Aion of the Everstorm (3.5e Vestige)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 11-22-15
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Aion of the Everstorm[edit]

A scientist who sought to change the past by traveling through the Temporal Energy Plane, only to go too far and slip out of time and space altogether.

Level: 8th

Binding DC: 30

Special Requirement: Yes


From the same timeline as Melusine, Aion was one of the heroes integral in her destruction and banishment. A brilliant, time-altering wizard and scientist in his own right, Aion helped counter Melusine's own abilities at great cost. Losing his wife in the battle and having their universe shrinking and collapsing from Melusine's defeat, he sought to use the great knowledge of time and space to his advantage to find a way to escape this universe or find a way to make a new one. He discovered the Temporal Energy Plane, and sought a way to traverse it safely. After many years of study and more than a few time loops, he managed to build a great silver ship, a shining tetrahedron, wrapped in a spinning hexagonal disk. With this mysterious craft, he dove into the depths of the plane of time seeking the Citadel of Eternity.

None can truly say if Aion succeeded. Their timeline ended for sure, and it is not known if he got his people out to this new world or if he was the cause of this new world. One thing is known; he was never seen again.

Special summoning[edit]

Aion refuses to bind at the same time as Melusine, the Oroboros of Time.


There is a strange clear note and the air goes dead quiet. Above you a shining silver tetrahedron manifests in strange shapes and multiple ways, as if it was a multidimensional object rotating in space, growing bigger and larger until it is the size of a man. It says nothing, but when a pact is made it shudders and collapses into fine silver dust which blows away into the wind.


You are constantly shedding a fine silver dust, and small currents in the air whisk the dust around you in thin wisps. When under the influence of time-bending effects such as haste, the amount of dust becomes significantly more intense.


You become a perfectionist, accepting nothing but the best. When you can take 20, you must. While it doesn't apply in situations you can't take 20 in, if you roll a natural 1 (even on a skill check) you must try the same task again as soon as possible, even if doing so is not tactically sound.

Granted Abilities[edit]

Aging Curse[edit]

As a standard action touch attack, you can force a creature to make a Fortitude save or gain the benefits and penalties as if they had gone up an age category, save negates. If they are already Venerable and they fail the save they crumble to dust as if dead from old age. It has no effect on immortal creatures, or True Dragons.

This is considered a curse with permanent duration, and can be removed with remove curse, Break Enchantment, or greater effects.

Calculate Probability[edit]

Once per round as a free action, you can take back an action you made after seeing the results. You must perform a different action. If you perform the same action (such as a recalled attack roll, followed by another attack roll) you get the same result as before.

Eternal Haste[edit]

The binder is always under the effect of haste.

Ignore Time[edit]

The binder is never affected aversely by effects which manipulate time. This renders them immune to effects such as slow, and allows them to move in a time stop. They may still benefit from effects such as haste if they see fit.


As a move action, you can set a "saved state" for yourself. Within the next 5 rounds, you can discharge this saved state as a standard action to set yourself back to the position and status of yourself up to 5 rounds ago. This can revert damage, status effects, movement, and more. This change only applies to yourself, and you retain memories of what has occurred previously. The effect is lost at the end of your fifth round, and must be renewed.

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