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[Monk] Feats[edit]

Monk feats are feats that a monk can take as a monk bonus feat. They may dictate what level they are available as a bonus feat, but many allow pre-requisites to be ignored if taken as a monk bonus feat. Core monk bonus feats are Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, and Stunning Fist.  

Monk Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
100 Fists Increase the number of attacks from flurry of blows. Dex 13, Flurry of Blows Moderate
Air Juggle You can knock creatures into the air and combo them! BAB +4, Fighter or Monk level 4th, Improved Bull Rush High
Anticipate Action Improve your defenses the longer you fight. BAB +1, Wisdom 13 Moderate
Aura Sealing Strike Block the flow of ki in your adversaries with a strike. Stunning Fist, Wisdom 15 High
Black Whirlwind Make extra attacks on when you use whirlwind attack. Flurry of Blows, Whirlwind Attack, Monk 6th High
Blazing Hadoken Now your hadokens leave a terrible burning effect, and can daze. Monk level 6th, Hadoken, Stunning Fist, Wis 15 High
Body of Iron Gain an armor bonus to AC even if you're unarmored. AC Bonus class feature (such as monk), Con 13, Fortitude +4 Moderate
Boulder-Splitting Blow You can destroy an boulder with a single blow. Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Sunder High
Buddha's Palm Your inner mastery of zen blossoms and you are able to perform a devastating technique. Stunning Fist High
Buddha's Palm, Variant You have unlocked the powerful Buddha's Palm technique. Stunning Fist Very High
Calm Mind Cannot be Mindless, Wisdom 13+, character level 3 High
Chakra Disabler You hit people in their nerves and chakras, making them go limp. Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike, Heal 8 ranks, Autohypnosis 8 ranks Very High
Clothing Beam Cannon You can create clothing at will... for... some reason. None Low
Codex Deflect Blow Deflect arrow except for melee! Improved Unarmed Strike or proficiency with tower shields. High
Combat Poke You can poke opponents for low damage. Improved Unarmed Strike Very High
Compensate for Size You know how to moves enemies in special ways as to eliminate their advantage over you when using specialized attacks. BAB +3 Moderate
Contemplative Focus You treat a single chosen weapon as a monk weapon and may use it with feats which require unarmed strike. Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (any melee weapon) Moderate
Counterattack When you're attacked, there is a small chance you attack back! BAB +6 or Monk level 6, Combat Reflexes Very High
Cross-Style Training An exchange student, studier of more eclectic martial arts, or simply someone who feels a special bond with a specific weapon, you can use a non-traditional weapon at the same level of mastery as your peers. None Moderate
Crosscut Attack twice as a standard attack. BAB +2 High
Deceptive Strength Surprise your enemies with your incredible might and small body Small size or less, BAB +3 High
Deflect Arrows, Alternative You are adept at deflecting ranged attacks away. Improved Unarmed Strike, Shield FocusPathfinder, or Weapon Focus High
Deflect Blow Deflect arrow except for melee! Dexterity 13, improved unarmed strike or proficiency with tower shields. High
Eldritch Ascetic Your training allows you to mix your melee attacks and eldritch powers to great effect. Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Eldritch Blast +2d6 Moderate
Enhanced Body You have toned your body to the point of it being magical, and learned how to enhance it further. Masterwork Body Moderate
Enlightenment You have done it, you reached Nirvana. Monk level 18th (even if you reach it via classes that advance monk abilities), Wisdom 20 Very High
Extra Focused Weapons You apply your intense training with one weapon to an additional weapon. Base Attack Bonus +3, Int 10, Proficiency with selected weapon(s), Weapon Focus with any other weapon Low
Feral Striker Monk You choose a feral strike to deal more damage, Must possess a Feral Strike, Monk 1st High
Fighting Boar Form Use a low stance to get ahead of your enemies. BAB +1, Improved Unarmed Strike, must be bipedal Moderate
Fire Wolf Punch Your punch causes a wall of flame to spontaneously appear. Stunning Fist High
Fists of Steel Bypass hardness with your fists and punch force effects. Monk 1st Moderate
Flowing Style Counter Rather than step away you may strike at your foe. Monk 3rd, Combat Reflexes, Flowing Style Monk Very High
Flowing Style Monk Your monastery taught you to be light and agile in combat. Monk 1st Very High
Flurry of Steps When you run, you really run. Fast Movement class feature Moderate
Gecko Step You can stick to walls, briefly. Balance 4 ranks or Climb 4 ranks Moderate
Gentle Fist Style Don't let him touch you! Improved Unarmed Strike and BAB +4, or Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the Divine Very High
Hadoken Launch a wave of ki to strike others at a distance. Stunning Fist, Wis 15 High
Heavy Stomp Stomp the ground and make a shockwave that knocks over opponents. BAB +4, Str 13, Improved Unarmed Strike High
Hurricane Surge Blast Create blasts of winds by using stunning fist attempts. Stunning Fist, Monk 3rd Very High
Improved Deflect Arrows Deflect multiple arrows a round, at the cost of your attacks of opportunity. Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Dex 13 Moderate
Increased Monk AC You pay more attention to those around you. Monk level 1 Moderate
Increased Monk Armor Ordinary monks have a bit of armor to compensate for their inability to wear any. You can either wear some or get an even bigger armor bonus. Monk level 1 Moderate
Increased Monk Speed Ordinary monks are fast. Your endless devotion to speed makes you much faster. Monk level 2 Moderate
Infinite Flurry Your attack doesn't miss, at the cost of damage. Flurry of Blows, Dex 17 High
Infinite Stunning Fist You gain essentially unlimited stunning fist attempts. Stunning fist, effective monk level of 6 or more High
Insightful Combatant Use wisdom instead of strength for attack and damage. Wisdom13 or higher Moderate
Jumping Gazelle Form A wasted attack of opportunity is an opportunity you can take for yourself BAB +1 or monk 1st level, Jump or Tumble 4 ranks Moderate
Keen Strike-CE Your unarmed strike has a critical threat range of 18-20 and can deal slashing damage or bludgeoning damage. Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike High
Ki Archer Channel your Ki through your bow Weapon Focus (any ranged weapon), Monk 1st Moderate
Ki Pounce Make a full attack at the end of a charge by expending ki points. Finally, monks flurry of blows and speed bonuses synergize. BAB +6, Stunning Fist High
Ki Shinai You grant any shinai you are wielding a +1 bonus and the ki focus enhancement. Student of Kendo High
Knock Out Punch Use stunning attempts as a form of death attack. BAB +6, Stunning Fist High
Living Weapon You need no weapon other than your body. Improved Unarmed Strike or a natural weapon that you are proficient with Moderate
Monastic Focus Another class advances stunning fist as if monk. Counts as Monastic Training for pre-reqs. Stunning Fist Low
Monastic Gestalt Add your monk levels and another class together to determine level-dependent benefits. Monk 1st Moderate
Monastic Knife Use a mind blade in conjunction with monk fighting techniques Form Mind Blade, Shape Mind Blade, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike High
Monkey Staff Style You are so good with your staff you may as well be unarmed. Improved Unarmed Strike, must be proficient with a staff weapon (as defined below). High
Opportune Action When an opponent provokes, you take a move action instead. Dex 13 High
Pain Point Style When you make a flurry of blows you can make your target sickened or deal ability damage after your second hit. Flurry of Blows, Improved Unarmed Strike Very High
Quick Flurry You can make a lesser flurry of blow as a standard action. Flurry of Blows, BAB +6 High
Reactive Combat Maneuver When you Parry an attack and make your counterattack, you can choose to perform a special attack on the opponent instead. Combat Expertise, BAB +6, at least one of: Improved Grapple/Trip/Disarm/Bull Rush/Sunder Very High
Reactive Judo You are able to redirect your opponents whenever their defenses are open. Improved Unarmed Strike, Wis 13 High
Reactive Parry You can deflect attacks with attacks of opportunity. Combat Expertise, BAB +2 High
Ripple Fist An augmented version of stunning fist, greatly increases attack damage and possible daze and stun struck foes. Bab +6 or Monk 6th, Stunning Fist High
Shattering Strike-CE Make a concentration check instead of a strength check to sunder objects. Concentration 8 ranks, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike) High
Shoryuken You perform an uppercut so powerful it rockets you and your opponent into the air. Falling damage ensues. Jump 8 ranks, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack High
Show of Power You show off your power level. This might trouble your opponents. None Low
Special Monk Proficiency All weapons you are proficient with are special monk weapons. Monk 1st Moderate
Speedster Monk You are much faster than other monks. Monk's Unarmored Speed Bonus Moderate
Spinning Fabric Technique You gain the ability to fight with fabric straps. Fabric Channeler, ki strike (magic) feature Moderate
Stand User Monk You are able to summon a construct made of ki and fight through it. 1st level Only, Monk 1st High
Suppress Chi You deliver a quick barrage of strikes meant to suppress an opponent's energy, rendering them weak and possibly helpless. BAB +4, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), 4 ranks in Heal High
Tear to Pieces Deal half damage, but ignore temporary hit points and deal damage directly to maximum hit points. Bab +11, Improved Unarmed Strike High
Thorned Fist You can use various worn (not held) weapons with your unarmed strike, such as armor spikes. Improved Unarmed Strike Moderate
Turtle Monk Through your training, you have learned how to use a shield without it interfering with your abilities. Proficient with any type of shield Moderate
Weapon Master Monk Greatly expand your list of special monk weapons. Monk 1st Moderate
Whirlwind Hurricane Kick Create a whirlwind and kick all those around you with a spinning kick. Monk 6th High
Worldly Monk Other monks are lost in their own magical wonderlands. You remember to look where you're punching. Monk level 1 Moderate
Zen Combat Style You may use your Wisdom instead of your Dexterity on attack roll and damage rolls. Dexterity 11+, Wisdom 15+ Moderate
Zen Reflexes Your peace of mind grant you incredible reflexes, both to avoid incoming threats and act before others. You may also do a cool somersault once per encounter. Wis 15, Wisdom to AC High
Zen Striker You can use your Wisdom instead of your Strength when attacking with unarmed strike or special monk weapons. BAB +1 or Monk 1st High

Scaling Monk Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Lightning Kick You are legendary for your ability to kick the shit out of people. Improved Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows Very High

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