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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 29th November 2014
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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A geist is the spirit of a deceased persisting within an ectoplasmic shell. Unlike a Ghost, a geist is more 'dense' and thus still possess a semi-corporeal body made of ectoplasm. Beside that they tend to be varied in purpose and powers, some seeking eternal vengeance while other staying at the site of their death to wail and moan. These creatures are generally fierce opponents who should not be taken lightly.

A geist usually possess an area referred as haunting, it is where they reform and it must be chosen as the geist if created. If a geist has no haunting, then it reform where it physical body was.

Creating a Geist[edit]

Geist is an acquired template that can be added to any aberration, animal, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, or plant.

Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to undead and it gain the Dark Minded subtype. Do not recalculate the creature’s base attack bonus, saves, or skill points. Size is unchanged. While not fully incorporeal, a geist count as having the Incorporeal subtype for the purpose of prerequisites and share many traits with fully incorporeal creatures.

Hit Dice: All current and future Hit Dice become d12s.

Armor Class: A geist lose it natural armor bonus to AC, however it gain it Charisma as a deflection bonus to AC.

Feat: A geist receive the Anima Toughness feat as a bonus feat without needing to meet the prerequisites.

Special Attacks: A geist retain any special attacks of it previous form. A Geist also receive the following special attacks.

Poltergeist (Su): A geist of CR 4 or lower can replicate the effect of mage hand at will.

Special Qualities: A geist receive the following special attacks:

Immunities (Ex): In addition to the undead's normal immunity a geist is immune to any effect which would manipulate or move or soul as well as possession effect (such as magic jar in both cases) under normal circumstances. However if it destroyed by such an effect it is bodily dragged into the soulgem or thinaun weapon used to destroy it and remain trapped as normal.

Incorporeal Nature (Ex): A geist possess the Partial Incorporeality special quality. However it is not subject to gravity as much and thus gain an Hover speed equal to half it land speed and is naturally immune to falling damage. Finally mundane attacks have a 50% miss chance when made against a geist.

Invisible Nature (Su): A geist is always invisible as per persistent invisibility, it may suppress or resume this ability as a free action.

Ghostly Gears (Su): Any gears or weapons a geist pick up and/or wield gain the ghost-touched enhancement for free for as long as the geist carry it. Additionally geist are capable of making non-magical non-masterwork clothes, armor and weapon out of ectoplasm as a standard action, these items only exist for as long as the geist use or hold them and will vanish into the ether once discarded.

Rejuvenation (Su): A geist is difficult to permanently dispatch and deal with. When destroyed by conventional means it will simply dissolve into nothing, taking all it ghostly gears with it. Destroying a geist this way only disperse it for 24 hours, after which it may attempt a DC 20 'rejuvenation check' using a d20 + half it CR (or character level) + Charisma modifier. If successful it return unharmed to it place of haunting, if it fail it may attempt a new one each day. If a geist is slain by a holy weapon or due to the result of being turned all the geist will pass into the afterlife if it fail it next rejuvenation check. Upon which it ghostly gears may be found somewhere in it place of haunting.

A geist can be surely and permanently taken care of by consecrating it remains or it haunting, which make it rejuvenating attempts fail as long as the spell is in effect and then dispersing it by turning or through a holy weapon. One can alternatively trap it 'soul' using a spell or weapon capable of doing so, although if it soul is release the geist will reform immediately.

Turn Resistance (Ex): A geist has +2 turn resistance.

Challenge Rating: +2

Level Adjustment: +2

Geist Abilities[edit]

Upon creation a Geist possess 5 points it may use to 'buy' some of the abilities below:. Once chosen the abilities may not be changes. The Dc of a geist's ability is 10 + 1/2 HD + it highest mental ability modifier.

Blasphemous (Su): A geist which possess this special ability count as having been created in the area of a desecrate spell. It entire haunting is also under the effect of desecrate spells with a caster level equal to her character level/CR. (Cost 1 Point.)

Burning Man (Ex) and (Ps): A geist with this ability gain the [Fire] subtype, control flames as a psi-like ability at-will and all of it attacks deal an additional 1d6 fire damage. (Cost 1 Point.)

Improved Poltergeist (Ps): A geist with this ability is able to use TK force and TK projection as psi-like abilities at-will. (Cost 1 Point.)

Insidious Possession (Su): When a geist with this ability leave a body it was possessing she may instill an insidious suggestion on the target. The target is allowed a Will save to negate, with the same DC as the possession but has a -2 penalty to it Will save and does not resist harmful or suicidal suggestions. This ability require the Possession ability. (Cost 1 Point.)

Hardy (Ex): A geist with this ability gain a +5 bonus on it 'rejuvenation', if it beat the rejuvenation DC by 5 or more it return within 1d4 hours and within 1d4 minutes if it beat it by 10 or more. (Cost 1 Point.)

Possession (Su): Once per round a geist with this ability is able to possess a corporeal creature much like magic jar, except that it does not require a receptacle. The geist need to pass through the creature's square, which provoke an attack of opportunity, the creature is allowed a will save as normal. If the possession fail the geist materialize in a square adjacent to the creature it attempted to possess as is unable to take any action until the beginning of it next turn. The creature it attempted to possess is immune to further possession attempt for 24 hours. (Cost 2 Points.)

Spectral Malleability (Su): A geist with this ability is capable of re-arranging it appearance as per disguise form as a standard action except it duration is Permanent (D). Most geist are unaware of this ability and using it require a DC 20 control shape check. At CR 11 the ghost may attempt a DC 30 control shape to replicate the effect of alter form instead with the same changes. (Cost 1 Point.)

Spook (Su): As a standard action a geist with this ability may attempt to frighten a creature that has a line of sight with the geist. The creature is allowed a will save, if it fail it start cowering for 1 round and become at bay and clumsy for 1 hour from the ghost. If the geist successfully use it spook ability three consecutive rounds on a creature within 3 round, the creature must make a fortitude save or die from fright. This ability is a [fear] effect. (Cost 2 Point.)

Undead Flight (Ex): A geist with this ability gain a fly speed equal to it half base land speed with perfect maneuverability or equal to twice it base land speed with poor maneuverability, chosen upon taking this ability. (Cost 2 Point.)

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