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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 7th June 2016
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Clover of Wishing[edit]

Clover of Wishing
Price: 5,500 gp
Body Slot:
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong Universal
Activation: See Text
Weight: 8 lbs

A mysterious series of items made by the College of In-con Veniance, they are said to be the vessels of the energy of a shooting star and sprinkled with four leaf clovers and crafted from blessed jade. Sadly Initiate Timat made them during reverse day...

This mysterious item is a small jade statue of a four leaf clover, anyone who own the statue may gain the ability to use minor wish as a spell-like ability three time per day. The only requirement for using this ability is that the clover of wishing is under the ownership of the user, distance between the user and clover is irrelevant.

However each time it is called upon it will lay a minor curse on the user, the curses usually last 24 hours (although some end the moment they take effect), however if one roll the same curse twice on the same day it last for a week instead. The curse are rolled on the table below, a DM may wish to add his or her own custom cursed to replace curses which came up a little too often.

Table: Curse (d20)
Roll Curse Curse Effect Roll Curse Curse Effect
1 Unluck You roll all skill checks twice taking the worst result, additionally a failed skill checks will always result in an effect opposed to the intended result (as the Hampered Decision Maker flaw.) 11 Broken Blade The next attack you make with a weapon of hardness 10 or less will break it.
2 Uneven Footing Crossing difficult terrain cost twice as much movement. 12 Teotzal'Tuacheb Syndrome You travel overland at half the normal pace, there a 50% chance at the end of your trip that you are back to the place you left.
3 Angular Movement You are always treated as moving diagonally. 13 Cinder Ale All food and drink you consume taste like ash, rending you sickened for 1 minute after consuming them.
4 Flammable Whenever you take fire damage you catch on fire. 14 Share Pain You automatically share pain with your closest ally, it is however only one-way toward you.
5 Unsteady Hand All opponents who do not normally have a miss chance against you have a 20% miss chance. Additionally if you miss on a natural 1 you automatically drop your weapon. 15 Sensitive Ears You have an headache whenever someone talk to you and 1 round thereafter.
6 Wardrobe Malfunction Whenever an attack miss you but hit your touch AC, there is a 10% chance it hit your clothing or armor instead. If you fail a skill check or opposed roll there is a 10% chance you damage or displace any mundane clothing you have.
You also take a -10 penalty to disguise checks as your costume tend to malfunction.
16 Nagging Haunt You are under the effect of paranoia haunt except it a spirit which nag you constantly, only you can perceive the spirit.
7 Heavy Eyelid You are always under the effect of the lullaby spell, last until you sleep for at least 4 hours. 17 Forever Awake You cannot sleep or rest. You are still tired.
8 Frostbite Whenever you take cold damage you movement speed is halved for 3 round. 18 Awkward Reflexes Whenever you fail a Reflex save you also fall Prone.
9 Farsighted The nearest creature to you is invisible, the effect break if the creature attack you as normal but resume at the start of your turn. If there a tie between more than one creature all are made invisible. 19 Weary Fortitude Whenever you fail a Fortitude save you also become Staggered for 1 round.
10 Religious Rant You fall under the effect of Tarn's violent prophet even if you are not a divine caster with no save for 5 minutes whenever the subject of religion is brought up. 20 Unreasonable Will Whenever you fail a Will save you also become confused for 3 rounds.

Cost to Create: A Clover of Wishing of wishing cannot be crafted. Seriously it was in once in a lifetime opportunity.

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