King's Ram (3.5e Soulmeld)

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Author: the bluez in the dungeon (talk)
Date Created: 16/12/2020
Status: Completed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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King's Ram
Classes: Incarnate, Soulborn
Chakra: Crown, Heart, Shoulders, Waist
Saving Throw: None

Two small, blue spiral horns grow on your forehead.

You gain a gore attack that deals 1d8 + Strength of damage. It is a primary attack.

Essentia: For every essentia point you invest in this soulmeld you gain a +2 to any kind of Charisma or Charisma-based check.  

Chakra Bind (Crown)

Your horns solidify and grows, forming ivory crown with a tint of blue.

If you hit with a charge you may make a special bull rush attempt. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You add your Constitution modifier instead of your Strength modifier, unless higher, plus the amount of essentia invested to the bull rush check, plus any applicable bonus.

If you succeed you move your opponent as normal, but no don't move along (you are launching them). If you fail the opponent may not bull-rush you in return. 

Chakra Bind (Shoulders)

A glorious cape appears onto your shoulders.

Your size increases to Large, with all benefits and penalties. If you are already Large you gain a bonus on attack and damage rolls equal to the amount of essentia invested and three times that as bonus hit points (these are not temporary hit points). 

Chakra Bind (Heart)

An aura of majesty shines around you, as your eyes glow of golden light.

You may grant to 1 creature + 1 per every point of essentia invested a bonus on attacks, damage rolls and saves equal to your Constitution or Wisdom modifier plus the amount of essentia you invested in this soulmeld. Targets gain three times that value as bonus hit points (these are not temporary hit points). It's a full-round action and you may affect multiple targets at the same time, or do it later. The bonuses last one round plus one extra round per essentia point invested and you may not affect the same targets again in the same encounter. You may target yourself. 

Chakra Bind (Waist)

You are the defender of your kingdom, and must resist at any cost.

You gain damage reduction 5/adamantine. It increases by one per every point of essentia invested.

You can also replicate the spell greater command 1 time per day + 1 time per essentia point invested. You may affect one target per essentia invested.

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