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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: August 29, 2015
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Like meteoric iron, cometsteel is also the product of the void between worlds in the material plane, but unlike meteoric iron which is suffused with energies drawn from the elemental plane of fire, the dense iron ore found on comets reflects the coldness of the void, radiating energies from the coldest parts of the elemental plane of water instead. In essence, when forged into steel, it is the exact opposite of meteoric-forged steel.

Cometsteel is nearly completely immune to all forms of cold and frost and takes no damage from cold effects of any kind.

Armor and/or Shields[edit]

A creature directly touching cometforged items or wearing cometsteel armor without proper cold-resistant underpadding takes 1d4 points of damage every round, unless they have resistance to cold of at least 5.

A creature gains resistance to fire while wearing cometsteel armor. The values can be found in Table: Fire Resistance.

Table: Fire Resistance

Shield Armor
None Light Medium Heavy
No 5 10 20
Yes* 5 10 20 30
  1. Bucklers do not count as shields for the purpose of this table.


Weapons fashioned from cometsteel, often called cometforged weapons, deal cold-suffused damage that bypasses damage reduction/cold iron. Cometsteel damage is otherworldly in nature, and highly in tune with the forces of elemental cold. Weapons made of cometsteel automatically bypass any damage reduction belonging to a creature with the Fire subtype.

Certain cold-based weapon enhancements become enhanced when used on cometsteel weapons. Frost and icy burst weapons made from cometsteel deal an additional +1d6 of cold damage on a successful attack, and an additional +1d10 on a critical hit.


Cometforged armor and shields have double the base cost of a masterwork item of its kind. Added costs are +500 gp (light or shield), +2,000 gp (medium), or +4,500 gp (heavy).

A proper underlay to wear cometforged armor without incurring damage must be made of cold-retardant and resistant material, such as white dragonhide. The underlay is part of the armor and increases its weight by 5 pounds, the effective armor check penalty by 1 and the arcane spell failure chance by 5%. Such an underlay adds 1,000 gp to the cost of light armor, 2,000 gp to the cost of medium armor, and 3,000 gp to the cost of heavy armor.

Cometforged weapons have twice the cost of a masterwork weapon +1,500 gp. This includes the cost for cold-resistant hilt wrapping, preventing damage to the wielder's hands.

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