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Mundane Materials[edit]

Name Summary
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Aerosilk Formed from "flying spiders" found on the Elemental Plane of Air, aerosilk is an impossibly lightweight and epithermal material renown for its smoothness, shine, and uncanny ability to flap in the air even when devoid of a breeze.
Aged Drakescales Aged drakescales is the mithral equivalent of dragonhide.
Aligned Crystal A type of crystal that is especially easy to move telepathically.
Anechoic Steel Steel which has been formed into a metal "foam", hidden between two sheets of traditional metal. This makes the composite light weight and sound absorbing, but bulky and more brittle.
Aqueous Slipskin Alchemically treated leather formed from the skin of aquatic creatures, aqueous slipskin has water simply run off it with no friction or resistance.
Astrometal A strange metal from deep space, it is rarely found in fallen meteorite and in ancient ruins.
Auracrystal This special material is mainly used to make crystal magic items to protect from the plane of positive energy. In fact, energy surges on the plane of positive energy cause the creation of these crystals (some can also cause the creation of these crystals on their own).
Azurite Azurite (often mistakenly called Seastone) is a substance that has many properties akin to both metals and minerals and was first discovered within the ancient ruins of temples dedicated to the Sea God Azurai. While the real properties of the material have nothing to do with water or the sea specifically, it is believed that the material itself contributed to the culture's longevity.
Balsa de Piedad The wood from the "Tree of Mercy" and sometimes referred to a mercywood, balda de piedad is a soft hardwood known for its non-lethal nature that nevertheless seems to pierce defenses.
Black Mithral A slightly heavier, but harder and rust-proof version of mithral.
Blacksteel A material very similar to steel, blacksteel has the odd trait of drawing blood.
Bloodsteel When the iron from a warrior's blood forged by blacksmiths and refined Bloodsteel is formed.
Bright Quartz A glowing crystal from the underdark, known for being filled with adamantine impurities.
Brysten Glass Weapons are not typically made of glass due to its fragility unless somehow alchemically or magically treated, yet brysten glass focusing on increasing its damage instead of its durability. This results in a powerful weapon but one which is in constant danger of breaking.
Ceramite A fire resistant clay ceramic which has been hardened and augmented through alchemical means, ceramite is a potent defense against fire, and a potent destroyer of fire-based creatures.
Cometsteel Steel forged from iron ore found in comets projects a sharp cold and bright luster.
Conjetium More commonly known as blood steel or "demon rust", Conjetium is most easily recognized for it's signature red sheen and the odd, sharp smell that accompanies it.
Cursewood In a distant land it became tradition that all of the world's curses would be bound into special spirit trees, for this world could not heal curses but only transfer them to another. So it came to be that curse-bearing trees were born. Over centuries the curses piled up, and the trees awakened to a horrible malignant power which ravaged the land and its people. Over time, heroes would eventually carve up the scourge of these evil plant monsters but the curses remained ever-present even in death.
Dark Iron Iron from the depths of the world, forged by the duergar in their war against the surface.
Dark Platinum Pitch black with a smooth matte surface, dark platinum is completely indestructible to mortal means.
Dark Platinum, Variant Pitch black with a smooth matte surface, dark platinum is completely indestructible to mortal means.
Darklight Crafted out of the depleted remains of radioactive materials (or rarely, sometimes still radioactive materials), darklight items are very heavy and very dense.
Dead Iron It is said that when Cold Iron is prepared within zones devoid of magic, such as in an antimagic field, with proper care the cold iron's connection to the mystical realm deadens further, resulting in a dangerous bane against all things magical.
Deadwood Deadwood, as it was called, is the unliving flora which grows in the quieter parts of the negative energy plane, drawing energy from the victims which perish there.
Deisteel Deisteel is an extremely rare and mighty material; it is extremely hard, light, and packs a powerful punch. It is said that deisteel is an alloy of two now lost materials.
Detonium Rarely mined and difficult to produce artificially, detonium is very strong but terribly fragile. When they break, they break explosively!
Dilatantoplastic Dilatantoplastic is a synthetic plastic material created in more technologically advanced societies capable of refining petroleum products. Plastic can take several forms, from soft and rubbery to hard and durable. The plastic used for armor and weaponry, however, is actually a composite of various plastic forms and largely consistent of a dilatantic Non-Newtonian fluid which hardens on impact with physical trauma.
Displacine Thread A difficult material to produce, it is composed of the hair of shaved displacer beasts (whose hair is normally short anyway) and weaving it into a suit of cloth able of distorting the air around it.
Dordweave Dordweave is an unusually dense fabric made out of countless monolayers pressed tight together. Its density makes it protective, while remaining flexible.
Dragonstring Silk A flexible and incredibly durable fabric, dragonstring silk is a highly sought of material for clothes and fabric armor.
Drowsilk Originally crafted by the drow, drowsilk items are light, durable, and flexible. They do for leather and cloth items what mithral does for metal, and a bit more.
Drystone Drystone appears to be normal sandstone, if unusual dry in appearance at all times. It is actually made from compressed dust of dryness and fused by heat. It loses its usual water-absorbing and releasing qualities during the process, but becomes extremely waterproof and anhydrous to all liquids.
Duraleather Duraleather is leather which is particularly heavy or dense, either by nature of the creature it came from or through alchemical alteration.
Duskwood Forests are duplicated by the shadow plane as well, and it is from there that duskwood is found and harvested.
Dwarven Bread Dwarven bread is baked by the finest dwarven chefs in the mountains. While a delicious snack for dwarves, other races find it inedible. Perhaps because its so hard that they can actually bake weapons out of the stuff.
Dwarvenbeard Dwarvenbeard is (supposedly) the woven beards of hard-working and powerful dwarves. The thick hairs have the strength of iron, the flexibility of cloth, and the smell of beer.
Eccosteel When swung through the air this alloy makes a barely audible ultrasonic hum. With careful strikes or sonic vibrations, one can make the metal reveal its secrets.
Elderein A dark bronze-like material, Elderein is about on the same quality level as steel. The surface of refined elderein is decorated with strange patterns which are said to be related to the star above.
Emberwood Bred to survive any heat, emberwood burns but never exhausts itself.
Filthskin Formed from the hides of otyughs, troglodyte, and other foul and unclean creatures, filthskin carries with it dire sickness.
Flexigel Thread Flexigel thread is formed from alchemically processed ooze materials turned into silk-like threads that twitch and flex. It allows weapons to bend, and armor to cause you to bend.
Flexsteel A highly curious material of Idylean conception, flexsteel is extremely hard and light yet as flexible as clothes.
Flintsteel Flintsteel items cause sparks when they strike a surface, igniting flammable materials and sending a distracting spray into the eyes of your opponents.
Fodinan Diamond A very rare material, Fodinan Diamonds are essentially diamond that absorbed strange but powerful magic over time.
Fungiwood A wood-like substance created by chemically treating fungi harvested from large mushrooms.
Geometrium In the vast planes of law amidst metal gears and living machines lies a strange material not quite matter and not quite energy.
Germanium Alloy A rare silver-colored metalloid, germanium would see little use in combat because while hard it is brittle and do not hold an edge. It however, it possess as a rare and almost impossible to find trait making it akin to silver. It is extremely baneful to of eldritch abomination, turning into an extremely toxic substance on contact with their blood (or other approximate).
Goldbeetle Silk An extremely rare material which is a powerful channel for ki and positive energy
Goldspark Alloy An alloy of gold and iron this material, while still soft, is viable for weaponry. It is known to easily channel electricity and has gold's shiny luster.
Gossamer A strong, resilient, fire-resistant fabric often used to make armor, clothing or adventuring gear.
Gravsteel While normal magnets use electromagnetics to push or pull materials, gravsteel uses gravitational energy to affect other objects.
Hardlight Found on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance, this "solid" material shines like the sun. Items made out of hardlight can fall into a highly compressed form and unfold with a simple motion.
Heavy Iron A very dense and heavy alloy of iron and deep underground materials.
Holy Platinum Holy Platinum is a celestial material, forged by angelic lightning it is used to great effect against the force of evil.
Ichorous Black Steel A fantastically powerful but volatile material, named after its black color and burning core.
Idium This illustrious metal is a physical manifestation of lingering divine thoughts within the void, and changes properties in accordance with nearby minds.
Invisible Steel Invisible Steel is an extremely useful material, although its name is misleading because it is neither steel nor is it truly invisible.
Ionite Alloy Ionite Alloy appears like dark gray-purple steel, its polished surface seeming to reflex rolling storm clouds, and bolts of deep violet lightning randomly crackling off of its surface. Like scorched iron, it can store energy (in this case, electricity) making it a potent defense against lightning and a battery for electricity at the same time.
Iridium A hard, brittle and very dense material that can nevertheless be alloyed to steel to make powerful weapons and armor.
Iron Linen This tough fabric is a product of modified flax, which has been hardened through magic.
Kelp Reed Kelp Reed is a wood-like substance that is ideal for underwater adventures.
Kevlarium In a search for a lightweight strong fiber for tires in anticipation for a shortage of petroleum, alchemists stumbled across the synthetic alchemical material known as kevlarium. Forming into thick pale yellow fibers, it proved to be light, strong, thermally durable, and ended up forming excellent body armor. It is the material of choice of military forces, protecting them from dangerous ranged combat long enough for them to get into melee, or counter with their own ranged attacks.
Kinesicrystal A psionic crystal associated with psychokinesis, a kinesicrystal weapon or armor reacts with elemental energies and begins to produce, or resist, the energies they are exposed to.
Kuirwood This is a hard, yellow wood that's reactive to psionic reshaping.
Küberstaal An alloy of metals and rock born from the solidarity between forge and alchemy.
Lavellium This gray metal has a sickly oil-like green sheen upon its polished surfaces. It is naturally poisonous to flesh, and each injury brings suffering upon it beyond the bite of the blade or the crushing force of the hammer.
Lucanite A very strange material indeed, Lucanite is a metal of extremely dark brown or dark grey color. It is extremely sturdy, always retain it edge and is apparently immune to age and rust. The hardness of Lucanite cannot be lowered by any mortal means. These properties are extremely useful, but make it extremely hard to refine. This lead to many making weapons out of the ore rather than refined material.
Magnesium Alloy This lightweight, tough material is carefully manufactured by carefully adding carbon and silicates to molten magnesium. It's tensile strength, durability and light weight make it ideal for a variety of uses, though the exacting nature of it's production can make it cost ineffective when the necessary raw materials cannot be easily obtained.
Malleastite A hard ceramic-like metal-like material that counts as metal and stone.
Mercurite Alloy Used for starship hulls, mercurite alloy is a dull gray silver metal which has the curious aspect of retaining speed and inertia from previous motion, and redirecting it via energy currents and magnets. They are used as "inertia batteries" whose inertia can be flipped, thus slowing down with the same energy used to speed them up.
Meteoric Iron Iron from a meteorite that radiates heat naturally, and is infused with otherworldly properties.
Meteorsteel An extremely rare metal created by alloying metal harvested from meteorites and adamantine.
Midnight Steel This silvery metal has a faint purple sheen, and shimmers light the moon in the cover of darkness.
Mineral Weave
Monsterhide The tanned leather or even rawhide of slain fantastical creatures, reinforced by tough fur, sharp hard scales or even bony protrusions.
Moonstone Said to actually be stone harvested from the moon, it has absorbed a particular quasi-magical essence.
Mundiron A form of iron completely fixed in the mundane, and formed through an unknown alloy of cold iron, dead iron, and material from the supposed transmundane plane, this material cannot be enhanced. And yet it proves unusually strong in the hands of the mundane, as if it is more real than the rest of reality.
Muscle Mesh Muscle mesh is a fabric material made of artificial muscles, it is highly protective and adaptable.
Nemean Hide Nemean Hide possess resistance akin to steel with a fraction of the weight.
Netherack In the depths of certain underworlds, netherack burns brightly illuminating the lightless caves of the dead.
Neutralite An acid resistant alchemical material which has been solidified into a solid whole, neutralite is a potent defense against acidity, and a potent destroyer of earth-based creatures.
Neutralium By the great spire in the outlands which robs the powers of even the gods, smaller crystaline spires grow naturally at its base. The powers of the universe meet and cancel each other out, leaving a crystal composed of raw neutrality.
Nighthide Created from the bodies of creatures of the night, it is magically processed to awaken its essence, the ability to cloak oneself in the darkness, fear, and power of night.
Obsidian Obsidian is a glassy black material known for its incredible sharpness, tending itself to slashing and piercing weapons.
Ocanthus Named for the planar layer it hails from, ocanthus is a black shard of ice which has been alchemically stabilized and forged into a weapon. Its nature makes it dangerously sharp, but extremely fragile.
Onyx This lusterous black stone seems to darken the air around it and vibrate with a terrible energy. It is best used for weapon and armor for necromancers due to the resonance it has for necromantic energies.
Ooze Encasement Living Ooze which developed toward a more symbiotic relationship, protecting the wearer in exchange for feeding.
Orichalcum A legendary metal alloy from ancient times, capable of absorbing, deflecting and enhancing the flow of magic.
Oxidium Rust is the worst enemy of any metal blade, and the fear of the humble rust monster shows that even the most epic of blades can crumble to the ravages of oxidation. With that in mind, most see weapons forged from the unusual material known as oxidium and dismiss them as already ruined, ancient and decayed. However, in spite of its corroded appearance, oxidium proves not only to be a potent resister of rust but capable of inflicting damage upon other metal tools as well.
Pale Birch A rare specimen of tree growing in cold, holy forests. The wood of a pale birch is soft, very pale and is said to possess qualities which make it baneful to undead
Paleaves Paleaves are special leaves treated alchemically to become almost as hard as steel while keeping most of it flexibility.
Pearl An ideal material for use in aquatic environments.
Pixieglass Made out of melted pixie dust, pixieglass is super resistant against the forces of magic while being lightweight. Also, it's very pretty.
Plaguewood Plaguewood is a unusual material, it always look drenching wet and has a greenish hue. It smell faintly of rot and flies seem attracted to it.
Plumwood A pleasant smelling wood with the odor of sweet fruit.
Prismlight A light absorbing and emitting crystal, prismlight is grown on the edge of the quasi-elemental plane of radiance and mineral.
Proteum A nigh-indestructible metal of extreme hardness and density that catalyzes raw magial power.
Psionis Fiber Psionis fiber is an unusual variant of dordweave. During fabrication, microscopic deep crystal fragments are inserted between the microlayers, forming patterns of psionic ley lines within the fabric.
Redstone Forged from crimson crystals found deep below, this material conducts electric energy well.
Reinforced Concrete A very versatile and useful building material, reinforced concrete is cheap and strong.
Reinforced Plastic This form of plastic, surprisingly, can be made into useful weapons and armor. Reinforced plastic is a form of toughened plastic that is enhanced by mixing other materials into key areas.
Resistite A electric resistant composite material which has been crafted into a solid whole, resistite is a potent defense against electricity, and a potent destroyer of air-based creatures.
Saltstone On the quasi-elemental plane of salt, the many layers of dried sea salt are compressed in increasingly deeper and denser depths. At the base, the sea salt fuses into something like sandstone.
Scorched Iron Scorched iron, unlike normal iron, does not transmit heat well. Yet it has an incredible capacity to store heat and an impossibly high melting point, making it a potent defense against heat and a battery for heat at the same time.
Shadowskin Woven from threads of quasireality torn from the Plane of Shadow, shadowskin is an expensive fabric highly valued by those who stalk in the darkness.
Silver, Alchemically-Inverse When alchemically alloyed with mithral, its flexibility grants increased resistance to physical damage.
Silversteel A material from the frozen land of Halstère, silversteel is an alloy between alchemical silver, alchemically-inverse silver and halsterian steel
Solarite Crystallized remnants of ancient supernovas, and an incredibly potent source of fuel.
Spell Amber When a Living Spell is slain, the residue that is left behind hardens into a material called spell amber.
Spellshocked Wood Spellshocked wood looks like normal wood, often with thin dimly-glowing veins in the grain of the wood, which on closer inspection take on the appearance of actual magical runes.
Spoopwood Harvested in the depths of scarytown, on the night of Halloween during a full moon, by skeletons wielding evil aligned axes forged by ghouls, demons, and witches, while scary music plays causes deadwood to convert to a truly spoopy form known as spoopwood.
Stainless Steel A more technologically advanced form of steel, it is resistant to corrosion and more versatile than the steel medieval blacksmith work with.
Stygian Ice This extraplanar ice comes from Stygia, the fifth layer of Hell. Infused with the soulless evil of that realm, along with the magical waters of the river Styx, stygian ice is black and constantly crawls with a thin layer of pale blue mist. Stygian ice is much colder than normal ice and freezes the mind much more rapidly than flesh.
Stygian Steel Stygian steel could be considered the opposite of scorched iron, draining away heat and making other things colder.
Sulfopatinate Alloy Sulfopatinate Alloy appears to be a rough pockmarked gray metal when polished and cleaned, but it is usually coated in a dull yellow and thick patina which adds considerable heft to the item. Its body is porous to several acids, which it converts into patina which then returns back to dangerous acid when the patina is broken from physical impacts.
Suncryst In the highest mountains and the brightest lights of the upper planes forms suncryst, holy power crystallized in pools of holy water.
Suspendium This rare material is highly valued for its ability to seemingly defy the natural laws of physics. When a mass of pure suspendium is subjected to a muonic charge, its effective mass is reduced in accordance with the quantity of the electric charge. This quality gave the material its name suspendium, and provides technological civilizations with a cheap and reliable method of emulating anti-gravity.
Thermatite A cold resistant solidified alchemical substance which has been molded and stabilized into rock, thermatite is a potent defense against cold, and a potent destroyer of water-based creatures.
Thinaun Fiber A form of thinaunCW processed for use in armor, it prevents creatures from having their soul removed, but also prevents travel to the afterlife if the creature perishes.
Thresh Carapace A thresh's dorsal plates are very suited for molding into lightweight yet strong protective armor.
Thrudstone Thrudstone is a powerful and dense rock which is highly durable and extremely heavy. It is a potent defense against fire and lightning, as well as physical attacks.
Thunderbronze A durable alloy of bronze, copper, iron, and the mysterious storm-ridden places in the elemental plane of air, this material vibrates strongly on impact.
Titanite This illustrious dark mineral is permeated with various metallic ores and is thought to form under conditions of great pressure within ancient layers of bedrock where raw proteum is highly prevalent. Titanite is associated with the Gods by many, and some postulate that the ancient deities that once roamed the unformed used the substance to forge weapons of great power.
Transmudane Steel Transmundane steel is a strange material made from an alloy of mundiron and an unknown highly magical material. It is capable of retaining its magical abilities where it would otherwise be impossible.
Trollebeiskr Trollebeiskr is bane to all regenerating things, dampening or negating fast healing and regeneration of those it hurts, repelling trolls, and invoking a curse upon those you fell.
Twistseal Iron This alloy of iron, nitrogen, and carbon is typically used for firearms due to the ease of rifling and stability when firing shots.
Tyrantium This rigid material is an unusual substance, possessing properties of both metals and crystalline minerals, though it is considered neither.
Unstable Fabric An artificer who was tired of ruining shirts when his experiments blew up in his face began experimenting with mend, endure elements and other spells, and eventually designed a fabric that adapted instantly to magic and elements around it. While it doesn't protect the wearer as armor does, the fabric is fire-proof, acid-proof, non-conductive, stretches to fit any changing size or shape of the wearer, is tear-resistant, and even self-repairs minor cuts and punctures (to the fabric, not the wearer).
Urukke Steel Urukke Steel, also known as Wootz or Damascus Steel, is a unusually hard high quality steel which keeps its edge. It is notable for its "wavy" texture and dark gray coloration.
Vampiric Steel A pale glossy metal which is somehow always cold to the touch, strikes with vampiric steel weapons enrich the wielder and armor drains those it touches.
Vantasteel A material that is grown rather than forged, vantasteel is so black that it look like a shard of pure darkness.
Varian Steel This metal is a warm copper orange hue, with a textured surface which seems more like sandstone. Varian steel is resistance to thermal forces both hot and cold, making it difficult to work with, but also a potent defense against the elements. It is said to be forged by a secret technique by certain desert dwelling blacksmiths, combining iron, copper, and the bones and scales of fire and cold associated beasts over a heatless flame.
Vibric Zectron Vibric Zectron weapons have the properties of a superball, rebounding kinetic energy into their targets and redirecting strikes made against it.
Vibroglass Vibroglass is a special type of glass which always vibrate, it is extremely hardy but brittle and immune to sonic damage
Vibrolithe Vibrolithe is a nearly indestructible metallic substance that always seem to be vibrating in 'tonal frequencies'.
Vichromium Vichromium is a reflective chrome-like material, it is both strong and light.
Vile Platinum In rare cases there is an evil so great, it warps whatever it touches transforming mortals into fiends, environments into hellscapes, and in the case of the material holy platinum, it can warp this celestial metal into something it should not be.
Vilebone In the deepest depths of Hades the weight of the entire plane and countless souls press upon each other. The souls lost to the Gray Wasting become little more than objects, barely alive, and are crushed into a dense material pseudomatter called Vilebone.
Vitalized Livemetal When living metalMoF, a steel which grows and repairs its own wounds, it taken to the positive energy plane it sometimes soaks in the radiant life force, transforming it into a vibrant living steel known as vitalized livemetal.
Vitawood This is special wood grown on positive-dominant planes.
Weavebone Pure magic made physical, this mysterious substance is ideal at channeling magical energy, or protecting creatures from magic.
Weresteel Forged under a full moon and anointed with the blood of lycanthropes, this pale metal seems possessed with a subtle feral wrath.
Wildbone Crafted out of the bones of powerful beasts, monsters, and legendary opponents, these bones retain a hint of their former power.
Winter Wolf Pelt The fur of the winter wolf, when carefully treated and removed, keeps a small amount of its powers. Items made of a winter wolf's pelt are furry or have patches of the soft white fur
Witchlight Silver Related to the same magic which powers witchlight reservoir weapon crystalsSpC, witchlight silver is a form of silver which has been exposed to strange transmutation magical radiations over a long period of time, then alloyed with another metal (typically steel) to produce a somewhat soft metal which adapts different properties depending on what effects it has been exposed to. It appears to be normal silver with a strange iridescent sheen.
Wizardbeard Wizardbeard is a rough and scratchy fabric nevertheless prized for its magical properties. No one is sure if it is literally the woven beards of wizards or not.
Wood, Airbound Known collectively as "Bound Wood", it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Airbound Wood possesses an air elemental which makes the wood light and swift when swung through the air.
Wood, Earthbound Known collectively as "Bound Wood", it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Earthbound Wood possesses an earth elemental which makes the wood extremely heavy and dense, capable of massive damage and awesome blows.
Wood, Firebound Known collectively as "Bound Wood", it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Firebound Wood possesses a fire elemental which keeps the wood burning like a torch and never being consumed.
Wood, Waterbound Known collectively as "Bound Wood", it is wood which has had a small elemental spirit bound into it. Waterbound Wood possesses a water elemental which makes the wood damp and soaked, good for resisting flames and funneling toxins mixed within.
Worldwood Worldwood is said to be the wood of a World Tree, even dead broken discarded branches can be made into powerful weapons and shields.
Wyrmbone While the scales of dragon are frequently used in crafting, the bones of a dragon are as hard as steel and make wicked armor and weapon.
Wyrmscale The result of the best Dragonhide being alchemically treated.
Ylemwater In the depths of limbo chaotic storms of proto-matter brew. Rarely the chaos of the storm works against itself, forming a stable but eternally brewing maelstrom of matter.
Ysmerite An extremely strange semi-metallic material which is much more like a resin than a solid material.

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