Fascade of Destrudo (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 1-28-18
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Fascade of Destrudo[edit]

This bone mask locks to the wearer's face, filling them with a burning desire to fill the world with destruction and despair. It channels the power of a terrible demon known as Destrudo, Lord of Hate. Shaped like the skull of an animal with a long face, possibly a horse, it obscures the rest of the head in shadow not unlike a privacy hat. Those wearing the mask can See in Darkness as a devil, and the mask acts as a masterwork skill tool for Intimidate.

The mask is cursed, for those who don the mask must make a DC 20 Will save or have it seal to their head unable to be removed while changing their personality. With the mask the creature immediately becomes Chaotic Evil and gains a desire to perform acts that sow chaos and destruction, acts of terrorism, or other similar behavior based on the victim's own goals. They no longer need to sleep, breathe, or eat, and they gain the following abilities:

  • Demon Shotguns (Su): The user is proficient with pulse shotguns and gains the Ranged Two-Weapon Fighting feat. They can conjure demonic pulse shotguns out of mid air with normal mundane ammo as a free action, and simply choose to drop them in favor of drawing more instead of reloading. Conjured shotguns vanish 1 round after leaving the users hands.
  • Suicide is Painless: When wearing the mask the user is immune to any and all pain effects, morale penalties, and daunt levels. If the user dies while wearing the mask they evaporate into black smoke, leaving the mask. Unless the mask is destroyed within the next 24 hours it too will vanish at the end of the duration and the mask user will be revived at half health at a random safe location within 1d10 miles from the mask's last location. If the mask user uses a full round action to coup de grace themselves they and the mask evaporate immediately and reappear after 24 hours, leading to a gruesome means of escaping a bad situation or leading towards suicidal and reckless kamikaze attacks.
  • Summon Fell Chariot (Su): As a 1 round action the user summons a evil looking vehicle of iron, spikes, and maximum edge. It behaves as a phantom steed, grants partial cover, and is covered in +1 armor spikes sized for a creature your size. You can choose to expend your own actions to have the chariot attack with its armor spikes. It may only have one active at a time.

The mask cannot be removed until remove curse is cast with a caster level check of DC 15 or higher. Removing the mask deals 1d6 Con damage to the former user. Destroying the mask requires immersion in holy water while exposed to natural sunlight or a source of holy damage.

The Fascade of Destrudo is a minor artifact, but it is said to be a pale imitation of a major artifact known as the Visage of Destrudo. This mask is similar but visually more impressive and detailed, and clearly of demonic origin. When the Visage of Destrudo is donned the user must make a DC 25 Will save. On a successful save it is treated as if they failed against the Fascade of Destrudo. On a failed save, they are said to become possessed by and fully transformed into the latest incarnation of Destrudo, Lord of Hate. The means of destroying the Visage of Destrudo are almost more difficult as it seems that both the mask and the demon associated with it respawn within a year and a day if its counterpart is not destroyed, and the means of destroying the Visage for good are not yet fully known.

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