Automated Drone Proficiency (3.5e Feat)

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This feat is using the Ranged Weapon Rebalanced rule.

Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 12th October 2018
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Automated Drone Proficiency [Fighter] This tiny box followed her around like a hovering little dog, advising her and reminding her about her objectives.Prerequisites: Craft Construct or Device Dabbler, Craft (Technology) 8 RanksBenefit: You are accompanied by a small drone which hover beside you at all time, which is connected to your lifeforce and thoughts. It is a small construct, has 5 hp per character level you possess, an AC of 12 + your highest mental ability score modifier and the same saving throws as you with Improved Evasion. It is always in your space and automatically follow you, even teleporting at your side if separated for more than 1 round. It may be commanded as a free action once per turn, allowing it to perform various tasks.

Glide Mode: As long as the user is wearing light or no armor and is carrying a light load, the drone may be gripped to glide during free fall. Doing so take one-hand and grant the user the ability to glide at a rate of 20 feet for every 5 feet descended (clumsy maneuverability). If you are struck mid-flight you must must make a Concentration or Strength check DC 15 or lose grip and fall.
Mechanical Task: The drone will immediately start performing a Disable Device or Program check with a bonus equal to 6 + your character level. Unlike normal, the drone will stay in place for as long as the task require, or until recalled to your side by giving it a new order.
Melee Combat: Choose an opponent, for 1 round your drone interfere in their attempts to fight you. You gain a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent and you count as flanking them when advantageous.
Ranged Combat: The drone deploy it ranged weapon, essentially granting you a Hovering special ranged weapon for 1 round. This ranged attack deal 1d6 + your highest mental ability score modifier in magic damage with a range of 60 feet. The drone may be enhanced as a magic weapon, granting it enhancement bonus to this ranged weapon. It naturally grant the Hovering and it is not accounted in the price of enhancing.

The drone is capable of speech and possess a form of rudimentary intelligence which provide analysis. It effectively act as a being a masterwork skill tool for your Dexterity-, Intelligence- and Wisdom-based skill checks (granting a +2 circumstance bonus).

If the drone is damaged or destroyed it can be repaired with 8 hours of work, repairing it to full hit point or returning to functionality with 1 hit point respectively. If you dies the drone will cease function within 1 round. Special: If you meet the prerequisite of this feat and a class would grant you a familiar you may take this feat instead.

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