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About me[edit]

I call myself Ideasmith (or ideasmith) on this and other gaming sites. I started playing and GMing D&D in the mid-1970s (at which time house rules were inevitable) and have been homebrewing ever since. I have a large collection of RPG books, about half or which are 3.5-compatible, and surprisingly little of which was published by WotC.

My Homebrew Posting Assumptions[edit]

My homebrew postings assume that the core books are in use, including all races, classes, skills, feats, equipment, etc., this being what gamers have the most practice correcting from. I also assume other books are in use, but don't make assumptions about which books. When use of a homebrew I post requires more than the core books and itself, I include a link thereto.

Also, I try to keep my homebrew "catgirl-safe."

My contributions[edit]

Scroll of Generations[edit]

A collection of rules to help with long time-skips between adventures.

The Unfledged[edit]

Other Base Classes[edit]

  • Spellbinder A spontaneous arcane caster with lots of spells known.
  • Crackerjack A PC version of the expert class.
  • Weaponmaster A weaponmaster, as the name implies, is very good with a weapon, and possibly more than one. Their combat training tends to be more specific than that of the fighter.
  • Moondancer Graceful shapeshifter.

Other Spells[edit]

  • Frog Touch Reshape weak or weakened creature into harmless animal.
  • Fight or Flight Target has a fight or flight response and is panicked and/or enraged.
  • Lesser Teleport As teleport, but with greater failure chance, longer casting time, and increased components.
  • Dust to Dust Destroys corpse, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust.


  • Orientation AKnowing where one’s destination is, and helping others know where their destinations are.
  • Taboo You can’t do that.
  • Infestation Diseases and the creatures that spread them.
  • Crops Sowing and reaping.

Other Stuff[edit]

My favorite pages[edit]

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