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Neutral Creatures[edit]

Creature Entry Challenge Rating Type Subtypes Size
1st-Level Astral Construct 1/2 Construct Small
2nd-Level Astral Construct 1 Construct Medium
3rd-Level Astral Construct 2 Construct Medium
4th-Level Astral Construct 3 Construct Medium
5th-Level Astral Construct 5 Construct Large
6th-Level Astral Construct 7 Construct Large
7th-Level Astral Construct 8 Construct Large
8th-Level Astral Construct 9 Construct Large
9th-Level Astral Construct 10 Construct Huge
Adult Arrowhawk 5 Outsider Air, Extraplanar Medium
Air Elemental 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Air Mephit 3 Outsider Air, Extraplanar Small
Animated Object 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 Construct Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Gargantuan, Colossal
Ankheg 3 Magical Beast Large
Ape 2 Animal Large
Aranea 4 Magical Beast Shapechanger Medium
Arrowhawk 3, 5, 8 Outsider Air, Extraplanar Small, Medium, Large
Assassin Vine 3 Plant Large
Astral Construct 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 Construct Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Baboon 1/2 Animal Medium
Badger 1/2 Animal Small
Baleen Whale 6 Animal Gargantuan
Basilisk 5 Magical Beast Medium
Bat 1/10 Animal Diminutive
Bat Swarm 2 Animal Swarm Diminutive
Behir 8 Magical Beast Huge
Bison 2 Animal Large
Black Bear 2 Animal Medium
Black Pudding 7 Ooze Huge
Boar 2 Animal Medium
Brain Mole 1/2 Magical Beast Psionic Tiny
Brown Bear 4 Animal Large
Bulette 7 Magical Beast Huge
Cachalot Whale 7 Animal Gargantuan
Camel 1 Animal Large
Cat 1/4 Animal Tiny
Centipede Swarm 4 Vermin Swarm Diminutive
Cheetah 2 Animal Medium
Clay Golem 10 Construct Large
Cockatrice 3 Magical Beast Small
Colossal Animated Object 10 Construct Colossal
Colossal Monstrous Centipede 9 Vermin Colossal
Colossal Monstrous Scorpion 12 Vermin Colossal
Colossal Monstrous Spider 11 Vermin Colossal
Constrictor Snake 2 Animal Medium
Criosphinx 7 Magical Beast Large
Crocodile 2 Animal Medium
Darkmantle 1 Magical Beast Small
Deinonychus 3 Animal Large Medium
Delver 9 Aberration Huge
Digester 6 Magical Beast Medium
Dire Ape 3 Animal Large
Dire Badger 2 Animal Medium
Dire Bat 2 Animal Large
Dire Bear 7 Animal Large
Dire Boar 4 Animal Large
Dire Lion 5 Animal Large
Dire Rat 1/3 Animal Small
Dire Shark 9 Animal Aquatic Huge
Dire Tiger 8 Animal Large
Dire Weasel 2 Animal Medium
Dire Wolf 3 Animal Large
Dire Wolverine 4 Animal Large
Dog 1/3 Animal Small
Donkey 1/6 Animal Medium
Doppelganger 3 Monstrous Humanoid Shapechanger Medium
Dragon Turtle 9 Dragon Aquatic Huge
Dragonne 7 Magical Beast Large
Dromite 1/2 Monstrous Humanoid Psionic Small
Dust Mephit 3 Outsider Air, Extraplanar Small
Eagle 1/2 Animal Small
Earth Elemental 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Earth Mephit 3 Outsider Earth, Extraplanar Small
Eight-Headed Hydra 7, 9 Magical Beast Huge
Elan 1/2 Aberration Psionic Medium
Elasmosaurus 7 Animal Huge
Elder Air Elemental 11 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Huge
Elder Arrowhawk 8 Outsider Air, Extraplanar Large
Elder Black Pudding 12 Ooze Gargantuan
Elder Earth Elemental 11 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Huge
Elder Fire Elemental 11 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Huge
Elder Water Elemental 11 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Huge
Elephant 7 Animal Huge
Eleven-Headed Hydra 10, 12 Magical Beast Huge
Ethereal Filcher 3 Aberration Medium
Ethereal Marauder 3 Magical Beast Extraplanar Medium
Fire Elemental 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Fire Mephit 3 Outsider Extraplanar, Fire Small
Five-Headed Hydra 4, 6 Magical Beast Fire, Cold Huge
Flesh Golem 7 Construct Large
Flesh Harrower Puppeteer 2 Magical Beast Psionic Small
Folugub 2 Aberration Medium
Frost Worm 12 Magical Beast Cold Huge
Gargantuan Animated Object 7 Construct Gargantuan
Gargantuan Monstrous Centipede 6 Vermin Gargantuan
Gargantuan Monstrous Scorpion 10 Vermin Gargantuan
Gargantuan Monstrous Spider 8 Vermin Gargantuan
Gelatinous Cube 3 Ooze Huge Large
Giant Ant Queen 2 Vermin Large
Giant Ant Soldier 2 Vermin Medium
Giant Ant Worker 1 Vermin Medium
Giant Bee 1 Vermin Medium
Giant Bombardier Beetle 2 Vermin Medium
Giant Constrictor Snake 5 Animal Huge
Giant Crocodile 4 Animal Huge
Giant Fire Beetle 1/3 Vermin Small
Giant Octopus 8 Animal Aquatic Large
Giant Praying Mantis 3 Vermin Large
Giant Squid 9 Animal Aquatic Huge
Giant Stag Beetle 4 Vermin Large
Giant Wasp 3 Vermin Large
Gibbering Mouther 5 Aberration Medium
Girallon 6 Magical Beast Large
Gorgon 8 Magical Beast Large
Gray Glutton 7 Magical Beast Huge
Gray Ooze 4 Ooze Medium
Gray Render 8 Magical Beast Large
Greater Air Elemental 9 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Huge
Greater Earth Elemental 9 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Huge
Greater Fire Elemental 9 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Huge
Greater Stone Golem 16 Construct Huge
Greater Water Elemental 9 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Huge
Grick 3 Aberration Medium
Griffon 4 Magical Beast Large
Gynosphinx 8 Magical Beast Large
Halfling 1/2 Humanoid Halfling Small
Hawk 1/3 Animal Tiny
Heavy Horse 1 Animal Large
Heavy Warhorse 2 Animal Large
Hill Giant Dire Wereboar 11 Giant Shapechanger Large
Hippogriff 2 Magical Beast Large
Homunculus 1 Construct Tiny
Huge Air Elemental 7 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Huge
Huge Animated Object 5 Construct Huge
Huge Earth Elemental 7 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Huge
Huge Fire Elemental 7 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Huge
Huge Monstrous Centipede 2 Vermin Huge
Huge Monstrous Scorpion 7 Vermin Huge
Huge Monstrous Spider 5 Vermin Huge
Huge Shark 4 Animal Aquatic Huge
Huge Viper 3 Animal Huge
Huge Water Elemental 7 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Huge
Human 1/2 Humanoid Human Medium
Hyena 1 Animal Medium
Ice Mephit 3 Outsider Air, Cold, Extraplanar Small
Invisible Stalker 7 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Large
Iron Golem 13 Construct Large
Janni 4 Outsider Native Medium
Juvenile Arrowhawk 3 Outsider Air, Extraplanar Small
Krenshar 1 Magical Beast Medium
Large Air Elemental 5 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Large
Large Animated Object 3 Construct Large
Large Earth Elemental 5 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Large
Large Fire Elemental 5 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Large
Large Monstrous Centipede 1 Vermin Large
Large Monstrous Scorpion 3 Vermin Large
Large Monstrous Spider 2 Vermin Large
Large Shark 2 Animal Aquatic Large
Large Viper 2 Animal Large
Large Water Elemental 5 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Large
Legendary Bear 9 Animal Large
Leopard 2 Animal Medium
Light Horse 1 Animal Large
Light Warhorse 1 Animal Large
Lion 3 Animal Large
Lizard 1/6 Animal Tiny
Lizardfolk 1 Humanoid Reptilian Medium
Locathah 1/2 Humanoid Aquatic Medium
Locust Swarm 3 Vermin Swarm Diminutive
Maenad 1/2 Humanoid Maenad, Psionic Medium
Magma Mephit 3 Outsider Fire, Extraplanar Small
Manta Ray 1 Animal Aquatic Large
Medium Air Elemental 3 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Medium
Medium Animated Object 2 Construct Medium
Medium Earth Elemental 3 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Medium
Medium Fire Elemental 3 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Medium
Medium Monstrous Centipede 1/2 Vermin Medium
Medium Monstrous Scorpion 1 Vermin Medium
Medium Monstrous Spider 1 Vermin Medium
Medium Shark 1 Animal Aquatic Medium
Medium Viper 1 Animal Medium
Medium Water Elemental 3 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Medium
Megaraptor 6 Animal Huge Large
Merfolk 1/2 Humanoid Aquatic Medium
Mimic 4 Aberration Shapechanger Large
Monitor Lizard 2 Animal Medium
Monkey 1/6 Animal Tiny
Mule 1 Animal Large
Nine-Headed Hydra 8, 10 Magical Beast Huge
Nixie 1 Fey Aquatic Small
Ochre Jelly 5 Ooze Large
Octopus 1 Animal Aquatic Small
Ooze Mephit 3 Outsider Extraplanar, Water Small
Orca 5 Animal Huge
Otyugh 4 Aberration Large
Owl 1/4 Animal Tiny
Owlbear 4 Magical Beast Large
Phantom Fungus 3 Plant Medium
Phase Spider 5 Magical Beast Large
Polar Bear 4 Animal Large
Pony 1/4 Animal Medium
Porpoise 1/2 Animal Medium
Psicrystal Included with master Construct Diminutive
Psion-Killer 12 Construct Large
Purple Worm 12 Magical Beast Gargantuan
Rast 5 Outsider Extraplanar, Fire Medium
Rat 1/8 Animal Tiny
Rat Swarm 2 Animal Swarm Tiny
Raven 1/6 Animal Tiny
Ravid 5 Outsider Extraplanar Medium
Remorhaz 7 Magical Beast Huge
Rhinoceros 4 Animal Large
Riding Dog 1 Animal Medium
Roc 9 Animal Gargantuan
Rust Monster 3 Aberration Medium
Salt Mephit 3 Outsider Earth, Extraplanar Small
Sea Cat 4 Magical Beast Large
Seven-Headed Hydra 6, 8 Magical Beast Huge
Shambling Mound 6 Plant Large
Shield Guardian 8 Construct Large
Shocker Lizard 2 Magical Beast Small
Shrieker 1 Plant Medium
Six-Headed Hydra 5, 7 Magical Beast Fire, Cold Huge
Small Air Elemental 1 Elemental Air, Extraplanar Small
Small Animated Object 1 Construct Small
Small Earth Elemental 1 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar Small
Small Fire Elemental 1 Elemental Fire, Extraplanar Small
Small Monstrous Centipede 1/4 Vermin Small
Small Monstrous Scorpion 1/2 Vermin Small
Small Monstrous Spider 1/2 Vermin Small
Small Viper 1/2 Animal Small
Small Water Elemental 1 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Small
Spider Eater 5 Magical Beast Large
Spider Swarm 1 Vermin Swarm Diminutive
Squid 1 Animal Aquatic Medium
Steam Mephit 3 Outsider Extraplanar, Fire Small
Stirge 1/2 Magical Beast Tiny
Stone Giant 8 Giant Earth Large
Stone Giant Elder 9 Giant Earth Large
Stone Golem 11 Construct Large
Svirfneblin 1 Humanoid Gnome Small
Tarrasque 20 Magical Beast Colossal
Ten-Headed Hydra 9, 11 Magical Beast Huge
Tendriculos 6 Plant Huge
Thoqqua 2 Elemental Earth, Extraplanar, Fire Medium
Thought Eater 2 Aberration Psionic Small
Tiger 4 Animal Large
Tiny Animated Object 1/2 Construct Tiny
Tiny Monstrous Centipede 1/8 Vermin Tiny
Tiny Monstrous Scorpion 1/4 Vermin Tiny
Tiny Monstrous Spider 1/4 Vermin Tiny
Tiny Viper 1/3 Animal Tiny
Toad 1/10 Animal Diminutive
Triceratops 9 Animal Huge
Twelve-Headed Hydra 11, 13 Magical Beast Huge
Tyrannosaurus 8 Animal Huge
Udoroot 5 Plant Psionic Huge
Unbodied 5 Monstrous Humanoid Incorporeal, Psionic Medium
Violet Fungus 3 Plant Medium
War Pony 1/2 Animal Medium
Water Elemental 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 Elemental Water, Extraplanar Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Water Mephit 3 Outsider Extraplanar, Water Small
Water Naga 7 Aberration Aquatic Large
Weasel 1/4 Animal Tiny
Wereboar 4 Humanoid Human, Shapechanger Medium
Weretiger 5 Humanoid Human, Shapechanger Medium, Large
Wolf 1 Animal Medium
Wolverine 2 Animal Medium
Wyvern 6 Dragon Large
Xeph 1/2 Humanoid Psionic, Xeph Medium
Xorn 3, 6, 8 Outsider Extraplanar, Earth Small, Medium, Large
Yrthak 9 Magical Beast Huge

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