Hat of the Bishop (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 5-22-14
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk
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Hat of the Bishop[edit]

Hat of the Bishop
Price: 1000 gp
Body Slot: Head
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint Transmutation
Activation: --
Weight: --

How this giant tall bishop's hat stays on your head in the middle of battle is one of its many mysteries. It makes you look like a church steeple, or a rocket. Comes in black or white colors.

The hat of the bishop allows you to move diagonally without using 1.5 squares of movement. This allows a creature to move two squares diagonally and only use 10 ft of movement instead of 15 ft.

Any spells cast which improve movement speed (such as longstrider) have their caster level improved by +1.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, longstrider.
Cost to Create: 500 gp, 40 EXP, 1 day.

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SummaryThis oversized hat lets you move diagonal without using 1.5 squares of movement. It also improves movement augmenting spells. +
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