Wild Plague (3.5e Disease)

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Author: Lo77o (talk)
Co-Authors: Wildmage
Date Created: 18/12-2010
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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This disease is intended to be used with the Wild Magic Variant Rules, and makes reference to materials contained therein.

Wild Plague
Infection: Special 1
DC: 18
Incubation : 1d4-1 Day
Damage : Special 2
  1. Anyone targeted by a wild surge or who is within the area of a wild surge effect from a caster suffering wild plague is exposed to the disease.
  2. Anyone infected by wild plague makes a wild surge each time he cast a spell or uses a spell-like ability. See Wild Magic for more about wild surges.

Wild plague is a supernatural disease, and as such immunity to normal diseases does not protect against wild plague. Any spell used to remove wild plague induces a wild surge from the patient and likely exposes the healer to the disease.

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Part of:
Basis Wild Magic, Wild Magic Areas +Da Great Surge Table
Wild Feats Wild Mage, Wild Blood, Wild Born, Wild Mage Artist
Wild Prestige Classes Master Wild Mage, Wild Magic Paragon
Wild Spells Nahal’s Reckless Dweomer, Hornung’s Chaos Shield, Fool’s Speech, Wild Fate, Nahal’s Vortex, Nahal’s Wildstrike, Hornung’s Surge Selector, Nahal’s Wildzone, Nahal’s Wildfire
Wild Other Wild plague
AuthorLo77o + and Wildmage +
DC18 +
DamageSpecial 2 +
Identifier3.5e Disease +
Incubation1d4-1 Day +
RatingUndiscussed +
SummaryMagic Disease that make your magic uncontrollable. +
TitleWild Plague +