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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 9-12-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk please.
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The hookshot is a device which appears much like a light crossbow. However instead of the bow with bolt set into it, the hookshot possesses a grappling hook with retractable rope and pressure-launch system. Using the hookshot is as simple as pointing and shooting, releasing a line out up to 50 feet. The hook can either snag onto a nearby object or impale it and drive its hooks into the surface. It deals 1d8 points of piercing damage on impact (for medium creatures), and can only impale through objects if it deals at least 1 point of damage after hardness.

If the object weighs equal or less than the user, the object is dragged towards the user and ends up in their space. If the object weighs more than the user or is immobile, then the user is dragged towards the object instead. A single hookshot can drag up to 300 lbs, and the rope itself can support (but not drag) up to twice that amount. Firing the hookshot is an attack action, and retracting the line is a move action.

An adamantine-tipped hookshot.

The hookshot can be used in combat as a light crossbow. The hookshot does not penetrate creatures, as they tend to be too lumpy, misshapen, and mobile to get a good grip. Only helpless or willing creatures can be grabbed like this, and the hook embeds in them, dealing the weapon damage when pulled out (1d8 typically). Rapid Reload reduces the retraction time to a free action while using it as a weapon, but not when dragging objects or yourself. Normally, operating a hookshot requires two hands. However, you can shoot and retract the hookshot with only one hand at a -2 penalty on attack rolls. You can shoot a hookshot with each hand, but you take a penalty on attack rolls as if attacking with two light weapons. This penalty is cumulative with the penalty for one-handed firing.

The rope may be extended by an additional 50 feet for +50 gp, but the retraction speed of 50 feet remains the same which may require 1 or more rounds of retracting particularly distant objects. You may increase the amount of weight it drags by 100 lbs for an additional +150 gp.

No aura; DC 20 Craft Clockwork or DC 30 Craft Tool; Price 675 gp.

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