Amulet of Devilbane (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 10-21-08
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Amulet of Devilbane
Price: 12,000 gp
Body Slot: Amulet
Caster Level: 1st
Aura: Moderate Abjuration; DC 15
Activation: Use Activated
Weight: 1 lb

The Amulet of Devilbane was created for warding off the assaults of the beings of law and evil, and preventing their possession of brave mortals who fought against them. It is marked with symbols of good and chaos in a runic circle in front. The whole thing is made of silver.

Wearing the amulet projects the effects of both Protection from Evil and Protection from Law on its user. In addition, the deflection and resistance bonuses granted stack to +4 if the target is both lawful and evil.

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