Seasonal Attunement (3.5e Feat)

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Author: the bluez in the dungeon (talk)
Date Created: 27/01/2021
Status: Complete
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Seasonal Attunement [General] The heroine elf shaman, Sysinaliel, was said to change her powers according to the time of the year.Prerequisites: Access, in any way, to at least one from the Autumn, Spring, Summer or Winter domainsBenefit: Your seasonal domain changes the first time you prepare your spells becoming the one corresponding to the current season, allowing you to access a new power and new spells.

You are constantly under the effects of the endure elements spell, which protects you only against typical weather effects of that particular season (for example against hot weather in summer).

Lastly, you gain Knowledge (nature) as a class skill for the class which gives you access to domains. Special: You count as having all the required domains for requirements. A cleric with access to one of the mentioned domains may choose to forgo its other domain, complete with power and spells, to gain this feat for free instead. This choice must be made at the time of taking the first level in the cleric class (or similar class that gives at least two domains).

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