Eternal Waking (3.5e Disease)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 3-15-15
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Eternal Waking
Infection: Inhaled
DC: 15
Incubation : 1d4 days
Damage : Special (see text)

Rumored to have been a "gift" planted on worlds previously visited by the elder evil known as the dream eater, perhaps as a cruel vaccine against the vile entity, the eternal waking disease is a plague which robs the creature of their dreams, their rest, and eventually their sanity.

Those exposed to the air in a 10 ft radius of an eternal waking victim who was attempting to sleep may be infected. The disease breaks down rapidly in bright sunlight, but can persist for weeks in the cover of houses or dark corners. Those who become infected begin having dreamless fitful nights. When they awake they are fatigued for 1 hour after they wake until they can properly start their day. Each additional time they fail the Fortitude saving throw, it progresses to a worse stage.

At stage 2, creatures now wake several times during the night and are fatigued until they receive additional proper rest. Spellcasters and other daily uses have a 20% chance of failing to recover through the rest. They also become immune to sleep effects, which is more bane than blessing. At stage 3, they are exhausted, and then fatigued when the exhaustion is lifted. Daily use abilities have a 50% chance of not being recovered from their rest. Finally at stage 4, they become unable to sleep at all. They are permanently exhausted, and if they spend longer than 3 days in this state they are driven insane, a condition which persists even after the effects of the disease are lifted.

Two consecutive saves in a row recover the condition up one step, becoming cured when the first stage is rolled back. Remove disease rolls back the disease by one step but will not cure it unless brought to its first stage condition. Restoration and greater spells can remove the condition outright.

Elves and other beings which do not sleep are immune to this disease.

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AuthorEiji-kun +
DC15 +
DamageSpecial (see text) +
Identifier3.5e Disease +
Incubation1d4 days +
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SummaryA dreadful disease which causes insomnia, physical exhaustion, and finally a madness which lingers beyond the extent of the disease. +
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