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[Elemental] Feat Type[edit]

Feats of the [Elemental] type represent a connection to an elemental energy source, and the expression of that power. Feats of this type can only be taken by Outsiders and Elementals of origin on the Elemental Planes, or races with ancestors from the Elemental Planes (such as Genasi), and by creatures from other planes with a specific close affinity for an elemental plane (sources of such affinities will be labelled). All Genies, regardless of type, may also take [Elemental] Feats. Many [Elemental] feats require specific subtypes.


Elemental Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Abode of Earth You are at home within the earth. (Earth) Subtype, Burrow speed, Character level 3+ Moderate
Adept Flyer You are a natural flyer. (Air) subtype, Fly speed, Character level 5+ Very High
Binding Growth You grow on people. Wood Elemental Creature (e.g., Psuedoelemental Being (Wood) feat) Moderate
Breath of the Elements You have a breath weapon. Resistance 20+ or immunity to an energy type. High
Burn You're hot. You're on fire. You like to burn things. (Fire) Subtype High
Burning Feet When you are on fire, you're faster than normal. Fire subtype Moderate
Double Strike You can strike twice as fast. Base Attack Bonus +4 or higher, one Slam natural weapon. High
Drench Your body puts out fires. (Water) Subtype Moderate
Drowning Grasp You drown your enemies in your watery embrace. (Water) Subtype, Character level 3+ High
Earth Splitter You charge a powerful strike with your two joined fists channeling a fiery power...and you torn the ground. (Earth) or (Fire) subtype, Quake class feature, Improved Quake class feature, Strength 20+ High
Elemental Aura Your close relationship with primal elemental forces has manifested in a damaging aura. Character level 7, must have a subtype granting immunity to a form of elemental damage Moderate
Elemental Avatar You gain the full Elemental type. Hardiness of the Elements Very High
Elemental Resistance Your elemental heritage gives you the ability to resist energy attacks. None High
Elemental Whirlwind You gain the signature ability of Air Elementals to transform into a Whirlwind. (Air) Subtype, Character Level 5+ High
Extra Arms, Book of Elements You have more arms than normal. Character level 9+ Very High
Extra Legs You are quadrupedal. None High
Freezing Breeze (Cold) Subtype, 8 HD or more, Huge size or more, must have a Constitution Score High
Huge Size, Book of Elements Your size increases to Huge Character level 10 Very High
Ice Trail You leave a trail of ice where-ever you go. Character Level 3+, (Cold) Subtype Moderate
Large Size, Book of Elements Your size increases to Large. Character level 5 Very High
Primal Armor Your body deflects blows off of itself. None High
Rending Flames Your fire isn't just hot, but also solid and sharp. Burn Moderate
Scorching Fog Turn a simple fire creature to a deadly fire creature. (Fire) Subtype, Huge size or more, must have a Constitution Score, 8 HD or more High
Stolen Breath, Book of Elements You take people's breath away by force. Character level 3, one of (Air) Subtype or Drowning Grasp High
Touch of Shadow Your shadowy touch can bypass armor. Shadow Elemental Creature (Psuedoelemental Being (Shadow), Shadow Genasi, or similar), Natural weapon, Character Level 3+ Very High
Tremorsense Your close connection to your home element gives you Tremorsense. (Earth) or (Water) Subtype, Character level 6+ Very High

Scaling Elemental Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Elemental Bodied Your body changes to resemble your elemental nature. None Very High
From a Shrine of an Ancient Nature You become an ambassador of nature and earth. (Earth) Subtype, Level 1 only, Non-Evil alignment, Must have a tutelary god with the Nature Domain. High
Frozen Heart Your icy aura freezes everything around you. Must have the [Cold] subtype. Very High
Innate Invisibility You can conceal yourself from the world. Must have the [Air] subtype Very High
Unearthly Flames Your body burns with unnaturally hot fire. Must have the [Fire] subtype Very High

[Elemental] Feats available as [Fiend] Feats[edit]

A number of Elemental Feats are also available as Fiend feats. However, as Elemental Feats, they are often slightly different. These changes are listed below:

  • Elemental Aura: Unchanged.
  • Extra Arms: Prerequisites increased by three levels (first pair at 9, second at 15).
  • Huge Size, Large Size: If you are an Air, Fire, or Shadow elemental, you may decrease your Strength and Natural Armor increases for the size increase by 2 to remove the Dexterity decrease. This may be repeated for final results of Strength +4, Dexterity +2, Natural Armor +0 (Large), +1 (Huge)
  • Stolen Breath: Prerequisites change to (Air) Subtype or Drowning Grasp, Character Level 3+.

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SummaryFeats of the [Elemental] type represent a connection to an elemental energy source, and the expression of that power. +