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Homebrew Templates[edit]

Template Description CR Adjustment LA Adjustment
Aath Joiner Creatures who have joined their minds with a slug-like creature known as an Aath 2 1
Abyssalbred Intelligent creatures who temporarily escaped the abyss. 0 0
Agarican Fungal creatures with large mushrooms growing from their bodies, they are the possessed bodies of other races. 1 1
Alchemical Truthseer People who've been to a particular divine demiplane tend to lose body parts and learn to clap. 1 1
Android Warforged Warforged designed for social contact and interaction, rather than battle. 0 0
Animal of the Land An animal of the land can run around and also breathes air. 0 0
Animal of the Sea An animal of the sea can swim and also breathes water., Chickfowl of the sea are domesticated aquatic birds raised for meat and eggs. 0 0
Animalized Ever want to be that personified creature in the story? The animalized template gives you this option. 3 2 or +3 (see text)
Animated Weapon This template turns an ordinary weapon into a menacing foe.
Arachnaut Gain spider-powers! Awesome! Gain awkward extra arms! Wait, what? 2 2
Arcane-Corrupted Changed by a strange and forbidden ritual, creatures with this template are faster, stronger, and tougher than their counterparts--but suffer terrible consequences should they abuse that power. 2, 5 2
Ashbound Fallen Sometimes undead aren't just rotting corpses that have been animated to follow another: sometimes, corpses get burnt to cinders before becoming undead. 0 0
Assimilated Creatures inhabited by parasites which change their very being into something without self, without personality, perhaps without a soul. Zombies that yet still live, they seek to spread as a plague. 1 --
Assimilator Assimilators, through some strange magic or abnormal biology, absorb the flesh of those they attack and eventually devour their opponents whole. 3 3
Avatar The spirit of the earth reincarnates endlessly in the bodies of people. The person who stands before you is its current incarnation. 1 1
Awakened Awakened Beings are former Claymores who went over their 80% limit and Awakened. Their forms vary greatly and have a desire to eat humans. 6, 8, 10 6, 8, 10
Baby A creature who has recently been born and is not yet old enough for the child template. -4 --
Beast Folk Beasts who are now men.
Beast-Possessed Legend speak of terrible creature, monster assuming the guise of men. 2 2
Beeforged A Beeforged is a Warforged filled with bees. ...Yeah. That's it. 1 1
Behemothian Towering over all others, behemothian creatures are of massive size and scale. These giant creatures of legend supposedly walked the ancient earth in times long past. N/A, —
Bio-Ascendant They are advanced xenotheric creatures can tap even further into their inherent bio-energy abilities and achieve greatness. 3 3
Biohazard Through some horrible arcane accident or simply a magically corrupted environment some creatures are born extremely toxic to others, these creatures are often named biohazard. 2 2
Biozombie Biozombies are not quite true undead. They are creatures which have been infected and whose virus now controls their very actions and thoughts. Their bodies now shamble mindlessly, spreading the virus which continues to animate the body by replacing rotting vitals with infected biomass. 1 --
Birdemic The birds turn against mankind, exploding into action with amazing powers. 1 N/A
Blood Creature Blood Creatures are hematophages who drain blood from their victims. While similar to vampires in passing, they are living creatures, though fierce and baleful as any dire beast. 2
Bloodcursed Lycanthrope Rumored to be the result of a village cursed by a cabal of evil druid, or the wrath of a deity. Bloodcursed lycanthrope are horrid savage version of normal lycanthrope with very little ties with nature. 3 3
Botforged Botforged creatures, normally mindless, gain the programmed intellect of a Bot. 1 --
Brilliant Enemy The enemy becomes glowing and looks very dangerous, but turns out its only really useful against people. 1 -
Canin Bully Breed These Canin suffer from a mutation that causes them to become "double muscled" making them bigger and stronger than the typical member of the breed 1 1
Canin Scent Hound Scent Hound and Sight Hound. Scent Hounds rely on scent far more than they do sight and have the most sensitive noses of any Canin or other canine-like creature. 2 1
Canin Sighthound Sighthounds rely on sight and speed far more than they do on smell and are some of the fastest and most agile of the Canin or other canine-like creatures. 2 1
Century Child A special kind of humans who are born at the start of a century, century children are in fact the product of a mysterious outside intervention. 2 2
Child, DR Variant Not all children are weak, useless and unable to become adventurers early in their life. 0 0
Child, Ideasmith Variant A creature who is no longer a baby, but has not reached adulthood. -3 --
Child, Variant They are all young and inexperienced, and usually runs quite a few years short of adulthood. This template allows you to create a child character fairly easily. −1
Clockwork Not all golems are solid stone or iron. Some are complex creations of turning gears and pressurized steam. --
Colossus-born Extremely resilient and strong, colossus-born creatures are larger and tougher than the average creature of their kind. 3 3
Corpseblood Gel They look normal on the outside, but they are little more than bags of slime wearing the skin of a person. 2 --
Corrupted Blood Infected by some matter of mutagen, your body begins to change, growing stronger, and more aberrant... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 --
DAEMON Corrupter A strange 'fiend' that turn constructs and computer against all life. 2
Dark Pact-Bound Dark Pact-Bound creature are very naughty mortals who made vile pacts with evil forces, either demons, devils or even elder evils. +0
Dark Puppeteer A dark puppeteer is an incorporeal undead controlling its own zombified body. 4 4
Darksign Undead Undead associated with the rise of the elder evil known as the Dark Lord, these undead crave their lost humanity. They can harvest it from others, granting back their life for a brief time... 2 2
Deathless Unlike ordinary undead, however, deathless are undead that are animated by divine decree and, therefore, considerably more potent. -, —
Dedicated Lover Love conquers all, dedicated lovers are a pair of creatures whose affection make them stronger together. However at a risk, if the pair is separated, both would suffer, and if one should die, the situation becomes dire. 0
Demon gifted Your body have been touched by demons and is not quite the same 0 0
Dire The Dire template is a template variant of dire animals that already exist. They are generally tougher, more ferocious and more cunning and prevalent in battle. --
Dire Reverend Vampire A vampire that is not incredibly powerful, and has 4 racial hit dice instead of +8 LA. 2 4HD
Disruptive Disruptive beings are those whose presence disrupts the focus needed to thread magic. Only supernatural powers and extraordinary abilities will work in their presence. 3 3
Divine Might A blessing of the gods, or sometimes the result of divine blood within mortal beings, these creatures can call upon the power of their deific background to perform feats of great strength and courage. 3 3
Draconic Hellkite Draconic Hellkites are terrible abominations, extremely ferocious example of their species. A draconic hellkite is slightly larger than the ordinary dragon, less potent in the art of the arcane but much more ferocious. 4
Draconic Kobold Some Kobolds have a connection to dragons are stronger than the average Kobold. This connection is even stronger than a Dragonwrought Kobold. 1 1
Draculus A draculus is a form of vampire, some say they are a mutant breed while others claim they are a close cousin. 2 2
Dragon Hybrid A remake of the half-dragon template. 3 3
Eeveelution Infusing an Eevee or other Monster with the power of the elements gives them crazy magical powers.
Electric Creature Although they resemble creatures found on other planes, electric creatures are found on the Elemental Plane of Electricity. 0, 1, 2 1
Elemental Creature They appear superficially similar in shape to material plane animals, but actually are made of the elements, formed into the shape of a creature and with the ability to move. 1
Elemental-of-Ideology An elemental can be a spirit that embodies not only the elements, but also more complex things, such as an ideology, or a concept. 0, 1 1, 2
Evolved Undead, Variant 1 1
Exemplar This creature is wreathed in raw, divine essence. Exemplars are creatures that result directly from a deity's power, either forming from the aether or being purposefully created. 10 20
Fey Touched This template is a means for PC's to play a fey creature without the really high level adjustments. 4, 2 1, 0
Frostlich Sometimes Frost Mages are not happy with regular Lichdom. 2 4
Geist A geist is the spirit of a deceased persisting within an ectoplasmic shell. 2 2
Gene-modded Either through science or magic, some creatures are greatly enhanced even before they are born. Their very genes twisted to make a being of great potential. 2 2
Ghastly Ghoul Ghastly Ghouls are intelligent undead flesh eaters created from acts of cannibalism and starvation. 2 2
Ghoul, Tome Characters with at least 2 class levels brought to zero Constitution by Ghoul Fever find their constitution restored and begin their unlife as Ghouls 0
Giant Robot A strange, temporary template that is the result of an item, the result of creatures becoming giant-sized mechanoids. 4 -
Gifted Some members of your race have trained to be the paragons of your race, perfect examples of your people. You were born that way. 0 1
Gigant The gigant are a host of giant sized creatures with voracious cruel appetites and immortal bodies, they can only be put down for good by striking their weak point. --
Gildencursed Those who have lived steeped in greed for their entire lives are punished in the afterlife by being dipped in molten gold. 1
Gluttonous A gluttonous creature is capable of consuming much more than would seem healthy for a member of its race, and its weight certainly shows. They are capable and proficient enough with eating, that they have learned to use their mouths as weapons in combat. 0
Godspark Those who have obtained a divine rank 0 possess the spark of divinity. While not much stronger initially, they can begin the process of rising through the ranks to a position of power. 0 0
Good Chocobo Excellent chocobos. Not as good as Wonderful or Great chocobos, but better than normal chocobos. 0 --
Great Chocobo Excellent chocobos. Not as good as Wonderful chocobos, but better than Good chocobos. 1 --
Green Lich The green lich, also called a Hyleoroi or Wood Haunts, is a druid who has become one with the natural world and acts as their immortal guardian. 2 2
Grimm Creature A Grimm creature, while not always hostile depending on the base creature, they are quick to anger and are drawn to negative and hateful people.
Half Stone Golem Parts of your body have been replaced by stone, given life through magic making you stronger. 3 4
Half-Dragon, Variant 1 1
Half-Jinn Half-jinni are most oft desert dwelling offshoots from nomadic or tribal cultures which come into frequent contact with earthbound genies (most often janni). 2 3
Half-Lucerna Born of positive energy outsiders, these folks have just a touch of that power. 1 1
Half-Minotaur, Variant This Half-Minotaur template is less overpowered while maintaining the +1 level adjustment of the original version. 1 1
Half-Painted When a creature has been in the Plane of Pictures for an extended period of time, they might become what’s known as a half-painted
Half-Pot As a half-pot creature you don't just smoke the drug, you have become the drug. 1 1
Heartborn Heartborn are beings born of two parents with the Dedicated Lover
Heartless-Possessed A pitiful soul corrupted by the darkness in their hearts, and out to steal the hearts of others. 2
Helix Blade Chosen
Hellapeno Spider Bright red spiders filled with a spicy toxin which burns. They are the augmented creations of a mad culinary obsessed wizard. 1 1
Hellbanero Spider Spiders filled with a glowing spicy toxin which burns like napalm. They are the augmented creations of a mad culinary obsessed wizard. 2 2
Hellspawn Hellspawn are creature coming from the infernal planes, they have generally red skin and horns, as well as claws. 2 1
Herculean Creature Herculean Creatures are incredible strong creature that result from the union of a God and mortal (or at least non-deity immortal). 2 2
Highlander There is a tale that there was a race of men blessed, or perhaps cursed, by strange eldritch forces beyond their ken to live forever unless a creature removes their head. Born all over the world, they were given a task to kill each other until there could be only one. 1 1
Hollow Ones The skin of dead people. Popular among necromancers who prefer skeletons over zombies. 0
Hollowed Hollowed creatures are the result of an attempt to turn men into mindless, deathless warriors. 3 --
Holy Knight Divinely appointed agents endowed with longevity and unique abilities. 1
Holy Knight, Variant
Humanblood Humans breed with everything it seems, and those half-humans have offspring as well. Sometimes the presence of human blood pops up in other races even though they are less than half-human. 0 0
Hyperconscious A Hyperconcious creature is capable of using psionic powers with extreme ease, even without formal training. 3 3
Hyperdimensional Creatures removed from time and space, hyperdimensional beings appear as strange and often geometric anomalies in the universe. They are capable of several extraordinary magical abilities showing their ability to bend space and time and produce spooky action at a distance. 3 3
Hypno Animals with a special hypnotizing power. 2, 1
Idylean Young God Outside the Great Wheel the peaceful world of Idylis exists. Its denizens are young gods ready to rise to glory and take their place. 5
Immaterial A creature who no longer has a body and is instead a helpless disembodied spirit. 0 0
Imperfect Hybrid Sometimes when you try to combine two races, the results are less impressive than you'd hoped. Ah well... 0 0
Infused Creature One of the most common ways to give a creature a boost of power is to infuse it with some other form of energy. This isn't usually very healthy for it, especially if done by a mad wizard (as it often is), but some creatures take to it really well and have the benefits stick for the rest of their lives.
Insightful Insightful creatures notice everything, perhaps too much. It allows them to deduce things through observation that they otherwise would be passed over by others. 1
Irrumator Deep within the Abyss, the Mar family of demons, under Lord Juiblex, developed a special technique to corrupt celestials. Initially based on the idea of recreating Celestials as Mummys through Necromancey, the technique has evolved into something original. 2 2
Jinx A jinx is a strangely lucky creature that also bring bad luck upon those who wrong it. 1
Kitten That Walks Wizards beware. The cats are swarming, and they know how to counterspell! 3
Krytoplasm Mutant Krytoplasm mutants were created by a cabal of insane scientist seeking to uplift humanity using an untested mutagen. 2 2
Legacy A monster with a legacy. Or a 'boss', if you will.
Lesser Paragon The little brother to the paragon template, lesser paragons are elites among their kind. --
Lifelink Through powerful magics or rituals, creatures with this template have gained a shared life force. 2
Lightning Powered Creatures powered by electricity itself, they can be natural born or created like some manner of Frankenstien monster. 1 1
Living Candy A magical creature completely made from candy and sweets.
Living Dead Powerful mortals turned into undead monsters of great intellect and power. 4
Lootbound These monsters carry loot inside them. Wizards were probably involved. 0 0
Love Lich The love lich is a very rare creature, yet despite its name it is neither an undead nor a true lich. Love liches are beings powered by intense love, to the point that even death can't stop them. 4 4
Low-Power Lycanthrope Lycanthropes are those afflicted or naturally able to turn into half man, half animal creatures.
Lycanthrope An all-purpose lycanthrope template that doesn't make us cry. 1 1
Magic Blooded, Span Variant An adaptation of the template from Dragon Magazine that isn't a straight-up LA 0 power boost. 0 0
Malefic Corpse A Malefic Corpse is the corrupted body of a creature who rose from the dead, much like a zombie. Unlike their mindless brethren they retain all skills and abilities as they did in life. 1 N/A
Mantle of the Creator Taking on a fragment of the power of a god of creation, you gain the ability to forge and reforge matter to your whim. 4 4
Mantle of the Destroyer Taking on a fragment of the power of a god of destruction and disaster, you gain the ability to break, destroy, and end creation. 4 4
Mantle of the Preserver Taking on a fragment of the power of a god of preservation and protection, you gain the ability to maintain the status quo and repair what has been damaged. 4 4
Mer You are a mer-version of whatever land creature you are. Bring in the Mer-Bears! 0 0
Mimic Mimics are imitation, a mockery of nature. Mimics are very similar in apparence and personality to the base creature. However they are aberration with an instinctive loyalty toward it master.
Mist Phantom Mist phantoms aren't creatures per se. They are either magical effects given life, or brief ghosts bound to enhanced smoke and fog. Either way, these invisible foes prove quite a challenge. 2 -
Mob The mob template can turn a group of creatures into a whole army, without needing to keep track of every individual unit. N/A, —
Multiheaded Because of magical mishap, strange genetics, hydra blood, or toxic mutation you have more heads than what is normal for your kin. 2 2
Mummy A 3.x Mummy Template. For level 5 or above. 0
Mutant Mutant creatures which possess strange unique powers, formed by someone with the Craft Mutant feat.
Mystic Revenant Mystic revenants are created when a creature dies of mystic rot, which is spread by mystic leeches and other mystic revenants.
Natural Arthropod Creatures with the Natural Arthropod template are actual insects, arachnids, and so on, rather than biological constructs created by extradimensional horrors in the before times.
Necropolitan Those who have chosen to, or forced to take upon themselves the mantle of undeath.
Nephilim Giants among their kind, the power of outsider blood flows within them. 1
Nobody A Nobody is a theoretically nonexistent being of some power. Most Nobodies have a vaguely humanoid form and are fairly weak, but the template detailed here describes the exceptions to that rule. 2
Painted A creature that is made from paint and ink, brought to life by the artists brush
Parodianthrope Parodianthropes are under the curse of a magical disease, kinda like lycanthropy… except instead of turning into animals, they turn into clowns… wereclowns. 1
Patriarch Patriarchs are some of the most ancient and most powerful beings of their race. 5 5
Perfect Hybrid A perfect hybrid is the hybridization between two (or more) creatures, usually created through magic, that perfectly represent the traits of both of it parent. 1 (per additional race) plus the parent races' own level adjustment
Petitioner When a creature dies and passes onto the afterlife, barring any transformation into a creature like a lemure or the like, they become a petitioner. Though they are a shadow of their material selves, their abilities are simply locked away waiting to be freed. 2 --
Phantasmal Echo Unusually strong emotions sometimes impress themselves on the plane of shadow, forming something akin to a ghost but solid, and without a soul. It is merely a sensation or memory given flesh. More often then not, they are born out of violence and anger, and the resulting phantom poses a threat to all those who trigger its presence. 0 -
Phantom Phantoms are the spiritual echoes of the dead, mindless spirits that obey the orders of their evil masters.
Phaseshifter Strange creatures often mistaken for ghost people, phaseshifter have the unique ability to phase through matter. 3 3
Piñata Confectionery, multicolored creature. 0
Plaguehive Those afflicted with a incredibly severe case of fiendish disease usually simply die, but a rare unfortunate few not only survive, but come out tougher and yet more rotten for it. 0 -
Play-Wight While Bards can qualify to become Liches they find that they don't enjoy the social stigma around liches and it tends to hurt their career, so a great bard created a new type of intelligent undead for the lyrically talented 3 3
Poor Chocobo Chocobos of... less than spectacular ability. These are the runts and less powerful members of their species.
Precursor Spore An extrasolar being that can completely regenerate from a single cell. It spreads by spores and is the center of its hive mind. 3
Pseudolich A sort of lesser lich, they respawn but lack true immortality and many lich powers. At least they retain some semblance of life. 1 1
Psychic Creatures born with the spark of psionic power deep within their minds.
Psychic Paragon A Psychic Paragon has a natural gift for psionics
Psychic Titan A Psychic Titan wields enormous psionic might 3 3
Psylinked Bound to a psionic spiritual presence, your shared mind grants you special powers. 2
Pyrefly Rift A pyrefly rift may be created when a certain kind of monster dies. Its soul is transported to the outer plane appropriate for it, forced through a zero-dimensional rift in space-time where it died.
Radiant Touched They may appear colorful, saturated with bright hues and light, and some have ribbons of visible light within their body.
Rage Lich The rage lich is consumed by wrath to a point that not even death itself can stop them crawling out of hell to destroy their foes. 4 4
Rampage Through inherent nature or magical and scientific accident, you can transform into a giant, and uncontrolled, monster. 3
Reassembled Using Spare Parts At some point, you had to be put together using whatever was on hand. Sorry about that. 0 0
Reborn Undead powered by positive energy. 0 +0
Reborn Hero Those with this template are heroes (and villains) of ancient past reborn in new form, often to replay the events of their past yet again. 1 1
Redeemed Undead A Redeemed Undead is an undead that has pleased the good deities enough that they grant them a second life to replace their unlife. 0
Revenant A revenant is the victim of a murder driven to avenge their own death. 0
Reverse Tauric Placed on creatures with four or more legs, this makes them more into a centaur-like creature with a vaguely humanoid upper torso. 0 0
Rimebound Fallen Sometimes undead aren't just rotting corpses that have been animated to follow another: sometimes, corpses partially freeze before becoming undead. 0 0
Robotic Doppelganger Robotic Doppelgangers are robots who emulate someone in particular. 3 3
Sand Slave Sand slaves are dead creatures, which are bound to serve a mummy lord.
Science Lich 3 3
Selfich Selfich are Self Telekineticists who have chosen to embrace the powers of abandoning a physically logical existence. 2 2
Sentient A sentient creature possess an intelligence making it able to grasp several concepts, unlike other creatures of it kind. 1 N/A
Shadow-Tainted Creature Shadow-tainted creatures live primarily on the Plane of Shadow. They are twisted by it, with their flesh and blood made of shadows.
Shadowkin Shadowkin creatures have cultivated a strong communion with the plane of shadow. +6
Shadowmorph Those whose souls have been tainted with the essence of "shadowstuff" find their spiritual powers as mailable as the Shadow Plane itself.
Shrekken Touched Giant beings "blessed" by an evil god of destruction, they possess terrifying strength and punishing blows. 1 +1
Simple Skeleton A simplified version of the skeleton template, designed for quick applications on the fly.
Simple Zombie A simplified version of the zombie template, designed for quick applications on the fly.
Siren Sirens are afflicted with a terrible curse of the sea, much like lycanthropy. A siren changes shape into a blood-thirsty creature and stalks the living., Human born with the siren's curse. 1 1
Skydancer Creatures blessed by spirits of the air, they are given great agility in the clouds above. 1
Skyfish Transform aquatic sea creatures into airborne dangers. 0 1
Slaymate A Slaymate is a young child who has died because a parent or guardian has neglected their basic needs.
Slothful A slothful creature could be lazy, apathetic, atrophied, starved, or otherwise unable to muster energy as it should. 2 −2
Soul-Devouring Some creatures are fabled to eat the souls of their victims, trapping them for all eternity. 1 1
Soul-Suffused Incarnum is the energy of souls. Sometimes, a creature is born with a highly energetic soul, one that taps into incarnum with ease. 2 2
Soulbound Soulbound creatures have a vestige bound to them, permanently. 1 1
Sourcelinked Sourcelinked are creature who permanently made a bond between each others using inconceivable power. 1 1
Spellborg The creature before you seems to have had artificial grafts applied to their body. Its arms are plated with steel and stone, and magical energy flickers under its surface. 1 1
Spellfire Wielder Some creatures have an innate connection to raw magic and can absorb and redirect arcane energies. This is a 3.5e update for 3e's Spellfire. 3 3
Spider, Monstrous Specific
Spirit Beast . N/A
Spirit Thief Spirit thieves are unique members of any humanoid species, they possess a powerful baneful touch that can easily kill a weaker creature. Experienced spirit thieves are capable of using this life-draining touch to absorb a creatures' capacities. 4 4
Sporeling The Mindless Spawn of the Precursor Spore (3.5e Template) 2
Swanmay Swanmay are females blessed with a strange form of lycanthropy which makes them wereswans. They are protectors of the forest, particularly water fowl, and uphold some mysterious ancient promise. 0
Swarmhost Swarmhost creatures are the unlucky whose bodies have become inhabited by a swarm, whose unnatural link now replaces their vital organs and life force. 2 --
Swordwraith A character slain in battle may return as a Sword Wraith if his services were hired under false pretenses or if his exploits were particularly impressive before his life finally ended (at the discretion of the DM). 0
Synthetic Soul Synthetic Soul are created by magic, creatures with Synthetic Soul are different then others of it kind.
Taint-blessed Some creatures, upon touching taint, become chosen of good. 1 2
Teacup Canin Smaller than the Toy Breeds 5 2
Technoplush A Technoplush is an improved version of a Dawn Plushie, specialized in creating Technological Devices, and powered by electricity instead of fire. 1
Telekinetic Paragon A master of telekinesis, this psychic template grants you the power to work from afar. 1 1
Telepathic Paragon An innate master at the art of entering other's thoughts, the Telepathic Paragon is the ultimate mind reader. 2 2
The Plagued undead formed from disease rather than negative energy
Thinking Granted to normally mindless creatures, it trades it out for animal intelligence. 0 0
Treant, Specific This template can be applied to a base treant or elder treant to create a treant of specific type of tree (e.g A Redwood treant).
Trench Creature Trench creatures are aquatic beings from the deepest lightless parts of the ocean. 0 0
True Immortal A truly immortal creature, extremely hard to get rid of. Those with this template can survive a ridiculous amount of punishment. 3 3
True Psyker Some psionics get more bang for the buck. 2 2
Tyrantborn Creatures born with the natural ability to oppress others, tyrantborn have natural abilities making them natural born leaders and perhaps unfortunately allowing them to get in position of powers. 1 1
Underborn A template which can turn any creature into an underdark version of itself. 1 1
Unfettered Psionic A unfettered psionic is a creature with extreme psionic potential, their mind is capable of incredible feats. 1 1
Unhallowed Minion A Low LA Template to make intelligent but weak minions that explode when they disobey you. Special
Unreal Unreal creatures don't exist, yet there they are. They barely can retain their presence within the universe as is. 0 --
Vampire, Lasombra
Vampire, Tome A vampire is an unliving mockery of life that lives by cruelly consuming the blood of the innocent. 0
Vampiric Dragon Vampirism is generally a curse associated with humanity, so what dire events could lead to vampirism infecting the blood of dragons? 3 3
Variant Lycanthrope A lycanthrope template, done different. 1 or 2
Vehicle A vehicle is characterized and defined as an object that is controlled by one or more living creatures either from on top or within it and generally has no intelligence or wisdom of its own.
Vitageist When a strong soul meets a font of positive energy, a strange solidified ghost of positive energy may form.
Voidwarped Creatures who have stumbled upon Nevervoid, and been affected by its total darkness. +2(cohort), 1
Werecorgi A Werecorgi is a special kind of lycanthrope, however they are weaker (and much more cuter) than the average lycanthrope. 1, 2
Wingpin Grow wings that are specialized for grappling. 1
Witchblessed Witchblessed are creature who were 'blessed' since birth by evil entities. 1
With Sunglasses A creature with sunglasses is way more rad than their counterparts. 1 0
Wonderful Chocobo Some chocobos are exceptional examples of their species, having great speed, endurance, and abilities. These chocobos are wonderful chocobos.
Worm that Walks A non-epic Worm That Walks; mostly the same, minus the epic numbers. 2 2
Xenomorph Drone For Alien fans. 2 N/A. Xenomorphs are not PC's.
Zeitgeist Zeitgeist creatures are beings born with subtle psionic influence, which gives them a loose hivemind connection to a large group of people. 1 1

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