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Grog_toad's Homebrew (85 Articles)
Races Elf, Ur'Bosan, Naga, Ur'Bosan, Ogre, Ur'Bosan
Character Options Bloodcloud Bleeder, Bloodcloud Prodigy, Bloodspiller, Bloodspiller, Greater, Calm Mind, Corpsecrafter, Variant, Delta Stream, Echolocation, Evocation Specialist, Extended Mystic Eyes, Extra Efficiency, FANtastic FAN FANatic, Fear Leads To Anger, Foghorn, Fossilized Minion, Gentle Arrow, Gentle Fist Flurry, Gentle Fist Style, Gentle Rotation, White Eyes of the Divine, Heart of Athas, White Eyes of the Divine, Ki Adept, Level Adjustment Adjustment, Mist Maker, Mystic Eye Inheritor, All Seeing White Eyes, Red Eyes Copied Repertoire, Red Eyes of Accelerated Perception, Red Eyes of Hypnotism, Red Eyes of Hypnotism, Greater, Red Eyes of the Copycat, Red Eyes of the Copycat, Improved, White Eyes of the Omniscient One, Necromantic Horde, Necromantic Kinda Guy, Perpetual Magic, Persistent Mystic Eyes, Psi-Ki Fist, Red, Red, Rage, Secrets of the Skinner, Shrug it Off, Skirmish, Sprinter's Special Skill, Symbol Specialist, Variant A Feast Unknown, Variant Path of Blood, Variant Wrappings of the Ages, Venomous Doubler, Walls of Flesh, White Eye Healer, Wrath of the Bloody Mist
Equipment Dismemberment, Executioner's, Liquid Truth, Momentum, Seversword, Vorpal, GT Variant
Variants and Terms Magic Rating, Scaling Level Adjustments, Shrug it Off, Stronghold builder's Quick Fix
Class Ability Components Alter Spell, Cloudshape, Earthshape, Fireball, GT Variant, Flameshape, Lightning Bolt, GT Variant, Reattach, Scintillating Pattern, Grog toad Variant, Symbol of Fascination, Symbol of Fascination, Greater
Classes Battle Brewer, Jogger, Mage, GT, Monk, Prestige, Wizard
Other Evolved Undead, Variant, Ghastly Ghoul, Phantom
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