Drowning Grasp (3.5e Feat)

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Author: IGTN (talk)
Date Created: 9/7/09
Status: Complete
Editing: Spelling and Grammar Only
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Drowning Grasp [Elemental] Prerequisites: (Water) Subtype, Character level 3+Benefit: You gain the Vortex ability of a Water Elemental. You gain Improved Grab on one type of natural weapon that you have, such as Slam or Claw, which can only be used for the Hold Down grapple option; if you have no natural weapons, but gain them at a later level, this applies to the first natural weapon you gain and any alike to it. Also, any creature you have Held Down or Lifted, or any creature Grabbing On to you, is considered to be underwater, and must breathe or hold its breath appropriately.

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