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Author: Grog_toad (talk)
Date Created: 2/4/15
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Echolocation [General] Prerequisites: SonarBenefit: Your Sonar's range changes to 10ft plus 5ft per listen rank.

You gain Blindsense with half the range of your sonar. This Blindsense is based on hearing and is faces the same limitations as Sonar.

Creatures can attempting to defeat your Echolocation based blindsense and blindsight with a Move Silently check each round, but your opposed Listen check receives a +10 bonus.

In addition you gain the following special quality:

Ping (Ex): You may use a move action to gain Blindsight until the end of your turn. subject to the same restrictions as your Sonar but with half the range of your Blindsense from this feat (or one quarter your Sonar range). Example: Lets say a character with 11 ranks in listen has this feat. They would have 60ft sonar (sound based Scent), 30ft blindsense, and if they used Ping they would have 15ft blindsight.Special: Using Echolocation to gain blindsight also reveals your location to creatures with good hearing, allowing creatures with sound based blindsense or the Sonar or Superhearing feats to automatically pinpoint your location.

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