Bal-Oon (5e Monster)

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Author: Rlyehable (talk)
Date Created: 2018.01.21
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Small monstrosity, unaligned
Armor Class: 11 (natural armor)
Hit Points: 7 (2d6)
Speed: 0, fly (hover) 30 feet
4 (-3) 8 (-1) 10 (+0) 4 (-3) 12 (+1) 12 (+1)
Skills: Perception +7, Stealth +7
Damage Vulnerabilities: piercing.
Damage Resistances: bludgeoning from magical attacks, thunder
Damage Immunity: bludgeoning from nonmagical attacks, poison.
Condition Immunity: poisoned, prone
Senses: darkvision, passive Perception 18
Languages: None
Challenge: 1/4 (50 xp)
Ambush. The Bal-Oon's movement is silent, and it uses its Stealth to ambush prey. If successful, it's first attack is with advantage.

Knockback. When a Bal-Oon is hit by a bludgeoning attack, it is pushed 5 feet away.

Explosive. When a Bal-Oon is killed by a piercing attack, it will explode. All creatures within 20 feet must make a DC 15 saving throw, taking 9 (2d8) thunder damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful save.


Shocking Touch. The Bal-Oon makes an attack with it's tail. Melee Weapon Attack: +0 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 4 (1d8-1) lightning damage damage plus 4 (1d8) poison damage. The target must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 12) or be stunned until the end of the Bal-Oon's next turn (this save is at disadvantage if already stunned).


Bal-Oons appear as egg-shaped floating creatures with rubbery skin and a tail that looks similar to string or ribbon. They are often found in flocks commonly numbering up to 20 (although there are tales of flocks of over a hundred bal-oons).

Bal-Oon Ecology[edit]

Some sages think that bal-oons were once native to the Elemental Plane of Air. Others think that they are some wizard experiment gone wrong. In either case, they have established themselves on the material plane. They lurk in isolated areas in which they can conceal themselves in order to ambush prey. It is believed, but not confirmed, that they reproduce by spreading a mist of microscopic young when they explode.

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Facts about "Bal-Oon (5e Monster)"
AlignmentUnaligned +
AuthorRlyehable +
Challenge Rating1/4 +
Experience Points50 +
FeaturesAmbush +, Knockback +, Explosive + and Shocking Touch +
Hit Dice2d6 +
Hit Points7 +
Identifier5e Monster +
RatingUndiscussed +
SizeSmall +
SortTextBal-Oon +
TitleBal-Oon +
TypeMonstrosity +