Enchanted Pouch (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Havvy (talk)
Co-Authors: Ghostwheel
Date Created: March 23rd, 2011
Status: Finished
Editing: Balance, Wording
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Enchanted Pouch[edit]

Enchanted Pouch
Price: 2,000gp (+1), 8,000gp (+2), 18,000gp (+3), 32,000gp (+4), 50,000gp (+5), 72,000gp (+6), 98,000gp (+7), 128,000gp (+8), 162,000gp (+9), 200,000gp (+10)
Body Slot:
Caster Level: Varies
Aura: Varies

This sturdy leather pouch looks similar to a handy haversack with a complex arcane symbol inscribed in the side. As you draw from it, arcs of magical energy flicker between the inside the bag and the weapon, causing it to glow with magically enhanced might.

Characters wear this pouch, which may hold up to 20 light thrown weapons in it, upon their belt. When a masterwork weapon is removed from the pouch and thrown in the same turn, it gains the enhancements of the pouch until the end of the user's turn. This pouch does not affect already magical weapons.

This pouch starts out as a +1 Pouch (for 2,000 gp) and may be further enhanced as if it were a thrown weapon using Craft Magic Arms and Armor.

At the cost of an additional 2,000 gp, this pouch may be enchanted to also provide the teleporting property to all thrown items pulled. Unlike the standard enhancement, this causes thrown items to return to the pouch. As an additional effect, thrown items which are treated as ammunition (such as shuriken) do not break when thrown regardless of whether the attack hit or missed.

Attempting to place objects other than light thrown weapons fails. The objects just go into the bag as if it were a normal bag.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item Magic Weapon.
Cost to Create: Varies (as per DMG). 1,000gp, 80 EXP, 2 days.

Special: This item may cost 202,000 gp at its most expensive point. This would normally make the item Epic and unable to be bought in stores, and also require the price point to make it multiply by ten. Instead, ignore those two rules for this item, because that's just silly.

Rationale: This is to fill the niche of a hurler whom hurls multiple weapons. It allows them to enchant one item for their weapons instead of enchanting four or more, which can be quite expensive without a comparative bonus for two-handed meleers or those whom use bows. It costs naught but the enchantment it gives and weighs nothing and takes no slot because the weapons have weight. It takes not magic item slot because magical weapons normally take no magic item slot, which this is meant to act as.

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Cost2,000gp (+1), 8,000gp (+2), 18,000gp (+3), 32,000gp (+4), 50,000gp (+5), 72,000gp (+6), 98,000gp (+7), 128,000gp (+8), 162,000gp (+9), 200,000gp (+10) +
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