Flesh Undying (3.5e Power)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 10-12-20
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Flesh Undying
Level: Egoist 9
Display: Material
Manifesting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Personal; see text
Target or Area: Self
Duration: 1 hour/level or until discharged
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates; see text
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 17

Each of your cells carries your life force, your memory, and your will. So long as a single cell lives, you too shall live on.

While the duration persists you have an aura of life surrounding you. Enemy creatures that end their turn within 10 ft of you must make a Fortitude save or become infected by your cells. Your cells counts as a disease, for the purpose of immunities and how to remove the effect. You always know what square they exist in as long as they remain infected, as long as you are on the same plane.

Against allies which bear your cells, they benefit from any healing effects, fast healing, or regeneration you benefit from when it affects your actual body. You also always know their location.

You can only affect up to your manifester level in creatures at the same time, allies or enemies. You can dismiss the effect from any or all creatures as a free action.

If at any point you should die while this power is in effect other than Constitution damage, instead of dying you can choose to discorporate your body into cells which discharges this power and melts you down into a morass of organic material. You effectively become an Ooze two sizes larger than your body. Any creatures within 10 ft, or end their turn or pass through your square are affected by the Fortitude save. You have your maximum hp and saves, but cannot use your powers and are limited to a simple slam attack (1d8 for a Huge creature). Your movement speeds is 20 ft and 20 ft swim, and can fit through small cracks as if you were liquid. Your movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and you can enter enemy squares.

If you die in this form, you remain dead. However if you can seek cover you can plant yourself in position over the course of 10 minutes and transform into a fleshy egg (hardness 15, same hp as yourself). You must transform into an egg within 24 hours, or you will perish. 24 hours after transforming, you will be reborn alive and at full health, as you haven't actually died. The egg will hatch immediately if subject to raise dead or similar spells, with no cost. You are cleared of any status effects covered by a heal spell. You cannot speak as an ooze or an egg, but you are able to communicate via telepathy if you have it.

Augment: You can augment this power in one or more of the following ways.

1. For each 2 additional power points you spend, you can grant the ability to be reborn as an ooze to one chosen infected ally who would die. This discharges the power, preventing yourself from benefiting. For every 2 power points you can add another infected ally who may benefit from this.

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