Fantasy Pregnancy (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Author: Ideasmith (talk)
Date Created: 2/3/2012
Status: Playable?
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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A set of rules for determining adventurer pregnancy and its results.

Stork Warning: While these rules do not actually require stork deliveries, they do mention such as a possibility.

Rule Mechanics[edit]

A creature with one or more levels in any PC class cannot become pregnant, get another pregnant, or their kindred’s equivalent, without magical assistance (such as Lesser Stork Call (Spell) Stork Call (Spell) or Greater Stork Call (Spell)). The DM is advised to consider the taste and maturity of the players before relating pregnancy to certain activities that may or may not actually occur in the gameworld.

Magically induced pregnancy places a 'seed' that will become the baby in the now pregnant parent, and creates conduits between this seed and the parents through which the baby gains nourishment and growth. Despite the spell names, the seed might not be placed by celestial spirit-storks; the DM should consider the campaign's cosmology and the caster's class, alignment, and favored deity when deciding what actually placed the seed.

During the first half of pregnancy, the parents are fatigued. During the second half of pregnancy, the parents are exhausted. This fatigue or exhaustion continues until the end of the pregnancy.

To get the expected duration of pregnancy in days, multiply the kindred’s age of adulthood by 18. Starting 10 days before that, make a daily check (DC 20, no modifiers, birth occurs if check succeeds) to determine if birth occurs that day.

When birth occurs, check for side effects. For each parent and the baby, make the following checks: The caretaker makes a DC 5 Heal check. This is automatically failed if there is no caretaker. The same caretaker may care for all three, if the parents sufficiently nearby. The parent or baby makes a DC 10 Fortitude check. If either check is failed, Filth Fever is contracted (see Disease Descriptions in the SRD). If both checks are failed, Filth Fever is contracted and 3d6 Constitution damage immediately occurs.

After the baby is born, both parents are exhausted.

To determine the baby’s gaming stats, see Fantasy Genetics, The Baby template, and eventually the Child template.

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