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Author: The-Marksman (talk)
Date Created: August 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Improved Ki Sense
Saiyan Warrior Greater; 6th, Ki Warrior Greater; 6th

Requirements: Must already have Ki Sense invocation.

As Ki Sense, but the ability improves and the user now gains Blindsight anywhere within range of this ability. The user of this ability takes no penalties to any kinds on attack rolls for striking a target it cannot see (see the example links below). The user can now effectively sense the life force of any creature within 25 miles per class level in a spherical radius from the user not just characters with ki related abilities. A user with Improved Ki Sense can now also distinguish one persons ki from another persons once he has sensed it at least once within 1 mile of himself before.

The Improved Ki Sense now gives the user a numerical approximation of the distance between himself and any given individual creature. When describing the distance of a sensed target the DM should approximate the exact distance between the user and the target of this ability using the table below.

For example, if Toma, a Saiyan Warrior was in a party with Zalak a Fighter and they were separated from one another by different planes, Toma wouldn't be able to sense or locate Zalak anywhere. However, if Zalak were suddenly teleported anywhere within 25 miles per class level of Toma, Toma would immediately feel Zalak's ki presence and be able to immediately recognize and be able to identify that the ki he's sensing as Zalak's ki and know how far Zalak is from him within a 100 foot margin of error.

Also for example, if the user is in the royal castle and someone sounds the alarm because the treasury is being robbed. As the user approaches the treasury the user can sense the life force of the culprit from the other side of the castle as he approaches the treasury doors but the culprit disappears in a puff of smoke just as they enter the room. The user cannot identify the culprit because he didnt know them before this. However if the location the culprit teleported to was within 25 miles per class level of the user, he could get a feel for the culprits current approximate location and direction they're moving in. If the place they teleported to was not within the 25 miles per class level he would not know where they went. Then if the next day he passed the culprit in the street, he would immediately recognize that the man passing him in the street is the same ki as the one who robbed the treasury.

This ability also allows a user to sense that another user with the Ki Supression ability is suppressing their true power, but it does not allow him to know the true extent of the other user's power.

A user still only gains the 'Status' effect on targets within 500 feet. The accuracy for this ability, or if it will even function beyond 25 miles per class level is always DM's discretion. This ability does not allow the user to distinguish a target characters class or even whether or not they use spells or ki abilities. A user with this ability cannot sense divine beings.

Ki Distance

Distance of Target Approximation
made by DM
More than 25 miles / class level Cannot be sensed
More than 10 miles from user within 100 foot error
More than 5 miles from user within 50 foot error
More than 1 mile from user within 20 foot error
Less than 1 mile from user Exact location within 5 feet

Example: 1 and 2. (same long video, only need to watch about 30 seconds of each one)

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