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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 10-12-12
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The pantheon of planet Cor campaign setting.

Cor was created by accident. The eldritch abomination known as Yad-Soth, created upon another world, escaped and landed elsewhere. After much time, and an ill-fated encounter with the being known as Azter, the energy of Yad-Soth collapsed into Ylem-Soth in a mass-heavy portion of space, forming the deity and echoing the memory of its past life, forming the other gods of the pantheon. It is said each of the gods represents a memory or experience by the ever-dreaming Ylem-Soth. Now the great worm sleeps, and its children rule this world.


After creation, the gods of the world forged Cor out of protomatter and eventually settled on a tense peace, with Oan taking guardianship over existence.

Deities of the Pantheon[edit]

All of the following are deities of the Cor Pantheon.

Deity Name Deific Rank Alignment Home Plane Summary
Anomos Lesser Chaotic Neutral Heroic Domains of Ysgard (Muspelheim) God of the chaotic whims of nature and the mortal heart, Anomos keeps the world on its toes acting as both friend and foe as he sees fit.
Fumbles Hystrix Demigod True Neutral Astral Plane and Material Plane A god no one worship but many appease, if only to drive him a way. All presume the force behind this god is a great and terrible beast, few know of it's more naive nature... the god of unluck in its most base form, the fumble.
Heirarque Lesser Lawful Neutral Infernal Battlefield of Archeron (Thuladanin) God of order and preservation, he offers protection against nature, standing as a symbol for civilization, government, and in extremes, tyranny.
Malazter Intermediate Neutral Evil Carceri (Orthrys) A Lord of Evil so utterly consumed by hate as to literally drown itself in a sea of its own manifested emotion. He desires nothing more than the ruin of Oan.
Sputnik Demigod True Neutral Outlands King of Horses, Sputnik is the bravery of the heroes mounted companions and their role in the fight.
The Purple One Demigod True Neutral Quasi-Elemental Plane of Steam Purple mist! Purple mist! The Purple One is a mad god obsessed with the color purple. Once a deity of magic, his mind has degraded, leaving only benign but insane lunatics in his wake.
Ylem-Soth Greater True Neutral Radiance Beyond Time and the Astral Sea Barely sentient creator god of Cor, the primal chaos from which all existence spawned, and the guardian of time.

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