychopomp and determine who lives, who dies, and who comes back.
Agony You revel in granting pain to others.
Air, Liber Demonica The domain dealing with powers over wind, lightning and so forth.
Anarchy The domain of those who want to see the world burn, and laugh while it happens.
Arachnomania You serve a power which hold spider in an extremely high esteem.
Arcane A domain for those who wishes and strives for the taste of arcane magic.
Architecture Those with this domain wish to help in the building and augmentation of nature into the civilized world.
Armory A domain that enables the cleric to make his or her own weapons on the spot.
Artifice For making things.
Atheism You don't believe in these "higher powers". Just some powerful outsiders playing puppets with weaker minds.
Avarice A domain for the greedy. Get more money, inspire greed, and protect your loot.
Bee Oh god, not the bees! Aaaauuuuuggggh! This domain is all about those needle-tipped honey makers.
Bird Devoted to the winged creatures with beaks.
Birth Birth celebrates the creation of life and the potential which comes with it.
Blade A domain of swords and axes.
Blood The domain for blood and gore.
Bone Worshipers of the body, they focus on the bone which forms our shapes and gives us durability.
Boreal The domain for cleric who worship the Gods of long winter nights.
Bulwark A protective domain focused on defense and resistance. Clerics who choose this domain usually specialize in protection and force spells. Any god which grants the protection domain can be able to grant the bulwark domain instead.
Business You are a holytm businessman, out to make a deal.
Capricorn This is the domain granted by Capricorn, one of the twelve Zodiac spirits.
Cat For cats and cat related gods.
Cataclysm This domain allow a cleric to spread natural and divine disaster far and wide.
Caves You like the underground scene.
Chance The domain for taking risks, and hedging your bets.
Chaos For those who like Giant Frog.
Combustion The domain of clerics who like to see everything burn.
Communication The domain for those who want to keep in touch.
Computer A domain for technologically savvy worshipers.
Conquest The winning domain.
Construct The powers of life without life are at your fingertips.
Contract The domain for getting and staying in power.
Corrupt A domain of the evil powers of the demons.
Coward For the craven, the weak, and the frightful.
Crocodile The crocodile domain is all about crocodiles.
Crops Sowing and reaping
Cube You are convinced this world is secretly split up into "5 ft cubes". Your belief in this theoretical physics gives you cube based powers.
Culinary Blessed with a careful tongue and a fine sense of cooked goods, cleric's with this domain celebrate their god through the feast.
Curse Now you will suffer for your crimes. A domain all about cursing your opponents in many ways.
Cursed Nights What a terrible night to have a curse.
Deathbane You are scourge of the undead. You fight to survive and to repel the forces of undeath.
Decay You are entropy, you are decay, you are the ultimate fate of all things.
Dementation For those who would sap the intelligence of others.
Destruction For breaking things.
Destruction, Variant You wield of the power of destruction, which could be both used for good or evil.
Devouring For clerics who wish to devour everything, figuratively or literally. All things exist to be eaten.
Diabolic The domain of the wicked powers of devils.
Dog A domain for cleric of Dog.
Dragon The draconic domain.
Dream For sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares.
Drugs Congratulations, you've given yourself over to drugs from a religious standpoint. Good job.
Earth Your ally is something that there is a ton of. It's a good place to be.
Eiji A random domain for a random being.
Electricity The shocking truth about the power of thunder and lightning!
Enforcement Stop you violated the law!
Entrapment No retreat. No escape.
Envy For the jealous type.
Evil For the dark-hearted.
Exorcism You have the ability to exorcise bad spirits and otherworldly influences, as well as countering them, entrapping them, and who knows what else.
Eyebane OH GODS!!!! I CAN'T SEE S***!!!!!!! Do you hate eyes or something?!?!?
Fabulousness Being beautiful is great, and with divine grace you charm and transfix all who see your perfect form.
Falling Stars Make a wish... a fiery burning wish.
Family Because Life and Death are sisters.
Fire For heated situations.
Fleshcraft The fleshcraft domain is for clerics who believe in the augmenting of the flesh.
Fright A domain for scary spooky clerics.
Genocide A domain for people who need to eliminate a race quickly and efficiently.
Ghost The domain of spooky ghost and possession.
Gluttony For those who do it BIG.
Good For those with nice dispositions.
Grave A domain about the grave and creatures that come out of them.
Gravity You can bend the very fabric of spacetime.
Gravity, Variant This domain is for more science minded cleric who want to understand one of the fundamental force of the universe.
Greed For those who can't get enough.
Guardian A domain for those who protect others.
Harming Negative energy version of healing domain.
Harvest Domain of farming gods. May you have good crops this year!
Hatred For those who combine anger and contempt with a fair amount of violence.
Healing For those who want to mend, not break.
Heavens Some worship the cosmos, and gain blessings from the patterns of the stars.
Hellfire For those who like fire (and Hell) a little too much.
Hellfire, Variant This domain is usually granted to clerics of archdevils or other infernal deities, granting them a offensive edge over others.
Hellrime For the cold-hearted bastards in the world.
Herculean A domain for those with some divine blood in them, making them incredibly strong.
History Remember the past, lest you repeat it.
Hope The domain associated with hope, perfect for optimistic clerics.
Illusion Making things seem as they are not.
Infection The domain for people who spread disease wherever they go.
Infestation Diseases and the creatures that spread them.
Infiltration For those who want to get places unimpeded.
Insanity Mad! Mad, I tell you!
Intellect Your god is a thinking god. Logic will show you the way.
Jelly Clerics who take this domain are in tune with the magical properties of the half-liquid, half-solid substances known as jellies.
Judgement Gain the power to judge others of crimes, and bring punishment upon them.
Karma The Karma domain is closely tied to the system of good deeds and bad deeds and equivalent rewards and punishment. It spells focus on punishing your enemies for attacking you and inducing bad luck upon them.
Knowledge, Liber Demonica For those who want to know everything about everything.
LSD You have dedicated yourself to a psychedelic drug. You make everyone tripping balls.
Lava The floor is now lava!
Law For those who follow the rules.
Leylines You are attuned to the geometry of the weave, eventually learning to rewrite the magical connections on which the universe is built.
Light Your glorious light pierces the shadows in the hearts of liars and traitors, as well as exposing those who lurk within the more literal darkness.
Locomotive Choo choo, all aboard the domain of the god of trains.
Love The power of love certainly always prevail, although it take many forms.
Lunar You have the power of the moon, it pale light allow you to pierce the night!
Lust A domain for those who like to vamp their way out of problems.
Magic For dealing with all things mysterious and magical.
Metal For those who adore the periodic table.
Meteor You wield the power of the heavens, dropping rocks from the depths of space.
Misfortune The opposite side of luck is misfortune, and while no cleric wishes it upon themselves, some may wish it to occur to their enemies.
Mistrust You do not trust anyone. You are always prepared.
Mummy You're big into preservation and gauze.
Murder Killing is not just a job requirement, it's a religious experience.
Obliteration For when you really don't want to allow someone to exist any longer.
Ooze The Ooze Domain is focused on slimes and traits associated with the slippery, the sticky, the acidic, and the amorphous.
Opposition A domain for the opposing forces in the world.
Organic The domain of life and its many wonders.
Orientation Knowing where one’s destination is, and helping others know where their destinations are.
Pain For those who like it rough.
Party The best way to worship is to party! Spread the joy, spread the music, spread the beat!
Peace Violence is beneath you.
Plague For spreading ailments of both body and mind.
Plans You plot, you scheme, and your god makes sure it all goes according to plan.
Plant The domain for getting close to nature.
Poison A domain associated with poison, venom and toxins.
Police Officer
Portal Like doors, but way cooler.
Pride For people who know they're better.
Protection For those who are cautious, paranoid or both.
Radioactivity For those that worship radioactive sources, especially sources from underground unmarred by "magnetic shields" and "atmosphere".
Rainbow This domain lets you cast sparkly spells with varying effects
Redemption Everyone can be forgiven eventually.
Revenge Get your revenge with the power of the gods.
Sacrosanct A domain of the holy powers of archons.
Safeguard Keeping things safe.
Sagittarius This is the domain granted by Sagittarius, one of the twelve Zodiac spirits.
Salvation A domain of the good powers of chaotic good outsiders.
Saurian Domain The Saurian Domain grants you the powers of and control over dinosaurs.
Screwball The domain of those who love to mess with people.
Shadow A domain for the shadows.
Shadowcraft For clerics who like making things out of shadowstuff.
Shark I'm a shark! I'm a shark! Eat my spells! I'm a shark!
Sky This domain is related to Gods and philosophy that claim rulership over the vast expanse of the sky,
Slaughter Some people just don't deserve to live, and you are set to make sure they don't.
Slime For those who like their magic icky.
Sloth For doing less and forcing others to do the same.
Snake The domain for the snake worshiping cleric
Sneak Clerics who sneak around in the darkness, spying on others.
Solar A Sun domain for those focused more on the "giant ball of glowing plasma" and "light" and less on the "undead hate this thing" and "fire".
Solid Walls They can't hurt you behind this wall.
Solidarity For those who work with their comrades to achieve victory.
Sorrow Remember, kids: Down the road, not across the street.
Stillness You embody the stillness of the void, the calm mind, the unmoving existence. Grant your enlightenment to others.
Strength, Liber Demonica The domain dealing with raw physical might.
Summons, Alternative
Taboo You can’t do that.
Temptation All it takes is a little push to set someone on a darker path.
Terraforming Your god has granted you the power to shape and reshape the world in your image.
Theft What's yours is mine. This is the domain for those who would take what they see fit.
Thunder For the cleric who manipulates lightning, storms and the power of thunder.
Time For those who live life in the fast lane.
Time Warp
Toast YEAH TOAST! For clerics who really love their toast.

Toxic Clerics of the toxin domain learn how to manipulate poisons to best effect.
Train You like trains. A lot.
Transmogrification The physical is but a vessel for the divine spirit to shape to its will.
Trickery, Alternative A remake the Trickery domain, designed to allow for more 'Loki'-like schemes.
Trickery, Liber Demonica The domain of the sneaky and the sly.
Tumult The domain of social discord.
Tyranny The domain for lording it.
Undeath The domain for cheating death.
Vengeance A domain for taking revenge.
Vermin Quick-quick!. The domain of things that chitter and bite.
Violation The domain of things disgusting and gross.
Vivisection For turning things into other things they’re not in painful, imaginative ways.
Voltage For electric personalities.
Want Want take many form, desire, lust, greed. This domain encourage both you and others to gain what they really want.
War, Liber Demonica The domain of fighting men and women.
Waste A domain about bringing heat and desolation and turning arable land into wasteland.
Water, Liber Demonica For those who like it wet.
Waves The waves domain bestow the power of the ocean and the ability to control water.
Wings Worshiping your red bull idol gives you wings!
Winter For the cleric who can't let it go of winter.

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