Ki Sense (3.5e Invocation)

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Author: The-Marksman (talk)
Date Created: August 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Sense Ki
Saiyan Warrior Least; 2nd, Ki Warrior Least; 2nd

This ability allows the user to feel the life force of all creatures around him. This unique sense grants the user of this ability Blindsense except that the user does not need line of effect to sense any target within 500 feet. Additionally, the user is able to focus on any one creature or target within range and he can duplicate the effects of a Status spell, including on invisible or stealthed creatures.

When another ki user, such as Saiyan Warrior, Ki Fighter, Monk, Ninja, Kensai, Sacred Fist, Drunken Master, or other class with "ki" related or monk-like abilities are within 1 mile per class level from the user, he get a 6th sense alerting him to the presence of this ki. When he receive this feeling he get a general direction, distance and feeling for how powerful the persons ki is. (Note:Their 6th sense should never be described numerically based on level, distance or strength of the person being sensed. Instead it should be described generally i.e. "You feel an overwhelming ki presence, very far away to the northeast." or even "You feel a rather small ki presence to the very close by to the south"). This ability works very accurately within 1 mile per class level in a spherical circumference from the user, and can accurately identify the exact source of the ki within 100 feet even in a pact crowd.

The accuracy for this ability, or if it will even function beyond 500 feet is always at the DM's discretion. This power is negated by another character that is using the Ki Supression ability to completely hide their ki regardless of their actual power. If a character dies, their life force disappears. A user with this ability cannot sense divine beings.

This ability also allows the user to know the general overall strength of another creature in relation to themselves, see below.

Comparing Relative Power

Targets Hit Dice
VS the Saiyan's
10 hit dice less Extremely weaker
8 hit dice less Much weaker
6 hit dice less Weaker
4 hit dice less Slightly less powerful
2 hit dice less −
2 hit dice more
About the same power
4 hit dice more Slightly more powerul
6 hit dice more More powerful
8 hit dice more Much more powerful
10 hit dice more Extremely more powerful

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