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This table lists all 3.5e NPC classes on the wiki. You can also view this page in category format, if you wish.

Name Description Length
Acolyte The NPC cleric, with minor miracles and religous knowledge. 20
Adept An NPC class for spellcasting mooks. 5
Adept, Liber Demonica A class for large numbers of ordinary magic men. 5
Apothecary The apothecary makes alchemical items, potions and poisons. 6
Aristocrat Rich people who get by on the fact that they have money more than actual ability. 5
Augur Psionics for NPCs, they usually are employed as oracles. 20
Blademind Mooks cool enough to be able to create and wield psychic knives, but even more underpowered than the actual Soulknife. 20
Boss A class/template for any major villain 5
Builder An NPC version of the artificer, these minor spellcasters are all about building. 20
Courier A courier will get your package to its destination, even through snow, sleet, hail, or interplanar threat from beyond time and space. 20
Crafter Its not always powerful wizards who are crafting magic marts. These are the nameless NPC crafters pumping out all those wands. 20
Cult Member For minion-tier mad cultists and dark wizard wannabes, who haven't actually obtained spellcasting powers. 6
Cultist The deranged minions of an elder power, demon, dragon, or other being of significant power., {{{summary}}} 5
Cultist, Qwertyu63 Dark cultists, they draw power from their dark patron; based on Paleomancer's Cultist (3.5e NPC Class). 6
Derp A derp is an idiot, sometime very lucky. Usually not. 5
Deus ex Machina
Farmhand You work on a farm. Most of the time you're covered in dirt. 20
Field Medic A NPC class for a mundane battlefield healer. 20
Fortune Teller The NPC diviner, who uses cards, crystal balls, smoke, or other things to tell the future in vague terms. 20
Invocator A lesser warlock, who parleyed with spirits but ended up with a bum deal. 20
Mechanic A mechanic fixes and builds objects, vehicles and whatnot. 10
Medic Quick, simple class for a mundane healer. 6, 3
Miner The NPCs who dig the trenches, and favorite class of non-combatant kobolds and dwarves everywhere. 20
Naturalist The NPC druid, they are hippies who follow the rules of nature. 20
Partisan Some NPCs are more than mere warriors, they're initiators too! They're nothing compared to PC classes, but you can't fault them for trying. 20
Performer The NPC bard, they don't grasp magic but can still inspire others with their songs. 20
Politician A politician deal with politic. 5
Possessed A class for large numbers of weak, demon-infused creatures. 5
Prestidigitator The NPC sorcerer, their magic blood runs thin and so they aren't quite as strong. 20
Psyker An individual with psychic powers that is either under-trained or unstable. 20
Runt The nasty little buggers that swarm over foes in huge numbers. 3
Sailor Ships need sailor NPCs. Get youe jokes about sea men aside, and get ready to sail! 20
Sharpshooter Simple soldiers that use crossbows. Meant to be fought in small groups. 5
Sneak Sneaky rogue types for those who are NPCs. 20
Socialite A class for social oriented NPCs. 20
Specialist When you need a mundane task completed to the best of an NPC's ability, you get a specialist. 20
Team Rocket Grunt
Tribal The barbarians have NPCs too, and not all of them are of the Warrior class. Some have the anger of the barbarian, but not quite as much staying power. 20
Warrior Warrior class for mooks. 5
Warrior, Liber Demonica A class for large numbers of ordinary fighting men. 5
White Belt The NPC monk class. Inb4 "but monk is an NPC class". 20

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