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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 10-4-09
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Planet Gokia[edit]

Far off in the stars twinkles a F-class yellow-white star known as Photuris, a star system with 11 recognized planets, including its second planet, Gokia, home of the gokiburi. Gokia has one large moon with a thin but present atmosphere and no life more complicated than algae. It's name is Blatta, and currently has scientific outposts upon it.

Planet Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Normal gravity.
  • Time: Normal time.
  • Size: Earth-sized.
  • Morphic: No.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: None.
  • Energy Dominance: None.
  • Alignment Trait: None.
  • Magic Trait: None.

Plane Links[edit]

As a material plane based planet, it has all the normal links to the ethereal, shadow, and astral planes as normal.

Planet Inhabitants[edit]

The planet Gokia is actually home to native two sapient species, though only one makes itself known on a cosmic scale, the insectiod gokiburi who rule the landscape, and the aquatic brachyura whom largely have been pushed to underwater living. Sparse other species not native to the planet occasionally live there, as Gokia is open to visitors, including seppia and uberich visitors, though the latter is seen with great suspicion and a watchful eye, as the uberich rarely have good intentions. They have a scientific interest in the tempus, hoping that the long-lived spacefarers have had come across Gokia in earlier times. Strange ruins of buildings dot the landscape from a time before the gokiburi rose, and their creators are a mystery to them, the race leaving not even a trace of its presence left.

Movement and Combat[edit]

As an Earth-like planet, combat on Gokia is no different from normal.

Features of the Planet[edit]

Gokia is somewhat warmer than typical earth, more as if it were earth in its Cretaceous period with its relatively warm climate and high eustatic sea level. Vast deserts dominate the deep inland while tropical lush landscapes take over the coastlines. The warmer-than-normal sun and its relatively high carbon dioxide content produces the thermal effects seen. Storms are common, separated by periods of absolute calm.

Planet Encounters[edit]

The gokiburi homeworld has a strong military presence with a heavy focus on army and ground troops. The large amount of troops are largely a holdover, and subtle threat, from a war between the gokiburi and the brachyura. For the most part the planet is at peace on its homeworld, the military focused on shows of patriotism and pride. Most current battles take outside the Gokian homeworld, between gokiburi and uberich ships and in places where the gokiburi attempt planetary investigation or colonization.

Gokia is however home to quite a lush selection of flora and fauna, and as upon many a world, it is dangerous to walk through the wild untamed jungles alone, lest you be eaten by something fierce.

Alternate Variances[edit]

While tropical and desert cover much of the land, it is still an Earth-like world and thus host to all manner of environments, including a small but frigid pair of ice caps.


Photuris System Planets
Position Name Type # of Moons Description
1st Kheper Metallic Volcanic Mars 0 A dense metallic world cracked with tectonic activity and a thin poisonous atmosphere.
2nd Gokia Rocky Earth-Like 1, faint ring The gokiburi homeworld, rich with tropical forests, vast deserts, and urban sprawl.
3rd Helminth Rocky Cracked Venus 3 Cave-riddled world with underground ammonia seas and flash floods, tectonically active from tidal forces.
4th Exigua Small Barbel-Planet 0 Two planets which seem to have fused, flattening into a high speed disc surrounded by chaos.
5th Gerridae Extremely Thick Atmosphere Rocky 9 Very dense, covered in a sea of clouds and liquid sea, always raining.
6th Ari-Jigoku Red Gas Giant 18, moderate ring A failed star, twice the size of Jupiter and ominous red and black.
7th Anisoptera Magenta Gas Giant/Y-Dwarf 12 High rotation speed and flares, it is thermally hot, a failed star.
8th Nudibranch Gas/Liquid Giant 6 Has a huge cold liquid sea with icy cloud atmosphere, very sluggish rotation.
9th Hypogastrura Small Rocky 0 Very smooth planet with thin icy rime and possibly warm dense core.
10th Solifugae Irregular Shaped Small Rocky 1 Irregularly moving planet with large crater, believed to have been knocked from orbit.
11th Nematocera Small Gas Giant 2, thin ring Dark cold planet which isn't very dense, merely mist.

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