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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 4-16-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Mechanical changes on Talk please.
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Nyoi-bo Staff[edit]

The Nyoi-bo Staff uses the Functional Weapons of Legacy variant rule.

Nyoi-bo Staff
Price: 4300 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong Universal (DC 30)
Activation: See Text
Weight: 4 lb or 4 tons; see text

The Nyoi-bi quarterstaff appears as a simple and smooth red staff of a fine grained wood, capped with gold at either end and otherwise devoid of unusual features. However while no heavier than a normal quarterstaff in the hands of those with special training, the weapon is unbelievably heavy and dense to others, preventing them from even moving it without much effort.

The Nyoi-bi quarterstaff is the signature weapon of legacy of the Anima River discipline, originally the weapon of its founder Nei Jing. Legends say many things about it... that it was carved from the wood of the world tree, that it is an entire universe compressed into stave form, or other fanciful tales. Whatever the case, it is certainly special in spite of its plain appearance. It starts out as a +1/+1 quaterstaff which is completely immune to being sundered or damaged by mortal means. It weights 4 tons for most people, only those with Improved Unarmed Strike, knowledge of an Anima River maneuver, or gaining your Wisdom bonus to AC can lift the weapon as if it only weighed 4 lbs. With the application of various rituals, the weapon starts taking on stronger powers. There are five rituals that are performed, they must be performed in order (the 2nd ritual must be completed before you start the 3rd, even if you achieve the 3rd level pre-requisites). Rituals cost gold (in the form of feeding the weapon raw materials) and xp, with an additional pre-requisite. Once the 1st level ritual is unlocked, the weapon displays its omen effect. You can take time out and spend 8 hours bringing the weapon to the next level once you have the pre-requisites.

The Nyoi-bi quarterstaff is a unique magic item, on its way to becoming an artifact. While it has a price, it cannot be completely destroyed. If reduced to 0 hp, it instead falls inert in a broken condition, and unable to be used until repaired, but is not destroyed as items usually are. It is treated as an artfact against the effects of mage's disjunction.

Omen: When wielded, the users aura appears as colored translucent flames blazing around them. They may suppress or reveal these flames as a free action, giving off the light of a candle.

1st Ritual (Awakening the Inner Power)[edit]

Extending Pole: The nyoi-bi quarterstaff can extend and retract as a free action, effectively giving the weapon +5 ft of additional reach without changing the size catagory of its difficulty to use. You may still attack creatures adjacent to yourself. If your size is changed by an effect, add the bonus to length after determining the reach for a weapon of your size.

Sizing Enhancement: The weapon gains the SizingMIC enhancement, allowing it to change size dramatically.

Pre-Requisites: BAB +3 or Concentration 6 ranks, must make a Concentration check to retain something (such as a spell, a maneuver, or simply trying to focus) and succeed with a natural 20 result.

Cost: 4000 gp, 160 xp

2nd Ritual (Rising to Enlightenment)[edit]

Enhancement Bonus: The weapon gains a +2/+2 enhancement bonus.

Two Weapon Fighting: The user gains the benefits of Two Weapon Fighting while using this weapon. If the user already has Two Weapon Fighting they instead take 2 points less of a penalty on attack rolls when Two Weapon Fighting with this weapon.

Pre-Requisites: BAB +6 or Concentration 9 ranks, must climb a cliff face without aid of magic, mundane, or alchemical items, a climb speed, or assistance. Cliff must be 10 feet high per HD (minimum 40 feet).

Cost: 16000 gp, 640 xp

3rd Ritual (Strength over Matter)[edit]

Augmented Damage: If the user of the nyoi-bi quarterstaff has Improved Unarmed Strike, they may use their unarmed strike damage in place of their quarterstaff damage if it is higher, as well as any special properties your unarmed strike possesses (such as lawful and adamantine from monk levels, or a Shocking enhancement).

Augmented Critical: The critical modifier of the weapon becomes 20/x3.

Extending Pole: The nyoi-bi quarterstaff can extend and retract to a greater extend in battle, effectively giving the weapon +10 ft of additional reach without changing the size catagory of its difficulty to use. You may still attack creatures adjacent to yourself.

Pre-Requisites: BAB +9 or Concentration 12 ranks, must break an item which has a hardeness of at least 15 with nothing more than your unarmed strike.

Cost: 36,000 gp, 1440 xp

4th Ritual (Awareness of Emptiness)[edit]

Clear Mind: Aware of the nature of the world, the user gains a +4 insight bonus on Will saves against mind-affecting effects. In addition if he fails a save against a mind-affecting effect he may try one more time next round, though without the insight bonus.

Enhancement Bonus: The weapon gains a +3/+3 enhancement bonus.

Initiator Bonus: You gain +2 on your initiator level. This does not allow you to select higher level maneuvers than normal, it is only for the effect of level dependant benefits such as the duration or damage dice of a maneuver.

Pre-Requisites: BAB +12 or Concentration 15 ranks, must be reduced to dying or dead, and succeed on a DC 30 Concentration check made as a free action to focus even as your mind slips unconcious. On awakening or reviving, you have completed this requirement.

Cost: 64,000 gp, 2560 xp

5th Ritual (Escape from the Wheel of Fate)[edit]

Extending Pole: The nyoi-bi quarterstaff can extend and retract to a greater extend in battle, effectively giving the weapon +15 ft of additional reach without changing the size catagory of its difficulty to use. You may still attack creatures adjacent to yourself.

Outside of Fate: As long as you own the staff (see Starchild), any divination spells concerning you or targeted at you fail, as the universe is unable to comprehend the nature of your existance. You are also rendered immune to Power Word spells.

Starchild: If the user of the nyoi-bi quarterstaff perishes, their items and body vanish into golden dust. They respawn on the astral plane in 1d10 days as an outsider (if they weren't before) with DR 10/alignment where the alignment is one aspect the opposite their own (so a LG monk could select DR/evil or DR/chaos; true neutral users can select good, evil, law, or chaos; once the choice is made it is set). As long as they claim ownership of the staff they will respawn forever. Owners so transfigured have an otherworldly aire about them and a notable halo over their heads which cannot be concealed. Ownership is broken if the user loses contact with the staff for more than 3 days. It can be restored by having it on their person for at least 24 hours. Even if ownership is lost, the outsider benefits and damage reduction remain.

Pre-Requisites: BAB +15 or Concentration 18 ranks, must singehandly defeat an outsider opposed to your alignment with a CR equal or higher than your character level.

Cost: 100,000 gp, 4000 xp

Prerequisites: N/A.
Cost to Create: Unique item, cannot be created.

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