Spirit Bomb (3.5e Invocation)

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Author: The-Marksman (talk)
Date Created: August 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Spirit Bomb
Saiyan Warrior Master; 9th, Ki Warrior Master; 9th

Requirements: Must be of a Good alignment

The spirit bomb (also called a Ganki Dama) is one of the most powerful abilities that a ki warrior can use. To use the Spirit Bomb a user must be of a good alignment. In order to start a spirit bomb a user places both hands palms up into the air and spends the first full round saying the incantation: "The rivers, the trees, the wind, mountains, oceans and seas, vast lands of the earth, offer me your fighting spirit, I ask of you, please!" The user then waits as all non-sentient life on the planet gives the user a small piece of their life energy.

The user MUST remain with his palms held facing the sky to receive the energy or the ability fails. If the user tries to move while his palms are up he must make a successful Concentration check (DC = twice the distance moved or the ability fails). Every round that the user spends waiting on the life energy the damage goes up by a number of dice equal to the number of rounds he's been waiting. The first round is a 1d6 damage spirit bomb, on the second round he's waited for 2 rounds so the 1d6 from last round +2 is 3d6, then on the third round he's been waiting 3 rounds so the previous 3d6 + 3 is 6d6, then 10d6, 15d6, 21d6, 28d6, 36d6, 45d6, 55d6, 66d6, 78d6, etc. The user may then launch the attack as a ranged touch attack during his turn. The body of any creature killed by a spirit bomb disintegrates.

The user must be in an out door area to use this ability, and have sufficient room to allow the energy to grow. On the first 4 rounds the orbs energy fits within the square that the user occupies. For the 5th round and every other round there after the circumference of the orb increases to take up an additional 10 feet of space. Meaning the orb is 15 feet wide at 15d6, 25 feet wide at 21d6, 35 feet wide at 28d6, etc.

Any creature with an intelligence score of 8 or higher will perceive the attack as extremely dangerous the longer the user is gathering energy. A user hit while gathering the energy must make concentration checks, DC = damage dealt, or lose the energy and have to start the attack over again.

The spirit bomb will not work on planes or planets that are devoid of life. This ability does not cost the user any ki points because the ki for the attack is being provided by the life forms of the planet. This ability has the Good descriptor for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction and deals only 1/2 damage when used against a Good target.

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